I play video games and enjoy modding them. I have skills with Photoshop, Paint.NET, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks and I am busy learning my way around 3DSMAX. Currently a Mechanical Eng. student.

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I have always been a fan of the star-craft games so It is obvious I have been long awaiting the launch of Star craft 2. I bought my copy and got into the campaign straight away, SC II picks up where Star Craft left off continuing the epic saga of the three dominant races. The new visuals are very impressive and the game has some breath taking cut scenes as well as improved dynamics and new units, which also unlocks new possibilities and strategies.

Well there you have it, I highly recommend this game. This game for me, is probably the best I have ever played. I'm going to give it 10 points out of 10 :P

- Predator_828
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Here's the list of applications I use for development of mods and for general purposes. To start off there is paint.NET, which is quite simply a fantastic imagery editor. It's free and with the aid of a few plug-ins can do just about the same things photo-shop can. Next on the list is 3DS max, which I'm still not 100% acquainted with... 3DS Max is a powerful tool for making models & animating, it is quite complex for the beginner but after a few tutorials, some light will be shun on the matter ; ). Next there's photo-shop CS5, which is a powerful but complex imagery tool. Photo Shop is good but also carries a hefty price, but remember you get what you pay for ; ). Next there's Notepad ++, which is basically an overhauled notepad, I find it useful for scripting. It's also free.

• Paint.NET
• 3DS Max
• Photo-shop CS5
• Notepad ++

So there you have it, I'm not the best writer when it comes to articles but I thought this would be a nice idea, I hope this article has furthered some or other cause. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment. I have posted a link to paint.NET for anyone who wants to get it...

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