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So I have finally started to post some of the backlog of posts. I have been mainly doing this as a form of procrastination from other projects that I am currently involved in. I will do more recent updates once stability happens though I wont have an excuse to procrastinate then. The blogs are mainly supplementary to the posted images. Images maybe worth a thousand words but without overall context they lose meaning. I also welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

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Do you ever get one of those moments where someone is trying to explain something to you and even though they are speaking perfectly logically the information just doesn't seem to be quite sinking in. Although it doesn't happen very often, thankfully only once in a while, it does someone feel like someone puts a wall right in front of face, like watching a bee at the window; you know it going to constantly try to get outside but can comprehend the glass in between. Derp.

One solution I that I have found to help solve this problem is to visual the problem space. In this case ShinraSoldier3 was having some problems with building the world space. It involved the height at which the models should be placed at and how the default height of the cells was causing some unusual side- effects. He was trying to explain the problem and I just was understanding him in the slightest. I was getting to the point of frustration and so I decided to put down the problem and my methodology to trying to understand the bits of the problems so that I could piece it together as a whole picture. And here is the picture that I came up with to sum up the problem. It was more to amuse ourselves at the time as when you both reach the point where frustration you need to counter it with some humour. Its good to take a step back an assess the situation.

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