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Mr.Murdock Jan 16 2012, 3:28pm replied:

I'd like help on translating some stuff to russian, yes!
I'll contact you further ahead

+1 vote   mod: PROJECT 13 (Проект13)
Mr.Murdock Jun 21 2010, 10:11am says:

About the HDR...

I think the big problem with it, it's because you are using the fast bloom. It sucks. It just feels unrealistic and looks horrible.

For those who didn't like either, I reccomend using the command r2_bloom_fast 0 (or something like that) to disable it. It looks much better.

On a second note. I have a problem, everytime I modify the video settings and click Apply (even if I don't change anything), the contrast gets fuked up, like REALLY dark, you can barely see anything. I got around this by moving the contrast/brightness bars in-game, and not hitting apply (instead pressing ESC and going back to game).

Aside from that, I expected it to be more polished after all this time, but nice work anyways.

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Mr.Murdock Sep 28 2009, 10:48pm replied:

Well, if I had to say how it'll be, the priority order would be this.
1. Atmosphere/Story
2. Puzzles/Exploration
3. Actual FPS stuff*

As an note for number 3, no, there WON'T be zombies, nor Combine. The VERY few enemies that you'll find around will be there mainly to add some difficulty and tension to the situation (as they fit in the story)...Life as we know don't really belong in that place.

+1 vote   mod: PROJECT 13 (Проект13)
Mr.Murdock Sep 28 2009, 3:55pm replied:

Haha, I'm not russian, the mod it's called that because the story happens near Europe and Russia (those weird experiments, y'know).
But I'm glad you liked it :]

+1 vote   mod: PROJECT 13 (Проект13)
Mr.Murdock Sep 28 2009, 11:25am says:

I removed the video from the front page coz it was somehow hiding the description. Trying to find another way to link it...

+1 vote   mod: PROJECT 13 (Проект13)
Mr.Murdock Sep 28 2009, 11:17am replied:

A lot like Sublustrum, indeed ;]

+1 vote   mod: PROJECT 13 (Проект13)
Mr.Murdock Sep 27 2009, 5:14pm replied:

I'd like to, but I believe anything I say would spoil the mystery.
I want those who play to stay as clueless and lost as the main character.

+2 votes   mod: PROJECT 13 (Проект13)
Mr.Murdock Sep 27 2009, 8:47am says:

Hey there!
I believe I've found a rare person, for I'm planning a mod much like yours (except you're way ahead).
I believe we could exchange some ideas or something... Anyways, take a look at my just added mod page, and check the video.

Best of luck with this mod, I hope you get to finish it :]

+1 vote   member: mavman
Mr.Murdock Sep 19 2009, 6:34pm says:

Anytime now :D

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Mr.Murdock Sep 13 2009, 3:46am says:

One week to go, aw yeah!

+3 votes   mod: L.U.R.K.
Mr.Murdock Sep 3 2009, 7:57am says:

Ah man, what a great birthday gift! (sept 13)
This mod, along with BMS (hopefully) will be the best things of 2009 :D
Can't fckng wait!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Mr.Murdock Aug 17 2009, 8:39am says:

Man, I hope this mod won't die.
Crysis is the PERFECT fit for a Lost mod.

+1 vote   mod: LOST: The Doomed Prince
Mr.Murdock May 29 2009, 11:05pm says:

Greetings from /v/.
Can't wait for it to come out, looks like it'll be gooooood (specially with this video).
And I LOVED how you managed to tweak the atmosphere without killing the original one, unlike the Supermod pack, which made the world waaaay too green and happy.
It looks like this mod will be the new essential Stalker Mod now. GL!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Mr.Murdock Jan 8 2009, 6:52pm says:

Hi there, I just downloaded the mod, but I can't get the new effects to work...
I tried looking on your page, and copy the opengl32.dll to all folders I could, but it won't work. I found this message in the console:

"No paranoia hacked opengl32.dll, custom renderer disable"

No idea what to do now, I'd really like a fix for this, it's not everyday you see a goldsrc mod with such improvements.
Thx, and good luck in your future endeavours! :D

+2 votes   mod: PARANOIA
Mr.Murdock Dec 20 2008, 8:13am says:

Ah, found an old screen where you mention me :p

+1 vote   mod: SMOD: Crysis
Mr.Murdock Dec 20 2008, 8:06am says:

Oy! Are you planning on crediting after it's done?
(If you haven't recognized yet, I was the one that made those crysis gloves)
If you're not sure it's me, pm on my FPSBanana account.
Btw, look's like it'll be cool, wonder if you guys can manage changing the gloves skins in-game (since mine have all color variations, minus the maximum speed one...)
Btw, if you want any updates on the skin, let me know!!

+1 vote   mod: SMOD: Crysis
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