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So Bioshock Infinite is out, that was a good game. You should definitely play it. Hell, you should buy this one. This has easily been the most immersing game I've played since stalker shadow of chernobyl back in 09. So where to begin well lets talk about the start of the game. So the game begins much like original Bioshock with you entering a mysterious lighthouse which transports you to the city, which is in this case, Columbia. The roughly five minute trip is packed full of the most beautiful scenes in gaming to date with sprawling houses afloat in the sky and statues of the founding fathers poking up from various islands.
This is one of those games that did art style correctly. They didn't go for a gritty real world (brown) game like EVERY FUCKING GAME that's come out over the last five or six years, there is color everywhere, the world is bright, the characters are detailed and more than a little discomforting and even when the violence starts it's done with flair and bright splashes of blood spattering the vivid world around you.
It's hard to say where the flaws are without spoiling the story, but the ending was a little convoluted and left room for them to tack on loads of dlc which is the bane of every gamer's existence these days and some story points are a little under filled or just poorly explained, but the characters are very well made, even is Elizabeth seems to follow you for no reason when you go on a murderous rampage through the streets of columbia and the vox populi revolution, when it happens, seems too forced and you find yourself hating both sides and fending for yourself which is alright, but I personally think it could have been done a little better.
All that said Bioshock infinite is beautiful, fun, immersive and though lite on the story, its still the best game of the last two years by far.
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