Well, for a start I do have stuff to say. I'm Scottish, I am a regular airsofter and paintballer, I love researching about the past and really enthusiastic for history... and Celts are awesome as fuck. Usually play Strategy Games most of the time which includes Civilization, Total War, C&C, Sins of a Solar Empire, Empire at War etc etc. Big fan for RTS! Love playing games, love playing them MODDED. ModDb 10/10! Also welcome to my profile.

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Agent_John Nov 11 2012, 3:12pm says:

What patch do i need????

+2 votes   download: 4th Dimension 2.12
Agent_John Nov 7 2012, 1:57pm says:

NOOOO!!! I was looking forward to this mod so much! ;(
I was tracking it and everything. PLEASE, someone continue this AMAZING mod! PLEASE D:
Please don't die forever :(
I was hoping to play as the ASI the most, they look like a more advanced CABAL army... which was gonna be amazing. The colony second, big beasts like those resemble the flood for me like in halo ;)

+3 votes   mod: Tiberium Secrets
Agent_John Nov 3 2012, 9:10am says:


+2 votes   mod: Mass Effect at War 1.1.01
Agent_John Oct 31 2012, 4:05pm says:

AI problems, crashing, my foc never done this with any other version of this mod. What do i do? AI doesn't move and i keep crashing.

+2 votes   mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
Agent_John Oct 11 2012, 7:19pm says:

"I thought the next Daedalus class ship wasn't due out of the pipeline for over a year!" XD
That ship... IS GONNA WRECK EVERYTHING! Keep up the amazingly jaw-dropping work. :)

+1 vote   media: Cerberus Dread ingame
Agent_John Sep 28 2012, 6:59pm says:

It's.... BEAUTIFUL! This really pays for it's self :)

+1 vote   media: Alliance Cruiser v4 s3
Agent_John Sep 21 2012, 8:30am says:


+2 votes   media: The Citadel
Agent_John Sep 14 2012, 11:09am says:

Well... it looks like Armada II has followed the spheres into thinking they can make a Fusion-Sphere. However, when they realise they are just merging into one another........ hmm............. FIIREEEE xD
Amazing pic, amazing battle, amazing mod.

+2 votes   media: Why do spheres always congregate together?
Agent_John Sep 13 2012, 6:58pm says:

I guess Chuck Norris's son wanted to go stroll around in his little tank :p

+1 vote   media: T26E1 Super pershing
Agent_John Sep 13 2012, 6:52pm replied:

Well you are doing a super job wrapping things up in it. I wish you big success :D

+2 votes   mod: Command & Conquer: ReichsMarsch
Agent_John Sep 12 2012, 4:34pm says:

To who ever is in charge of this mod, i give you all my fellow respect on bringing up a BRILLIANT idea such as this! The people along side you creating it (if there is) should have a massive pat on the back. I'm looking forward to this mod. PLEASE do not die :D
Oh btw, such a magnificent storytelling up the top. :)

+3 votes   mod: Command & Conquer: ReichsMarsch
Agent_John Aug 2 2012, 11:49am says:

Some people tend to forget this is summer. Just to recap that when it's summer, modders want to have their own time to. Who knows, maybe this magnificent mod might be done when your having fun. Time does to ;)

+5 votes   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
Agent_John Jul 23 2012, 8:10am replied:

Well when i moved them and started up the game (I have patch 1.2) and it says "Failed to start up requested game/mod" or whatever it says. But the thing is i also don't know which order to put them in. I have all the mods above installed but i had to remove it all because it was all mucked up.

+1 vote   download: Ultimate Apocalypse Patch (1.62.64 hotfix)
Agent_John Jul 22 2012, 7:51am says:

How on EARTH do you install the patches?! This is ******* me off in all honesty as it doesn't have installation instructions except from a "Move them all here". I done that and it doesn't work :/

+1 vote   download: Ultimate Apocalypse Patch (1.62.64 hotfix)
Agent_John Jul 22 2012, 7:06am says:

The tank is a T95 Super-heavy Tank Destroyer. It's a bitch to take down...

+1 vote   media: New Batch Of R.U.S.E Screenshots
Agent_John Jul 22 2012, 7:05am replied:

This mod will never die, it's one of the best mods out there ;)

+7 votes   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
Agent_John Jul 17 2012, 6:16am replied:

"Let's get to the front, PUSH IT FORWARD!"

+2 votes   media: Deathwatch Heavy Tank
Agent_John Jul 1 2012, 7:41am says:

Looking forward to this mod. Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   mod: MER
Agent_John Jul 1 2012, 7:28am replied:

I think the council races will have A LOT of fighters/bombers on their ships. Speaking of firepower, on the last level when you are going to talk to Admiral Anderson, you have to go on that turret and eliminate the invading enemies. After a certain amount of time, two alliance fighters come out of the blue and fire a VERY high explosive rocket. The fighters for each side may be assault fighters, that carry both Anti Ship and Anti Fighter capabilities. Also they are used in ground attacks on ME3. And i also recall that on the battle scene a normal destroyer took off 2/3 of the Sovereign Reapers tentacle legs, i am unsure if it is a advance in technology that made it possible, or it's kinetic barriers were down. q_Kibbles and Reaper armada are right. And one thing for sure, the reapers won't be destroying everything with one shot i can assure you.(Unless very high research then yeah, insta-kill all the way BUT probably VERY expensive???)

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
Agent_John Jun 27 2012, 12:35pm replied:

"idontevencare", grow the **** up you lousy shmuck...

+1 vote   mod: Tiberian Sun 2.05
Agent_John Jun 24 2012, 5:13pm says:

WHOAH... that's a BIG GUN!

+1 vote   media: GLA "Camel" Tank
Agent_John Jun 21 2012, 4:43pm says:

They look like long range Mobile Howitzers to me, but keep up the good work! :D

+1 vote   media: GDI Hunter Tanks
Agent_John Jun 19 2012, 5:27pm replied:

If a few raptors can take down a few Borg cubes within a minimum of 30 seconds... i think it's the romulans who need to be a bit balanced. Federation also... GOOD in mass numbers, as i learned that the hard way ._.

+2 votes   mod: Star Trek: Continuum
Agent_John Jun 19 2012, 5:25pm replied:

Wait wut... NOOOOOO! Well it was my first time on invasion... usually i had massive games (of lag xD) on Deathmatch and things.

0 votes   mod: Star Trek: Continuum
Agent_John Jun 19 2012, 3:41pm says:

I am a boss on this mod. On hard difficulty on "Invasion", with just about the RIGHT tactics won on Invasion! YAY!!!!!!!! Got to wave 26, but then my ships automatically went to warp and it said "Victory". BRILLIANT mod, so much FUN! Going to attempt EXPERT NOW >:DDDDD
Race: Romulans
Enemies: Federation + Klingons.

+2 votes   mod: Star Trek: Continuum
Agent_John Jun 12 2012, 1:06pm says:

Well... there goes the Technical ;)

+2 votes   media: First pictures...
Agent_John Jun 8 2012, 11:50am says:

The video above... despite the laggy parts, ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!!!!!! Not long to guys, if they finsished Cerberus this quick, the Reapers and the Council Races won't be long either. YAY!

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
Agent_John Jun 3 2012, 4:08pm says:

"Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh, you touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding. We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of every world..."

Anybody think that Sovereign is more scarier than Harbinger? Like back since then we hadn't a clue what the Reapers were, or there intentions... but thanks to EA, it's no longer a mystery!
BUT still however, looking forward to a DLC (if there is one) and this mod!

+5 votes   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
Agent_John May 30 2012, 4:40pm replied:

Those people make me lol xD

+2 votes   media: Cerberus Culture
Agent_John May 29 2012, 1:56pm replied:


+1 vote   news: Vote for your favourite faction
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