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Ah, hell, where to begin? I can't say anything bad about this game, not one thing. It seemed to be that videogames in general were slowly degrading, but this has given me hope. 10/10 Narrative and perfectly paced story driven action make this game stand miles and miles above anything released this year possibly last year as well. This is one of the few stories that sticks with you in the survival genre. Much like Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD, this game follows two protagonists, Joel and Ellen Page (I mean Ellie i know ellen page doesnt actually do her voice), Joel being the father figure much like Viggo Mortensen in The Road (Movie) and Ellie the child figure which you are compelled to care for. Now some people might say this game is just one giant escort mission, which I suppose it is, but it doesnt feel like an escort mission, mostly because Ellie can more than handle herself and much like Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth, can help you out, though not in as obvious ways.
The first few acts of the game are a little slower paced which draws you into the action while the latter acts are tense, nerve wracking experiences which leave you sweating and wondering if you have enough ammunition for whatever could by lying in wait around the next corner. There is never a dull moment, unless of course you are one of those cunts who plays cod games in which case you should not only avoid this game you should hang yourself as well. I can't say enough about the story, it's so beautiful you have to see it yourself. The characters in this game are very very well developed and even the side banter between enemies as they scout areas for you as you lurk in the shadows is well thought out.
Music is well performed and fitting to the desolate yet beautiful landscape and the graphics are so stunning you'll find it hard to believe this is running on a ps3. Now stealth is a large part of this game, but never fear, it isn't forced, you can run and gun (though on higher difficulties that'll kill you) provided you have the ammunition and the different bombs and upgrades you can craft lend themselves nicely to this experience.
I think my only complaint is that this game wasn't long enough clocking in at 14 hours makes it a marathon for the games of today, but still i was left wishing there was more even though the story wrapped up nicely, though not as conclusively as I would have liked (here's to hoping for a spin off in the same universe NOT a sequel).
Anyway there's nothing more I can say without spoilers so I'll be playing more of this game and hopefully we can see more like it, though honestly it's probably one of those once every so many years kinda deals.
10/10 for the greatest 'feel bad' game of all time

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