Although my name is Natocommander I actually support SCO. I have strong anti-communist and anti-Zionist views. I picked this name when I was thinking about the Cold War, in that era I would oppose the communist Soviet Union. My favorite country is North Korea and I am a National Socialist. I believe that North Korea is the Fourth Reich and will succeed where the Third has failed. Juche is Korean National Socialism. Any comments that insult me, or my ideology will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately. My enemies on moddb are, GordonTheCat, EITY10, Turkish007, Perun58, Frenzied_Metalhead, TheBowMan, Angel_of_Death2, Karpet, Sanguinius, John-Smith and shorun. Anybody friends with listed persons will be removed from my friends list and denied friend requests.

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