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So hey, no one reads these anyways, but I thought I would post something obnoxious for the fuck of it. Nerfwaffle your drunk (regretfully un-drugged out) friendly internet asshole returns!!
It has been a while since I started doing texture work on Skyrim, which was almost the greatest game I've ever played, but not quite. I did some decent (not particularly astonishing) retextures of various weapons and armor which you can find here: if you get bored.
Some of these retextures took a day some took a few hours but regardless of time spent they've turned out quite good. Unfortunately I don't have alot of time these days due to school (Welding courses at the local tech) and those are kind of my primary focus at the moment that and getting drunk out of my mind every night but that's for another time.
Hmm... a little bit about me? No. The new Call of Douchebags is coming out as I'm sure you're aware... looks like shit just as everyone expected and my friends and I have affectionately dubbed it: BlackCocks2. Resident Evil 6 is looking to bring the series to an all time low and we're all on the fence over Halo 4. So let's talk Halo 4: 343 have already proven themselves incompetent by taking the game in a far more modern direction IE removing the arena style that Halo clung to for a while. Now instead of there being power weapons at specific balanced points on maps they're making it so you have kill streaks which reward you with power weapons... GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING KILLSTREAKS????? IN FUCKING HALO??? ok anyway aside from that they're making a new trilogy? Fuck that Halo ended with 3 for me even though that wasn't all that great of a game by comparison to the first two. On top of shitty news they may or may not be tampering with the iconic Halo score. I've heard too much motherfucking shitty horrible dubstep in these trailers to even want to listen to it anymore.
Ok in good news: Borderlands 2 was awesome, I had low expectations for the game, but came away happy I played and hoping Gearbox continues to make awesome games. I Am Alive was an alright game as well which I finally finished recently. Regretfully the end was a clusterfuck but the ride there was amazing. Guild Wars 2 is out and currently ripping away my spare time (seriously awesome check it out if you havent). Max Payne 3 was a disaster but a fun one for a little while (should have been called man on fire the videogame). Black Mesa Source is incredible as we all knew it would be.
Well that's all for now, hopefully something else good comes out this year but I doubt it. PISS SHIT FUCK CUNT COCKSUCKER MOTHERFUCKER TITS! to you all. Peace.

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