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Deus Ex

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At the time of its release, Deus Ex captured the hearts of many first person shooter fans because of its amasing storyline and brilliant first person shooting gameplay with elements of RPG gameplay woven in. This is considered by many people (including myself) an all time classic.

But Alas, that was back in the day. Well really it was only a few years ago but still... technology has inproved thousand fold since then and to be honest, Deus Ex definatly could use a bit of scrubbing up. Fortunately, the modding communitty is still thriving with activity, giving us new missions, HD models, high def textures and more gameplay alterations than you can shake a stick at!!

The people of the Deus Ex HDTP Project over at Offtopicproductions.com have been working there socks off for longer than i can remember. With there completely remade models of bloody everything in the game. From soda cans to large military robots. The models all looks so awesome in HD. The new Gunther Hurmann is definatly not gonna be someone to mess with. Unless you have a death wish like me and love throwing crowbars at him like do. "Wait!" I here u shout! "U cant throw crowbars and make them hurt while doing so. Stupid Deus Ex physics doesnt work like that!!" Well thats where the next mod comes in!

""Removing the suck from Deus Ex." It's an odd slogan, but that's what Shifter does, what little of it there is." The Shifter Mod Moddb.com is a gameplay alterations mod for Deus Ex. It does many wonderious little things like add a Alt-Fire to lotsa weapons and a new inproved augmentation system. An excellent example of the Alt-Fire is being able to throw certain melee weapons like crowbars and knifes. Another good thing about this mod is that it gives the AI a bit of a boost but to balence that out the mod also gives a new improved skill points system. The best part about this mod is that it really keeps the atmosphere of the game but makes the game much more playable. I'd love to go on about this mod all day but u can read more on the moddb page.

The Nameless Mod. Funny name for a mod u might say but this is one of the largest and most active mods on the market. You can find it over at Thenamelessmod.com. I really don't know where to start with this mod. Well basicly its just a new mission. On a much more advanced scale its a complete total conversion of Deus Ex. It adds a new (very large by the looks of it) mission, complete with voice acting, new weapons and at least five truck loads of other stuff. In terms of voice acting, they have gone over the bar. They have recorded over 10,000 lines!!! About 12 hours. That is a lot!! Definatly worth a look!

Do u love Deus Ex sssooooo much that you have played over a hundred times? Are u beginning to get bored of it because now u know where every single little thing is? If u answered yes to both of those questions then head on over to Deusexrevision.ucoz.net! Deus Ex Revision is a complete remake of all the levels in Deus Ex. The guys at revision have turned a boring old street in the normal Deus Ex into a work of art! What more can i say apart from head over there and check it out!

Not sure whats going on over in the dark corners of the New Vision Mod. D-watts.net. Though we havent heard from them for a while, I have a sneaky feeling that they are there but there just hiding from us. Like a mad scientist hiding in his lab, just not ready for his creation to be seen to the outside world yet. Though theres not much happening over on there site check out the moddb profile Moddb.com cause they got snazzy images of there wonderful High Defintion Textures Work!! Thats right the New Vision Mod helps make the world around much nicer, cleaner, and in lovely 1024x1024 resolutions. And for comparisons sake, Half Life 2 uses 512x512!!!

There are many more mods out there but these are the biggest of the big!!! The baddest of the bad!!! And hopefully when these come out Deus Ex will get out of his rocking chair, strap on his armor, put on his trenchcoat, pull out his sunglasses and parade around the (newly revitalised) streets in all his (High Definition) Glory.

Merry Christmas And See You In 2009!!!

-Ben "Nerdenstein" Howgill


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Great drawing in your homepage...! :) Thanks for accept my friendship!

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How i can downloadet Deus Ex Twisted Loyalties? Can you sa me pls?

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Alright I'm glad you liked it xD

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Hey man! I wanna tell you this... I'm on a trip in London now and last night I had a dream - in it I saw you IRL! No idea why, I don't even know what u look like :D! I just was like "hey there's Nerdenstein!" I guess I was gonna say hello to you but I don't remember if I did. A very surprising dream, don't you think? I just know you from here and otp forum. Haha, odd!!

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And last night you were in my dream AGAIN!
In it you told me that we should make a video in which we have a conversation O.O! And I thought if should we make it a Deus Ex video. So cool!
Bwahaha this is fun!
I wonder if we'll make the video tonight in my dream ;D

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you're having some weird wet dreams...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Haha yes but that was dry and epic. I see a lot of epic dreams.

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nerdenstein Creator

I'm somewhat disturbed.
But that's pretty cool I guess. :P

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hint hint; means you messed it up bro

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