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NeferiusX Feb 24 2010, 2:46am replied:

Thats good to know, And one more thing, the Kedalbe main battle tank for zann's side, what exactly is its role in combat, it could just be my game, but as i said before, it couldn't kill didly squawt. But i also see it was to have an ability to switch guns, for me, it only fires in the "machine gun" mode, looks awesome, but can't even kill some random soliders, just wondering if it was still under work.

+1 vote   mod: FX Mod
NeferiusX Feb 23 2010, 3:35am says:

Well, Well, Well! Looking good FX team, It's been a few months since an update, really hoping for something big! The longer it takes, the better the release will be,... I hope. Just a question though have you guys fixed The Zann Consortium engineer's animation script yet? During gameplay I and my fellows found that he tended to "lock up" or would glitch out a few steps and never move again, Well he still moved, there was just no animation to his movement, just stagnit moving. I really hope you guys are making progress, this is my favorite mod for EaW! Good luck in future!

+1 vote   mod: FX Mod
NeferiusX Feb 23 2010, 1:30am says:

And just another quick comment, I gotta say, I really love Jim kirks power to engines ability, As I've seen in just about every other "large" ship, That if theres any sort of combat going on, and you order the unit to flee, it either won't move because it's being fired upon, or will move so slowly that it will simply be desrtoyed before it ever gets anywhere, But in all the series and all the movies, If a ship is under too heavy a fire, The first thing it trys to do is "warp" out of the vicinity, but in eaw, they always fail to get out alive, only the smaller ships like corvettes make it out, I love how the enterprise can acually get out of a situation, I always lose so many good ships to the AI's poor ability to maneuver out of a situation, And would really love to see other ships with that same level of pathfinding in their power to engines ability when fleeing a fight that Kirik's ship exibited. When in doubt, Run.

+1 vote   mod: Sci-Fi at War
NeferiusX Feb 23 2010, 1:19am says:

@ Spinobreaker, During Galactic conquest, the game won't crash until after the ship has been warped into space during tactical combat, the same goes with skirmish, You can build it, You just can't use it, or else the second the ship enters space, the game crashes.

+1 vote   mod: Sci-Fi at War
NeferiusX Feb 18 2010, 7:09pm says:

Uhhhh, Just a question, Every time I build the "medic" class ship in the star trek side, the game always crashes, Same with my friends computer, any help?

+1 vote   mod: Sci-Fi at War
NeferiusX Feb 14 2010, 4:41am says:

Westwood, Eat your heart out.

+3 votes   media: GDI Base (Early Game)
NeferiusX Dec 30 2009, 12:44am says:

Looks! Pretty color!!!*goes to touch* AHHahahhaaazzzsssaazzz......

+1 vote   media: GENERATOR
NeferiusX Dec 28 2009, 1:48am says:

Nice, I like, Alamo was one of my favorite maps back in the day,

+1 vote   media: Alamo Redux
NeferiusX Dec 27 2009, 3:06am says:

The Trailer was so great i just had to Vote MOD OF THE YEARR!!

+1 vote   mod: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age
NeferiusX Dec 25 2009, 12:34am says:

NOES, downloaded it twice and it still says file contains invalid data...T_T, I', never gonna get to play this am I?

+1 vote   download: C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.3 (Full Install)
NeferiusX Dec 24 2009, 2:17pm says:


+2 votes   download: C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.3 (Full Install)
NeferiusX Dec 24 2009, 4:04am says:

just wondering cause i saw it in the promo ^_^'

+1 vote   mod: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux
NeferiusX Dec 24 2009, 4:01am says:

oh and btw, will we be able to build walls in greater lengths than before? my hand still hurts from building a wall around my base -.-

+1 vote   mod: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux
NeferiusX Dec 24 2009, 4:00am says:


+2 votes   mod: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux
NeferiusX Dec 10 2009, 6:25pm says:

Hey i don't see a download section? where can i download this mod???

+1 vote   mod: Zero Hour Reborn
NeferiusX Nov 22 2009, 8:11pm says:

Brain..... Waiting..... Melting..... Want.....NO.... NEED!!!!

+1 vote   mod: Deep Impact
NeferiusX Nov 20 2009, 7:02pm says:

i think he's reffering to the fact it says smally tinny tinny, when in fact it seems to be larger than most other YR mods.

+2 votes   mod: YR ASM
NeferiusX Nov 20 2009, 6:11pm says:

Yes as would i worship you to... imagine seeing squads of marines run down by armies of Acrachnids!!!!

+1 vote   mod: Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War
NeferiusX Nov 20 2009, 6:05pm says:

One question.... Have you given America the apache or anything else beside just the commanche, as recon chopper in real life it just doesnt fit the role of assault like the apache........ and no buring me for saying that because i know all about the rah-66... i did a report on it in school. And one more thing i would love to see is the black hawk, thats practialy the stable of the us airforce, its damn near the only thing you see over iraqi skies.

+2 votes   mod: NProject Mod
NeferiusX Nov 18 2009, 9:25pm says:

Just a quick question, my kedalbe main battle tank can't kill didly squat....... it lost against an rebel infantry squad..... and had almost 0 effect on their turrets the only thing it was able to hurt was planes and some tanks... but a kanderous could kill anything it damn well pleased.... like chuck norris... is this a glitch or have they not finished making the tank yet? Not to mention Zan's engineer has no movement animation or it glitches a few steps and never moves again, guessing still not done with that either?

+1 vote   mod: FX Mod
NeferiusX Nov 14 2009, 8:31pm says:

btw is this an space only mod?

+1 vote   mod: Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War
NeferiusX Nov 13 2009, 9:56pm says:

total anihlation hu? looks just like supreme commander just from a sky-ward 2-D perspective, same units and all! lol even has adjecency bonuses and all!!

-2 votes   mod: Total Annihilation: Escalation
NeferiusX Nov 12 2009, 7:17pm says:

well if you've ever played TS (tiberian sun) you would know thats an orca transport, And those four round things you see at each corner are the fans/propellers...

+1 vote   media: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Redux Screenshots
NeferiusX Nov 12 2009, 4:28pm says:

Wow, I'm rather suprised here. the main pic you have was always a turn off for me... just thought it was another gay mod where some one adds a few sad looking models they altered, but after looking into it more deeply i can see this is one of the single best, (if not the best) mod in production, good show my hats off to you!!! can't wait to see the beta, and since when do you get to see legacy era stuff!! especially ground stuff!!! this is gonna be like X-mas when this comes out. And one more thing awsome graphic updates, really livens up the game!

+2 votes   mod: Eras of the Mercenaries
NeferiusX Nov 12 2009, 4:07pm says:

Acually i prefer the blue fits him much better, but perhaps make the helmet black or blue, like the vanguard of battlefront 2 their helms matched their outfit colors.

+1 vote   media: Galactic Alliance Commando
NeferiusX Nov 11 2009, 9:40pm says:

uhhhhhh... ok a little confused here, read the instructions but i'm not that good at modding... i'm hearing put facy named file here and have this file there with quotations... and i have like 3 aotR files near mods with one named mods... its all rather confusing, can some one speak retard for me and help me out? not sure how to install it right.

+2 votes   download: AotR 2.5 Openbeta
NeferiusX Jan 29 2009, 6:39pm says:

This Mod doesn't work at all.... i have ,net framework 2.0 it just shows an error... and nothing happenes.. and when i do just click continue the will jsut start as normal....the mod wont work.

+2 votes   download: Awakening of the Rebellion 2.05
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