I play video games, occasionally mod them. I am decent with Photoshop, Paint.NET and trained in Autodesk Inventor. Currently a Mechanical Eng. student.

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Private security obliterate these stupid pirates attempting to board a cargo ship. To be honest it is rather satisfying to see someone actually taking some effective action against them. Given how dangerous and ruthless they can be, I wouldn't think about shooting at them if they were coming toward my ship.

They were pretty stupid to attack ship with armed guards... Either way I reckon they got what they deserved.

In other news I have been working on texturing in the recent months. I have started a side project to re-texture every weapon in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. arsenal with a 2048² texture. You can find the downloads for what I have made so far in the addons section of my profile. Here are two of the renders. I plan to add to this project piece by piece.

SIG-SG550 ASSAULT (Re-texture Project)

OTS-14 Thunderstorm Retextured

I have also been in collaboration with a DidJay, the author of Farcry 2010, to retexture the original FarCry weapons. I done 3 weapons so far and hope to soon be posting a render, once I figure out how to set up the max plugins.

In the gaming universe I have some screenshots from the various games I have played recently. Tomb Raider was a brilliant game, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also finished Metro Last Light, which was also on the list of top games for 2013. Anyway here are some of my screens.

Tomb Raider Tomb Raider
Metro: Last Light Metro: Last Light

In other news I have made a new avatar inspired by Half Life 2 and I finished my CAD project with Autodesk Inventor, which I thankfully did quite well in which made all the time and effort I put into it worth it.

Project finished

Finally my new avatar, here it is... Thanks for reading my rather pointless blog post, which was typed out of desperation to procrastinate from studying. Hopefully you found some of it sort of interesting.

- Predator_828

Well it has been dogs years since I posted a blog post here on moddb so here I go! In the first month of 2013 so much has happened already and things are looking up for the rest of the year. I have been accepted to study Mechanical Engineering at the NMMU School of Engineering, and will be starting in February.

I recently played through Dead Space 2, and I must say it was incredible. I highly recommend you play it, if you like space and are interested in the future, check it out. Besides you play as engineer. How much more awesome could that be! Lastly a screen!!!

Dead Space 2

In other news, 828 studios is now developing the Snakebite engine, although I lack the technical details, I can tell you that our next big project will be powered by snakebite. Setakat is lead developer of snakebite. I am doing most vfx design work for it. Here is my latest creation...

Snakebite Engine

I guess the other thing I can blab on about is my recent case mod, (Which I am very happy with). To sum if up, I finalized the design on the side panel and have added 2x 120mm fans to the side panel for lower system temperatures. The front panel is going to be my next challenge, I also want to add a top panel fan. But I guess that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading all this BS...

Setto 1000 Case Mod

I use this program to help ensure maximum performance when gaming. I find it works wonders. Just thought I should post here quick in case someone just so happens to stumble upon this post and find the program usefull!

Download the latest Gamebooster here


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With my high school finals just around the corner it is crucial that I concentrate on my studies. I will cease all activity on moddb unless I find myself in the position where I have the time to spare. Anyone need to get hold of me I will remain on steam and Skype.

This is a difficult but necessary sacrifice.

After playing through Mass Effect 3 following an almost entirely paragon path I can honestly say that it has been one of the most entertaining games I have ever played since my childhood. After a thorough play-through in which I completed every side-quest; I can finally say that Mass Effect 3 has concluded the story of Commander .Shepheard for me in a controversial but also brilliant way. Mass Effect 3 is a game that everyone should play. It is if anything an interactive prime work of literature.

I would hate to ruin this brilliant game for any of you, so I leave those of you who haven't played with but one tip. By having 5000+ Effective Military Strength you have layed the groundwork for the best possible ending which I managed to achieve in my play-through. Well in any case thanks for reading and take a look at this brilliant Mass Effect 3 Artwork.
- Predator 2012

Mass Effect 3 Artwork

So recently I have started to train myself in the art of weapon texturing. I have been referred to a very usefull thread containing loads of tutorials. If you can, are planning to or are learning how to texture these tutorials may be of use to you.



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While modding is one of my interests It is not the only thing which I enjoy. Fishing is one my greatest passions, here in South Africa it is safe to say we have some of the most spectacular sportfishing in the world, here's just a quick pic of a fish that was caught last week and realeased on lure. The surface action was so intense that I never even bothered taking more photo's. Anyway this is something different to my usual blog I hope you guys enjoyed it.


Finally done with the official Blog

"For those of you who like to stay up to date"

Check it out

Hey again! Yes it's done. I have finally completed the finishing touches on my blog. There is still room for expansion but that will be for later. On the blog I will post all the latest updates for Faction Fronts and any other stuff related to my interests, be sure to follow me or check it out!

So for the past few years we have been running off capped lines with uncapped out of the reach for regular people (Unless they loaded with cash). A few months ago a company called MWEB introduced affordable uncapped internet. Soon after other companies decided to also offer affordable uncapped internet. However the Dominant company - Telkom still kept their uncapped deals way out reach for average people. I am running ATM a 384 kbps uncapped, shaped line hosted by MWEB, it's more reasonable than my previous 3gb capped 384kbps line with Telkom, and is roughly 1 quarter of the price. However the amount I pay for my current line could get me a high speed 10meg line oversees :/

Later this year we are supposed to receive a line upgrade. (384 - 512kbps) I hope someone actually decides to push it forward...

Well I hope you realize how much people are ripped off in my country. Special thanks to the greedy ISP's for taking everyone's money :)

Until Next Time
- Predator_828


I have always been a fan of the star-craft games so It is obvious I have been long awaiting the launch of Star craft 2. I bought my copy and got into the campaign straight away, SC II picks up where Star Craft left off continuing the epic saga of the three dominant races. The new visuals are very impressive and the game has some breath taking cut scenes as well as improved dynamics and new units, which also unlocks new possibilities and strategies.

Well there you have it, I highly recommend this game. This game for me, is probably the best I have ever played. I'm going to give it 10 points out of 10 :P

- Predator_828
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