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NeoTheLizard Dec 14 2013 replied:

Now that that's out of the way, holy crisps am i glad that you guys are so dedicated to working on MISERY, i'm really looking forward to playing version 2.1 on my future brand new gaming laptop. I imagine lag-lessly sniping down bandits in that new Ghillie suit with graphics on high is going to feel great ;)

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NeoTheLizard Dec 14 2013 says:

It saddens me that having a disclaimer about putting "Mein Kampf" in the game is even necessary to ensure that people don't make ridiculously misinformed claims of the Misery developers being nazies.

The Zone, as portrayed in MISERY, is a socially, ethically and culturally degenerated place, haunted by almost constant danger, political unrest and armed conflicts between factions, distrust between fellow humans, sickness, starvation and murder. Having items that shows the presence of different ideologies, controversial or not, in this wasteland, is, quite clearly i might add, there to support the aforementioned representation of the Zone as a terrible place wherein some people choose to rely upon political ideologies and/or religion in order to make some greater sense out of the atrocities they experience
(and perhaps commit).

Understanding the Zone and any aspects of life and death in it as somehow idealistic stands downright in contrast to anything MISERY (taste the word, ladies and gentlemen) stands for, in case the depictions of decayed animal corpses on the front page of the mod and the catchphrase "Welcome to a world of misery" didn't already make that quite clear.

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NeoTheLizard Aug 7 2013 replied:

Actually i do get a decent deal of crashes, but heck, the mod is far from unplayable from what i'm getting of bugs, and besides, i'm used to the game crashing on its own. If you've played Shadow of Chernobyl before the later patches you'll definitely know what i mean-

My comment was mainly meant to show a bit of appreciation for the hard, mainly unpaid work the dev team has put into this, since i noticed a lot of people were focusing much on a few bugs and lacking gameplay elements (which i'm sure they're trying to fix already), rather than the amazing features that version 2 added.

Also, thanks for the tip, mate. Appreciated ;)

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NeoTheLizard Aug 7 2013 says:

Been playing for a couple of (RL) days now, and i've really enjoyed the mod so far. After finally having saved up enough for an SSP science suit, i think my economy got a slightly insane boost, since i am now able to hunt for artifacts without huge problems. The maintanence of the suit is costly, but the income for artifacts is big enough for me to earn tens of thousands of roubles in a few days.

Overall, though, Misery development team, i am greatly enjoying your mod, and despite all the commotion in your comments section, i just wanted to thank you for working on this voluntarily for all of us humble STALKER fans.

Sincerily, thank you.

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NeoTheLizard Mar 14 2012 says:

But where exactly is the player positioned in the vehicle? The video makes it look like the player is controlling a floating machine gun above the vehicle rather than being inside it :P

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NeoTheLizard Mar 14 2012 replied:

The problem is not the configurator. As i stated, i figured out that that part was just because i didn't run the .exe with admin rights.

The problem is that i cannot complete x18 because the guy with the flamethrower isn't there, same as MorsTactica.
However, the first time i entered the lab was before i began running OGSE with admin rights, so i don't know if that might be the cause of the problems with the flamethrower guy?

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NeoTheLizard Mar 14 2012 says:

I only just figured out why i couldn't seem to complete the x18 quest due to MorsTactica's comment. I never saw any flamethrower guy in the x18 lab. I installed the mod on a completely clean install and followed the instructions closely, so i'm 100% positive the installation isn't the problem.

However, i play on Windows 7 and only recently figured out that some of the features (e.g. OGSE's configuration menu) do not work properly if i don't run the .exe file as admin. I'm not sure if this could have resulted in some textures and objects and such not being displayed properly or included in the game?

I do not use the Steam version of STALKER, but my retail non-patched (upon initial install, of course. I patched the game to 1.0005 before installing the mod) game disc.

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NeoTheLizard Mar 4 2012 replied:

Ok, just found out you can destroy those machine guns. Nevermind, then, sorry for the trouble :)

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NeoTheLizard Mar 4 2012 says:

I have to say, this mod is definitely one of the better ones for S.T.A.L.K.E.R., perhaps one of the best ones i've tried so far. However, there's one thing i've really grown to find frustrating during my current trip to the Agroprom Research Institute to retrieve the documents for the Barkeep. I really do not understand why there have been placed so many automated machine guns in the military base, since they make it almost impossible getting inside the main building to obtain the documents. It seems like they're placed in a way that plainly just makes it extremely frustrating trying to navigate around the base, since it almost seems like i won't be able to complete the mission, simply because i cannot get inside the main building. This seems very strange compared to the otherwise excellent quality of the mod, so i may just have misunderstood something, but i can't imagine that i would be the only one having this problem.

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NeoTheLizard Jul 24 2011 replied:

Agreed. The new one looks slightly more anime-like, less mature in my oppinion. The old one looks, as you stated, more natural, more adult.

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NeoTheLizard Jun 4 2011 says:

I think it's a great idea. I can just imagine what it would be like to carelessly pass by a couple of random stalkers, only to moments later hear the sounds of guns blazing towards your back. Would really make the Zone an even more deadly and unforgiving place, and you would have to be even more careful when venturing around on your own.

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NeoTheLizard May 10 2011 says:

I'll definitely have to agree that pirating indie games is very very wrong. One thing is pirating a game from a large corporation that earns millions and billions on selling games, but who can easily survive a few of their games being pirated, and who can easily afford to make a new game even if one of their games doesn't sell so well. Another is pirating a game made by a small team of developers who've had to scrape every cent they could get their hands on to actually make a cheap game that is actually more original, and possible more enjoyable in terms of gameplay than all the shiny HD-graphic covered mainstream games that is made nowadays.
It's like if someone worked their arse off to make a small, but beautiful painting, and they were willing to sell it to you cheaper than it's actually worth, considering the efford put into it, but instead of paying a lousy 15$ you just steal it instead, leaving them unable to afford making another one. It's rediculous, really.
Pirating larger games of course isn't right either, but i have to admit i don't mind it as much as people pirating indie games.

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NeoTheLizard Dec 20 2010 replied:

Well, it is a beta after all... I think they're still working on fixing bugs and crashes.

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NeoTheLizard Dec 9 2010 replied:

Weapon modification is disabled in the mod, for now, at least. You're not supposed to be able to modify them :/

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NeoTheLizard Nov 27 2010 says:

I've been wondering if it would be possible to somehow make the geiger counter sound, which automatically sounds when you get close to radiation, and the anomaly alarm sound dependant on having your anomaly detector out. Now, i don't know much about how the game works, so i doubt this is possible, but if it were, i could make a slight gameplay change and a pretty big increase of immersion, if it would actually be possible to disable the default anomaly/radiation detection and instead have a working, wieldable geiger-counter, or even an anomaly detector (well, a more primitive and cheaper alternative to the enhanced veles prototype you get from the scientist). It would be very immersive to actually be forced to choose wether to be able to find artifacts, to be warned when about to walk into an anomaly, or be able to detect radiation, and it would add the possibility to buy better and more effective equipment for aforementioned. But i dunno, it will likely not be possible to do, but please reply, since i'd like to know if there's even the slightest chance that this would be possible.

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NeoTheLizard Sep 3 2010 replied:

Oh, by the way, i really like how you added PDA's with random texts and random pictures to the NPC's. Makes them feel a lot less like just a random stranger you gunned down because he began shooting at you, and actually makes you feel a bit sorry for them when you pick up a supposedly blood covered PDA containing a message from the guys wife/girlfriend, family, or one of his friends. Really promotes the anti-killing message of the game, and adds more depth to the "random guy" who dies. To many games nowadays don't make the player even give the slightest thought that the person he/she just mercilessly filled with lead most likely had a family, girlfriend, children, and so on.
So, pretty simple, but a very nice detail :)

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NeoTheLizard Sep 3 2010 says:

Alright, i've played Redux for a couple of days, and so far i find this mod to be excactly what i needed to get motivated for playing the game again! Unfortunately i can't use my other computer (which has a much better graphics card and windows 7) at the moment, so i think it'll lag to hell if i use the full package, but the gameplay changes are definately enough for making the game enjoyable once more! Redux definately makes the Zone harder to survive (at least in the beginning), and every fan of both survival and horror (who has the game) should definately grab this!

Well, as for the cons, i have the same comment as most people, the dogs probably needs to be made a bit less deadly, but it's already been said a million times... Also, i'm not sure how to get enough psi protection for working for the scientists, since upgrading is not available in this version of Redux, but i assume i'll have to look for artifacts that can solve that problem. Also, i seem to get the "Blue Screen of Death" at random times while running the mod, though i think it has more to do with my PC than the mod.

Well, pros and cons said, i have to say; Bloody great job, Beac, and whoever else helped making this, bloody great job!

P.S. Though i'd like to help your mod at least a bit, being the S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro and Doom 3 style survival horror fan i am, i'm afraid i have absolutely no experience with modding, programming, making textures or meshes or anything, plus i lack any kind of motivation and time to seriously begin doing so. But if, by any chance, i should get any ideas i believe you could make use of, i'll let you know.

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NeoTheLizard Sep 1 2010 replied:

Btw, i've seen this idea being used in an old Stalker: SOC mod, though i don't remember the name, and i don't think it can be found on moddb anymore. It worked pretty well, though, not perfect, but pretty well.

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NeoTheLizard Sep 1 2010 says:

I have a suggestion for something that i think could be added to the mod for immersion, though it would probably take a lot of work to make.
A thing i've noticed a lot of first person survival horror and fantasy games easily could have, but for some reason always seem to lack, is a proper feeling of actually wearing the helmet or gas mask, or whatever headgear the player could be wearing. The (also great) pretty new survival horror game "Metro 2033" has done a pretty good job implementing the idea of an "inside helmet/mask model" when wearing a gasmask or nightvision, though this can also be done with a mere texture "painted" on the screen. The binoculars in the game should give a pretty good idea of what it could look like. I'm pretty sure that if this was done properly, it would add a lot of immersion to the game, and some variety to that dull feeling of never being properly protected. But i dunno, perhaps it would be too much work, but either way, your mod, your decision.

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NeoTheLizard Aug 30 2010 replied:


*Runs outside, grabs a pitchfork and lights a torch*

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NeoTheLizard Aug 25 2010 says:

Now this one looks awesome as hell! I'm a big fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, though i found COP to be way to easy for my taste. It's simply to easy to earn more money than you actually need and grow a huge supply of food, medkits, ammo, and so on. Hopefully this will bring back the "Survival" to COP... Looking forward to return to the Zone with this :)

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