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nbohr1more Jan 6 2012, 1:04am says:

The Dark Mod will work with any Doom 3 version patched to 1.3.1 1304

More installation requirements are here:

If you are asking about an Open Source build, then no it would not work because many of the other assets that ship with Doom 3 would be needed.

The Dark Mod team is even working on shipping their own executable for version 1.08 but the same applies. The mod cannot be distributed as a standalone until Id Software's IP is replaced (textures, animations, particles, etc).

If you are asking about a pirated copy, I can't help you. I can only suggest that Doom 3 never really had any serious DRM garbage, just a serial code check and online verification for multi-player.

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nbohr1more Dec 27 2011, 4:51pm says:

The Vine Arrow is demonstrated in this video... ;)

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nbohr1more Dec 27 2011, 11:19am replied:

(See the new Promotional Video... )

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nbohr1more Dec 23 2011, 12:51pm says:

Indeed, there are many categories folks would be interested in for awards. The picks, however, do highlight rare (often overlooked) attributes that help differentiate a select few mods from the vast majority. Add a pinch of salt for that stance as the poster is from The Dark Mod which has been chosen (thanks!).

I would, however, love to see a technical coding award as the coders are the really rare hen's teeth that make many of these total conversion or graphic engine overhaul mods happen. Folks are quick to praise mappers, modelers, artists, musicians, etc ...but coders often are the silent hero's that make all the impossible stuff possible.

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nbohr1more Dec 20 2011, 5:44pm replied:


1) The SDK has been free (and Open Source) since shortly after Doom 3 was released

2) The Doom 3 engine Source Code was just recently released as Open Source

3) While the code is Open Source, Textures, Models, Particles, Scripts and other Doom 3 assets are copyrighted and therefore cannot be freely distributed.

You will need to purchase Doom 3 unless you can replace all those Doom 3 assets that we use with "free" versions that are not copyrighted.

Doom 3 is very inexpensive now and it is WORTH IT not only to enjoy The Dark Mod, Hexen: Edge of Chaos, Arx - End of the Sun and other mods and total conversions but also to support a company that contributes it's code to the community and does not burden it's products with restrictive DRM.

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nbohr1more Dec 18 2011, 4:39pm says:

You are on a Roll with these new monsters!

Great work guys!

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nbohr1more Dec 11 2011, 2:59pm says:

Congrats on your progress BloodRayne!

(Slick fire propagation coding there. )

This mod will be one to watch for sure.

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nbohr1more Dec 11 2011, 12:37pm replied:

No matter the number of down-votes, the truth cannot be silenced. Awesome mods come from many games out there, not just the "favored" ones.

People need to expand their horizons rather than issue petty demotions to projects they likely have never tried. :)

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nbohr1more Dec 11 2011, 11:24am says:

For the 3rd year in a row, The Dark Mod has made it into the Top 100!

Thank you to all the voters!

(It would've been cool to share this ranking with our friends at "Hexen: Edge of Chaos" but there's always next year.)

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nbohr1more Dec 7 2011, 8:18pm replied:


I think Tels is waiting until his small showcase collection is completed before deploying them to the downloader and missions page.

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nbohr1more Dec 7 2011, 8:13pm replied:


Yes, in addition to providing an alternate "Thief 1 & 2" style game as a counterpoint to Thief 3 (Deadly Shadows), we are also filling the void while folks patiently wait for the arrival of Thief 4. I personally believe that Dark Mod fans will keep playing missions beyond the release of Thief 4. (Especially if no mission editor is provided in Thief 4 and only DLC is offered to players... )

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nbohr1more Dec 5 2011, 3:08pm replied:

AFAIK, there's no official TDM team mission pending release in the "near future" but we do still have an active mapper community and I'm sure folks like Jesps and Bikerdude would love to work with you to design new ambient music for either new missions or revisions. (And, of course, these would be added to the TDM catalog for other mappers...) Stop by the forums and post in the "I want to Help" area or the Editor's Guild and let folks know you're around.



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nbohr1more Dec 1 2011, 7:25pm replied:

Sorry about your technical issues... but thanks for the appreciation.

With the Source Code release, it is now possible for The Dark Mod team to develop a simpler deployment method and still retain the nice mission browser interface.

It's not that difficult to create a folder inside your Doom 3 install directory and copy stuff into it but many users find that a stumbling block and install to the wrong location such as the Doom 3\Base directory. I personally think the devs should create an installer executable so that the process is foolproof. I understand the lack of motivation to cater to folks who wouldn't take the extra effort to read our wikis or contact us on the forums... but it must be stated that there is an inherent fear by many PC users to even try mods because they are afraid to "break their PC" and an easy installer would reduce that apprehension.

Anyone who's afraid to take the plunge, remember that the developers and our community will work with you until you get it working if you run into any trouble. It's definitely worth it to try.

(Incidentally, the only TDM technical issue I've encountered was for their early Thief's Den demo. I was simply missing a file.)

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nbohr1more Dec 1 2011, 3:45pm replied:

One of our French translators has noticed that the Menu translations regressed (in quality) from where they were before the release. This was probably a mix-up due to where various members thought the testing cut-off took place. The improved French translation should be available in the next release but the current version is workable for now.

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nbohr1more Nov 30 2011, 5:23pm replied:


The Menu, GUI and HUD are already translated for French but MANY missions are pending French translation. The primary focus is to get the smaller missions translated so there is a nice sampler set for new players.

Currently "Chalice of Kings", "The Outpost" and "The Thieves" are translated to French. To reach the goal we will need "Awaiting the Storm", "Living Expenses", "Special Delivery", and "Thief's Den".

Of course, you are free to choose any other mission you prefer to translate including showcase missions like "Return to the City" or "Glenham Tower".

It may be best to wait for Closed Caption support to translate missions with lots of spoken dialog (scripted cut-scenes, etc.) such as "A Score to Settle" or "The Transaction".

Translation Status page:

Translation Guide:

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nbohr1more Nov 29 2011, 8:14pm replied:

If you are saying, "Why not release 1.08 with only textures then 1.09 with only models" then I see your POV. I suppose that it comes down to packing more into the releases so they have more perceptual impact. Yet, the version progression still has been pretty subtle with the largest change (from a player POV) happening at v1.03 because of the new rendering options and large influx of textures. If players who haven't played TDM since the Thief's Den demo were to try the current build the drastic improvement would certainly have a larger perceptual impact.

(That said, we are still pending mapper uptake for the use of new mod features from v1.04. Some features will be more popular or easy to use obviously...)

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nbohr1more Nov 29 2011, 8:09pm replied:

I think the philosophy is that each version roll-out is a unified marker for what missions of that version can contain whether it be code features, new textures or new models (etc). This way, instead of saying "To play Alberic's Curse, you need at least TDM version 1.05 and Texture pack 7 and model pack 3". You can instead just refer to what version is needed (though mappers have been pretty lax about including that in the actual mission release...) The weird thing is that a large sub-set of The Dark Mod mapping community are "beta mappers" and thus will usually have early access to new mod assets but there has been no centralized push to get these special members to include new features in their releases and synchronize with mod updates since the v1.0 release. Since I've wrangled mappers into some contests I might be able to orchestrate that kinda coordinated effort? (To be fair, since I've run the last couple of missions, I must take part of the blame for the asynchronous release schedule.)

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nbohr1more Nov 29 2011, 3:23am says:

Already the Quake 1 coding community discovered an optimization that helps make the shadows render 1.5x faster (or better in heavy scenes). With help from the Doom 3 coding community things are likely to improve further from the GPL code changes. With regards The Dark Mod team, they should be able to reduce some of the performance overhead for the light-gem and ambient light system at least.

Incidentally, I found that v1.07 improved the performance for a couple of missions I tried.

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nbohr1more Nov 28 2011, 7:40pm replied:




There's a good "chance"

What happened to my noodles...

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nbohr1more Nov 28 2011, 6:46pm replied:

The EULA for the SDK forbid "commercial exploitation" but the GPL terms are less clear. I believe that if the code is significantly revised, then the authors are free to charge for it but some folks over at Doom3world expressed the idea that any commercial use would require paying a fee to id software. The Dark Mod is on shaky grounds for commercial prospects for another reason though... While nobody can really own the concept of "Thievery" there's a good change that Eidos would try to sue if The Dark Mod were offered as a commercial title competing with their franchise. It would be a disastrous PR move from them but these days companies seem to be ignoring their negative press.

I think that if they can get this project to standalone status, that opportunities for web-traffic advert revenue and branded merchandising would be safely outside the domain of the GPL terms... They can use those funds for hosting costs (etc)(so essentially a non-profit).

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nbohr1more Nov 24 2011, 3:49pm says:


The community has already improved the shadow performance by (at least) 1.5x :

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nbohr1more Nov 23 2011, 8:20pm says:


Before a standalone version can happen, many of the Doom 3 art assets need to be replaced. In particular, the character animation rigging will need to be rebuilt. Many of the high-quality character models were based-off modified Doom 3 models and the artist "oDDity" has left the project. "Someone" will need to reverse engineer the high-poly models from the normal maps so that the normals can be baked to a non-Doom 3 model.

Lot's of work... The mod will need more staff to complete it...

If you are able to help, please stop by the forums and post in the "I want to help" section:

There has been discussion about releasing a low-quality alpha standalone version with placeholder assets but we would need to be sure that the community would respect that this is not the intended final product.

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nbohr1more Nov 22 2011, 4:51pm says:

Do I see some new stone textures there or are those Hell textures that I've forgotten?

(Looks great BTW!)

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nbohr1more Nov 11 2011, 1:50am says:

Hey Thief fans...

Don't forget to check-out The Dark Mod:

Now over 50 fan missions strong!

Official Site:

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nbohr1more Nov 11 2011, 1:50am says:

Hey Thief fans...

Don't forget to check-out The Dark Mod:

Now over 50 fan missions strong!

Official Site:

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nbohr1more Nov 6 2011, 6:03pm replied:

Steam Users:

A recent change in Steam may be causing problems for the TDM's launcher tool. Please use the wiki instructions to add the launcher commands then download this file and replace your existing TDM_Launcher:



Discussion with Greebo (Lead Coder):

+1 vote     mod: The Dark Mod
nbohr1more Nov 6 2011, 6:00pm says:

Another Steam issue:

It seems that some Steam users are now reporting issues with the launcher command line arguments. To fix this, a new launcher has been compiled. Please use the wiki instructions above with this file:

+1 vote     download: The Dark Mod 1.06
nbohr1more Nov 6 2011, 5:57pm replied:

Another possible issue:

Do you have a unique monitor size or aspect ratio?

If so, have you specified it in your DoomConfig.cfg ?

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nbohr1more Nov 6 2011, 11:58am says:

"Let Sleeping Thieves Lie" was quite a surprise and is a damn fine mission. I understand completely why Biker took time away from the contest to help on it. The concept was compelling, and the layout of the map just had this classic vibe. A nice sampler type mission too with many of the same variations that Biker was drawn to for his own mission "St Alban's Cathedral". Best of all, it hit before Halloween and had the spooky vibe appropriate for the season.

Our resident curmudgeon over at the forums voiced a concern that was all too likely for the contest... which is that these missions would be small, sloppy and buggy. In fact: the missions were reasonably large for the time allotted for creating them, the missions were cleanly built often with stunning visuals and, very low on bugs. (As if the participants had specifically set-out to silence all those concerns).

(I still hope to see another Halloween contest where a longer stretch is allotted to the mission authors though.)

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nbohr1more Nov 3 2011, 8:20pm says:

Hi Lukegoodman!

Did you follow the Steam specific instructions for installing the mod?

Also, try running the tdm_updater insider your Doom 3\darkmod directory. Some files may have been damaged during download and that tool will repair them (etc).

Finally, if you have applied any mods to your "Base Directory" rather than keeping them in their own sub-folders that may conflict with this mod.

(For example: Is Sikkmod installed in "C:\Doom 3" or "C:\Doom 3\Sikkmod" ... if the former, if will conflict with TDM...)

+1 vote     download: The Dark Mod 1.06
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