Well, for a start I do have stuff to say. I'm Scottish, I am a regular airsofter and paintballer, I love researching about the past and really enthusiastic for history... and Celts are awesome as fuck. Usually play Strategy Games most of the time which includes Civilization, Total War, C&C, Sins of a Solar Empire, Empire at War etc etc. Big fan for RTS! You will also probably know me from Steam with the excess amounts of screenies I take. Gives the community some taste. Love playing games, love playing them MODDED. ModDb 10/10! Also welcome to my profile.

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FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE

Mod review may contain spoilers - 10 agree - 20 disagree

(This review contains spoilers of what will be in the mod... but if you're gonna download it anyway, go have a read. =D)

Download at, but first register.

Nomada puts a hell of a lot of work and stays perfectly true to the Expanded Universe as much as possible in his great "Alliance" mod. Take control of units that date back all the way to the Old Republic, factions straight from the Clone Wars and definitely all the way to the expanded universe.

The mod gives out what NO OTHER MOD on Forces of Corruption can give and that is giving the variety of hundreds of units, a large selection of new buildings and upgrades, different combat mechanisms and even larger tech trees.

YOU CAN GO PAST TECH FIVE IF YOU BUILD CERTAIN STRUCTURES, WOW! That would make you enter Tier 6, 7 and finally 8 through space structures. There is no research after it but only if you build research stations on specific planets, you'll get specific units towards Tech 5 based on the station and time-frame of the game you are playing in.

Alliance mod is one of the biggest mods on Forces of Corruption and is constantly being updated to add new content and bug fixes (a lot of them). Bugs often happen when there are coding errors depending on your FoC's version and your mod's version along with the Empire at War's disc, steam and download variant.

Forces of Corruption's original disc is supposed to work brilliantly with mods as big as Nomada's alliance, showing little to no signs of unstableness.

The EaW gold pack may have a few problems here and there on compatibility but there are different kinds of fixes so you can enjoy the game much more without it crashing on specific points.

The steam verson of FoC is where it is most unstable and may require either tweaks to your game's and computer's settings, appropriate game fixes, bigger RAM's etc etc.

There's new factions that are actually playable and I will list them below:

The Confederacy of Independent Systems
The Republic
The Hapan Consortium
The Chiss Ascendancy
The Corporate Sector
The Black Sun (originally Zaan Consortium)
Finally, The Hutts.

All of which have their own strengths and weaknesses BUT ALSO are appropriate for their direct timelines... even with their biggest strengths some cannot match even against another factions full technological superiority, like the Republic vs The Rebel Alliance or CIS vs Empire at most times.

You get the ability to form fleets and battalions through your officer's academy and tech level. The higher the tech, the better your battalion that can be built... but they are more expensive due to their excessive use and ability to comprehend nearly any situation (It practically gives you a whole free army).

Campaign you say? Well then, how about playing the ORIGINAL Empire at War campaign on either the rebellion or the empire with all the different units from the same game all the way to Dark Saber... good luck getting there though, it will take a heck of a lot of dedication from your side.

How about a massive free for all with ALL THE FACTIONS in one game? Yeah'p, that's right... Total War exists in the game and you GET TO CHOOSE who is active and who is not. Play your GC how you want it to and make your Galactic Conquest exactly how you wish it to be.

The game has its own story missions that it plays automatically at key points in the game. Winning or losing them both have consequences and rewards... you'll find out some way.

So many different heroes to choose from. Everyone loves heroes! Some may be able to call in reinforcements, drive their own Super Star Destroyer and many, many more.

Certain special buildings like Centerpoint Station and The Galaxy Gun can be built. Awesome right? Reign death upon everyone you hate with just one weapon of death...

DOWNLOAD IT. It's the best I've ever seen and it has taken a lot of time and dedication to achieve the stage it is at now. I could give out tons more but I will leave it up to yo


Destructive Forces

Mod review

QF2 - Essence to a Thief - Battlezone II

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree

Graphics: 10/10. The massive update on the engine system made the mod and Battlezone II makes it all look like they were both developed just last year. They were tremendously updated and created and I must say, I'm very impressed. It makes the QF mod a complete graphical master-piece.

Voice Acting: 9/10. Funny, long and quite informative, the voice acting was very good. Did drag on sometimes but I believe it was worth it. Really nice.

Gameplay: 9.5/10. Holy s**t, out of all other modifications like Fleshstorm and Forgotten Enemies etc etc, this takes it up to a whole new level... and I mean, REALLY, a whole new level. I loved the new physics implemented which adds quite realistic battles and the new system that ALL players have too adapt to so you can survive. New tactics, factions, units and weapons, etc... seriously, amazing. The only thing that slightly got to me was the radar, it's a bit... big but that's okay.

Story: 10/10. From the beginning of stealth operations to resistance fighting with a wide planetary invasion, betrayal, side-switching and large plot-twists, you'll never get enough of the storyline. It was shocking to see the It's also quite good at bringing back some memories from the first Battlezone, must say.

Factions: 9/10. Pure amazing to have some old remarks come back to life, and new factions coming in to take their place in the sun. Very nice with the introductions of new factions... and it's great to see that the Sweet!

Weaponry and Vehicles: 9/10. A large amount of new toys to play with, makes the game even more sweet!

I'd make a much bigger review but due to MODDB's 2000 character limit, they make that a bit difficult.



Dark Reign 2

Game review may contain spoilers

Graphics 8/10
I am not dissing this game at all, but the graphics are old. HOWEVER old they are though, they still amaze me to this day. Very few glitches here and there but nothing to worry about. The particle effects are absolutely stunning, so is the foreground effects for the terrain. I love it all :)

Story 10/10
Dark Reign 2, one of the oldest games to date but absolutely ******* outstanding. The story starts directly after the first game, where catastrophic events are happening to the world. Both sides such as the JDA and the Sprawler's must fight for what ever control is left and evacuate the planet ASAP. Both sides going through horrific and desperate battles and operations, they both attempt to wipe each other out in an evacuation attempt... but the choice of who is victorious... IS YOURS...

AI 9/10
The AI adapts well to the players skill. The Artifical Intelligence does a great deal in making this one of the toughest but fun games out there. Although the only thing that annoys me is the countless spam of units, everything else is absolutely fantastic. From land, sea and to the air... they will still amaze you with tons of surprises.

Music 10/10
The music gets me hyped up, it makes the battles and passiveness of the game feel absolutely amazing... and definitely brings a feel of absolute enjoyment into the game.

Voice Acting 9/10
The units are voiced perfectly, the main characters sound really argumentative to one another practically everywhere (but that can be a bit of an annoyance). The voice acting in the cut scenes are brilliant aswell, a lot of planning put into this.

Gameplay 10/10

MASSIVE BATTLES, LARGE AMOUNTS OF UNITS, GIGANTIC EXPLOSIONS... floating fortresses of death... yeah, I think everyone knows where i'm going.

Dynamics 8/10

The storyline has tons of events that occur, such as Earthquakes, special faction encounters, deadly traps... but the thing is it's just limited, none of them are in skirmish which is a sad thing.


SMOD: 40/a

Mod review


Mod review

I will assume direct control of this mod... but i failed.
This mod looks utter ********. KILL IT! It looks REALLY terrible!



Mod review - 2 disagree

Remove this **** from Moddb!



Mod review

Cuz i like to do it


Operation: HOMEFRONT

Mod review

Oh... i have a number of reasons. The units are very fairly put together via graphics and art! Fabulous unit and starship detail and even with the weapons. Although only the bonus UNSC faction is out, i am still awaiting the covenant and i know its going to be 10000 times better when they come along with imrpoved graphics of Effect and weapon detail AND hopefully adding in some halo unit speeches, probably from halo wars or something.
Anywho, i wish the fans and the team a merry christmas. Cant wait for the next release *Tracks*
And also the mod has its own roots aswell, and probably might even add a few scenario missions in the near future. I really hope the team is successive and the fans to have a pleasant time. We should all thank this wonderful mod because its that fantastic. I cant imagine what kind of thins im going to say next, but as i said about "own roots"... it is destined to have even its own story one day.
The beta was fantastic aswell, bit laggy but well worth it.

And just to say; I for one, am proud to be a great fan of this whole team and mod. I honour its potential.
Hope to see the next releases guys! Keep up the more-than-awesome work!

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