I will not give them on a ship, I will not give them taking a sh*t, I will not give them on a plane, I will not give them in the rain, I will not give them here or there, I will not give them anywhere, I do not give a fuck you see, now go away and leave me be. ;)

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Light armor and robes that I'll will be using for RP combat. Generally I prefer taking on my foes at range, using my lightsaber and the Force to protect myself from projectiles. I keep two wrist sabers for close combat and to keep my hands free for powerful Force attacks. I am adept at utilizing a variety of Lightsaber and Force techniques. One of my specialties is using telekinesis to wield multiple lightsabers (among other weapons and objects) at once. And should it come down to it I'm a crack shot with any sort of blaster.

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Nov 21st, 2011
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