Not able to help any more mods, due to lack of time.

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Nauz Feb 7 2013, 1:03pm replied:

Oops, forgot to log in. Thanks a lot for providing this.

+1 vote   article: Maya: Texel Density (TD) tutorial
Nauz Nov 3 2011, 9:31am says:

Love it

+1 vote   media: S.T.T. & R. Characters Easy Rider and Happy Jack
Nauz Feb 6 2011, 1:51pm says:

Danke :) Mental ray kann schon rocken, wenn es tut, was man will...

+1 vote   media: Da Vinci's Playroom
Nauz Jan 6 2011, 4:21pm says:

Very nice job on the folds!

+1 vote   media: Alternative Girl
Nauz Nov 27 2010, 7:21pm replied:

Thanks, glad you guys find it useful!
But I wrote it together with n0Face, who actually made part 2, while I wrote 1 and 3.
However, if there's anything unclear or wrong, let us know!

@Ravenblood: You don't understand most of it? Great, now that's the purpose of a tutorial ... :P

+2 votes   article: Maya 2011 and 2012 to Source (Outdated)
Nauz Sep 15 2010, 4:57pm says:

Very nice texture. Wings look a little thick?

+1 vote   media: Dragon
Nauz Sep 6 2010, 8:29pm says:

Nice, can't wait to see it mapped.

+1 vote   media: Warehouse Interior
Nauz Sep 6 2010, 8:25pm says:

Very well done.

+1 vote   media: Clear Sky Complete
Nauz Aug 23 2010, 9:03pm replied:

Er ist auch eigentlich Level-Designer, aber für ZG macht er bisher hauptsächlich Environments ;) (Zug Intro map, viel Natur/ Bäume & Texturen).
Auch wenn die Antwort nach 10 Wochen ein wenig spät kommt ^^

+2 votes   member: king_arthur
Nauz Aug 23 2010, 8:55pm replied:

Agreed. Looks perfect. Looking forward to more of fantastic art from you

+1 vote   article: We're Alive! - Development Update 8/22/10
Nauz Aug 23 2010, 8:24pm says:

I really like these:

Schwarz zu Blau
A forgotten City
Landscape of Dreams
Forest of Fairies
Holy Morning Star
Statue of Souls

I included the morning star concept, since it's the kind of stuff, that people, who are applying for "produktdesign", usually include in their portfolios (i think ...)

You could also bring your building drawn on real paper, so they can see that you are interested in architectural stuff aswell ;)

+2 votes   article: I need...
Nauz Aug 23 2010, 8:14pm says:

Hehe, just went through that whole "Applying for universities" thing. Really lots of work, since everyone wants to see a portfolio, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere (like me) and have to travel over 500km multiple times to the ability tests...

a (german) site that really helped me was (in case you havent heard about it yet). shows example portfolios, ability tests of different universities and a forum with lots of students..

However, ill post a list of my favourites of your artwork in your blog's comments..

+1 vote   media: Seriously
Nauz Jul 18 2010, 9:21am replied:

Oh wow, your first model already has a normal map etc., my first attempts were much worse. Good job then, stick to it!

+1 vote   media: Knife Model [Low Poly]
Nauz Jul 18 2010, 9:17am says:

That's how I would imagine wormholes to look like. Neat!

+2 votes   media: Surreal Imaginary Worlds
Nauz Jul 17 2010, 8:48am says:

Yep, very weird mesh, you can improve here. :)

+2 votes   media: Knife Model [Low Poly]
Nauz Jul 5 2010, 3:51pm says:

Those water drops make it a little kitschy, but its a nice drawing!
What happened to the leaf stalk??

+1 vote   media: Dem Rose
Nauz Jul 4 2010, 5:40pm replied:

Why does everyone know they're deep sea fish? there's no logic in art :P

+1 vote   media: Evolution
Nauz Jul 4 2010, 5:39pm replied:

He was supposed to have a similiar look like the fish on the other screen on his face.
Yes, there's a big mess in my head *DOODLE DOODLE DOODLE*

+1 vote   media: Revolution
Nauz Jun 22 2010, 9:22am says:

great concepts! love the purple color scheme..

+5 votes   media: "Wanna feel the Nightmare?"
Nauz Jun 9 2010, 7:20pm replied:

How'd he do that? I'm still stuck at that cube..

+1 vote   media: Ball Grabbin'
Nauz Jun 8 2010, 12:04pm says:

Great sky

+1 vote   media: Upcoming beta
Nauz Jun 2 2010, 7:05pm says:

Great, i would prefer a quadrangulated wireframe though :>

+1 vote   media: Characters
Nauz Jun 2 2010, 7:04pm says:

GTA IV cars have 60k polies... and there's a multiplayer with these.
I think 20k is no problem nowadays, LOD models would be good though ^^

+1 vote   media: Characters
Nauz May 25 2010, 6:56pm says:

indeed, great concept

+1 vote   media: ESAD HQ
Nauz May 2 2010, 2:50am says:

"The Nordic Game Program is funded through the Scandinavian governments"

that's way too awesome, congratulations!

+3 votes   article: Nordic Game grants us money!
Nauz Apr 30 2010, 8:35am says:

nice clear style in these concepts, looks a little "steam-ish"

+1 vote   media: Loading Map concept
Nauz Mar 6 2010, 9:25pm replied:

prepare to lift off (that's great :P) in different-colored ones, since there's already a red and a silver skin planned for it, but thanks for your feedback, i guess you're right.

+1 vote   media: "Schubart Sechs"
Nauz Feb 23 2010, 8:29pm replied:

Im the kindest person you know!
I always let you win when we played together.

+1 vote   article: How to start 3d modeling?
Nauz Feb 21 2010, 6:14pm replied:

Thanks everyone, your comments are much appreciated

+1 vote   article: Zeitgeist media update
Nauz Jan 29 2010, 3:39pm says:

Looks pretty fun!
Imagine multiple layers or even teleports :D

i want to be invited for the next playtest, sauce, duck.

+2 votes   media: Tic Tac Tic Tac
Nauz Jan 7 2010, 7:26am replied:

replaced, da ich ne schönere kuppel hab die ich bald neu hinzufügen werd ;)

+1 vote   media: Piccadilly fountain
Nauz Jan 6 2010, 9:17pm says:

this is well done

+2 votes   media: Tahib Character
Nauz Jan 6 2010, 8:32pm replied:

Vielen Dank nach Österreich :)

+1 vote   media: Stock 1938
Nauz Nov 21 2009, 6:32pm says:


+2 votes   media: cathedral
Nauz Oct 28 2009, 3:27pm says:

Well there can't be only supercars ;) And Serzh did a great job on modeling a "normal" car.

+2 votes   media: In game
Nauz Oct 28 2009, 9:20am says:

awesome screenshots

+1 vote   mod: Real Cars For GTA 4
Nauz Oct 28 2009, 9:20am says:


-3 votes   media: In game
Nauz Oct 10 2009, 11:10am says:

looks great! rockstar should consider hiring you ;)

+3 votes   media: GTA BTTF Mod 0.2f Time Circuit Keypad Entry
Nauz Oct 9 2009, 5:20pm says:

nice! but i'D prefer those statues in another color than green

+1 vote   media: 1955 Clocktower - Render
Nauz Aug 29 2009, 6:46am replied:

no u are, fatty mc fatcat

+1 vote   article: Updates awaiting you!
Nauz Aug 22 2009, 2:07pm says:

your concept artists are awesome

+1 vote   media: Wraith Horde
Nauz Aug 1 2009, 4:52pm says:

nice modeling

+2 votes   media: New Weapon Renders
Nauz Jul 31 2009, 4:27pm replied:

D.A.N.K.E. D.I.R.

+1 vote   media: Wohoo it's a cart for fragout
Nauz Jul 11 2009, 10:14am says:

It's the 19-years old phanrack! Hi there

+1 vote   member: PhanracK
Nauz Jul 3 2009, 6:40am says:

you made a good decision! half-lifecreations is awesome :)

+2 votes   article: Our website is up!
Nauz Apr 10 2009, 7:07am says:

really creative mapping.
your gameplay is not unique enough for me yet, though.
i hope you proove me wrong :)

+1 vote   media: Varion Maps |Final|
Nauz Feb 24 2009, 10:08am says:

nicely done!
mind me asking how many tris this has?

+1 vote   media: Nissan Skyline R33 Model
Nauz Jan 2 2009, 5:20pm replied:

thanks, the textures are already 1024x1024 though.
I don't like hard edges, even though that would help to make them look more realstic.
That's why they may appear a little "blurred".

+2 votes   media: Health pickups, yumm.
Nauz Dec 6 2008, 1:54pm replied:

animations are finished already :O

i was having this idea too for the secondary attack, but then we would've needed two world models and things would've become much more complicated :/

found a good solution though, you'll see one day (;

+1 vote   media: Row row row the boat... Wait, a boat?!
Nauz Dec 4 2008, 10:34am says:

Wow, something that's worth watching. Keep it up

+1 vote   media: Berimbau PRERELEASE Movie 1
Nauz Oct 12 2008, 8:06am replied:

yea its a good solution, but its more complicated then ducks idea, so i decided to put it back a lot instead.
people won't be bothered now everytime they pull it out ;) thx 4 help (;

+2 votes   media: Animation Preview #3
Nauz Sep 25 2008, 4:20pm says:

looks good, may i ask how many polys/tris it has? ;)

+1 vote   media: Car Honna
Nauz Aug 14 2008, 2:12pm says:

because we don't like our melons humped!

+2 votes   media: Melotastic animations preview!
Nauz Aug 11 2008, 11:34am says:

A singleplayer mod, that is connected to the HL² Universe in the broadest sense.

The city you're living in is divided into two areas, separated by "the BigWall".
One side is occupied by the wealthy, while the other is occupied by the poor.
"If you earn enough money, you'll be able to move into the wealthy area aswell", that's
what the combines report. But is this the truth?

The beginning:
You're playing the hitman John Castle. It's an average day. John has to go to work, to the HunterOffice.
As soon as you arrive, you get the same mission as every day: Kill the zombies, which are roaming the streets.
After you completed your mission, the HunterOfficer tells you, that "Laughing Knife" is staying in the city.
Immediately you set off to knock him out for once and for all.

Hi, die story ist vielleicht noch ein wenig ausbaufähig aber sonst schon nicht schlecht. Viel glück zukünftig

+1 vote   mod: Dimension Disaster: Vampires Blood
Nauz May 31 2010, 11:47am says:

love it

+1 vote   media: Props for iv_tempest
Nauz May 30 2010, 7:37pm replied:

Nichts zu danken! ;)
Wir sind übrigens auch immer sehr dankbar über motivierende Kommentare, also danke fürs Danken!

+1 vote   member: Nauz
Nauz May 30 2010, 7:32pm replied:

textures could need a little ambient occlusion, but besides that...
i think the texture is pretty neat...

+1 vote   media: Props for iv_steel
Nauz May 30 2010, 7:30pm replied:

Well Kreedz climbing has medals as a reward, which made it very addicting for a while... so maybe something like that with your own touch...

... like all suggestions, you will probably just reply with "Nah.." :P

Go duck go duck go duck !

+1 vote   media: Back to the past? Racing mode demonstration!
Nauz May 30 2010, 11:04am says:

nice props!

+1 vote   media: Props for iv_steel
Nauz May 30 2010, 11:03am says:

Looks fun, will there be rewards for the fastest?


+1 vote   media: Back to the past? Racing mode demonstration!
Nauz May 30 2010, 10:42am says:

So this design is for the moddb blog? I like it!

If so, it's actually possible to use it as a background, if you're familiar with HTML:

Just go to "HTML" and add in these lines when creating a blog post:

<div style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; background-image: url(http://hintergrund.jpg); height: 1050px; width: 620px;">
<div style="width: 600px; position: relative; left: 10px;">

<a href=""> link</a>


First div adds the background, obviously you have to set the height to the height of your background image.
second div makes the text / content have a 10pixel gap to the border of the blog

Looking forward to new blog entries ^^

+1 vote   article: What do you think about my...
Nauz May 30 2010, 10:35am says:

E: Ups, sollte ein blog comment werden :>

+2 votes   member: iQew
Nauz May 25 2010, 6:46pm replied:

Wollen wirs mal hoffen.. :P

+1 vote   group: Germany
Nauz May 25 2010, 6:40pm says:

Wo soll das noch enden... wird ja mit jedem Bild besser... ^^

Ist eigentlich alles gemalt oder sind sachen wie die wolken oder die sterne von einem realen foto?

+2 votes   media: Landscape of Dreams
Nauz May 24 2010, 2:17pm says:

very good looking props

+2 votes   media: Prop Images
Nauz May 22 2010, 9:27pm says:

This is just great, i wish i was that creative!

+3 votes   media: Marshcity
Nauz May 20 2010, 8:00pm says:

great, i wonder what the base mesh you started with looked like

+1 vote   media: Mudbox play
Nauz May 14 2010, 10:08am says:

nice model and texture

+4 votes   media: Destroyed Car
Nauz May 12 2010, 6:48pm says:

looks fun to animate!
hope you're going to use phong shading?

+1 vote   media: Invasion View Hands
Nauz May 12 2010, 12:00pm says:

nice model, i love the gloves

+1 vote   media: Resistance Character
Nauz May 9 2010, 11:10am says:

great! looking forward to this

+1 vote   media: Lost Love Trailer
Nauz May 7 2010, 9:19pm says:

maleware warning (HEUR/HTML.Malware) by antivir when opening your website.. no good.

+1 vote   article: New look webiste up and running!
Nauz May 6 2010, 5:37pm says:

a mod by korge... must watch...!

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2 mod
Nauz May 6 2010, 3:45pm replied:

coole sache, go for it!

+1 vote   member: Nauz
Nauz May 3 2010, 9:27pm says:

Würd ich mir als Bild an die Wand hängen... 15Pkt. von mir :P

+2 votes   media: Digital Painting Forestfire
Nauz May 3 2010, 9:03pm says:

i love it.

+1 vote   media: Donny the cut first shots ingame
Nauz Apr 30 2010, 8:50am replied:

Hachja... das gute alte deutsche unfaire Bildungssystem! Kenn ich noch zu gut ;)
(Für eine sehr aufwändig digital bearbeitete Portrait-Sammlung bekam ich u.a. 10 Punkte, für ein in einer Stunde gekritzeltes expressionistisches Bild 14 Pkt ... )

Dann drück ich mal die Daumen, dass deine Lehrerin sich doch noch besinnt, werd auf jeden Fall hin und wieder mal in deinen Blogs vorbeischauen

+2 votes   member: iQew
Nauz Apr 30 2010, 8:40am says:

neat model

+1 vote   media: Skylight
Nauz Apr 29 2010, 2:50pm replied:

Man kann nicht alles haben... :P

+1 vote   member: Nauz
Nauz Apr 29 2010, 2:49pm replied:

Zufällig die Germany Group aufgerufen und deine Bilder dort entdeckt, anschließend dann neugierig dein Profil durchstöbert...
Das "Schwarz zu Blau" Bild ist einer meiner Favouriten, wenn das für die Schule war, können das ja nur 15 Punkte gewesen sein.. :)

+2 votes   member: iQew
Nauz Apr 28 2010, 10:10pm says:

Geiler Scheiß! Um es mal salopp auszudrücken.
Würde mich interessieren, ob du irgendwas in Richtung Kunst studierst (Media Design etc.)

+2 votes   member: iQew
Nauz Jul 11 2009, 6:14pm replied:

Not sure what you're talking about. In the posted screenshots are only 2 buses in total. It's taken from different perspectives...

+1 vote   article: Zeitgeist Media Update
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