Well, for a start I do have stuff to say. I'm Scottish, I am a regular airsofter and paintballer, I love researching about the past and really enthusiastic for history... and Celts are awesome as fuck. Usually play Strategy Games most of the time which includes Civilization, Total War, C&C, Sins of a Solar Empire, Empire at War etc etc. Big fan for RTS! Love playing games, love playing them MODDED. ModDb 10/10! Also welcome to my profile.

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Agent_John May 15 2015, 11:27am says:

My birthday was yesterday. xD

+1 vote   media: To celebrate a person's birthday! With a Screenie!
Agent_John Apr 25 2015, 5:52pm says:

I know reviews are blanked out but if you press it, I believe you'll be able to see mine. Made it too pass the the time. Mine will be the definite opinion of what the mod really is. states everything I can put in within the amount of characters. :)

+1 vote   mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
Agent_John Apr 7 2015, 11:48am replied:

It's working now! I moved the 47 V1.6 to the mods folder, out of the Terminator folder.

Mod appears in the options and it is playing like a charm. Cheers dude!

+1 vote   mod: Customizable skirmish and FPS mod
Agent_John Apr 7 2015, 6:07am replied:

Oh no I didn't mean the actual readme document (I formatted my PC weeks ago so I cannot even open it up because I don't have word installed xD) so my bad on not making it clear.

What I meant to say is that I changed the mod.info in /47 V1.6 to what it says exactly in my first comment and I even validated my MoW AS2 on Steam to be sure. It doesn't appear in the MODS in the options menu, ingame.

+1 vote   mod: Customizable skirmish and FPS mod
Agent_John Apr 7 2015, 5:02am says:

So I followed the instructions to play the mod on higher, updated versions of AS2. Was able to play it before the game updated. However, I can't exactly play it because it won't show up in the MODS section even though I edited the readme for Terminator 1.6/47 V1.6.

{name "47 v1.6"}
{desc "AS2 skirmish and fps-tank-battle mod Terminator V1.6 for MOW:AS2 3.112~3.115.mod by U-47,20150302"}
{minGameVersion "3.112"}
{maxGameVersion "3.500"}

Changed it to that and it didn't show up in the mods. Can you help me out byzan? (:

+1 vote   mod: Customizable skirmish and FPS mod
Agent_John Mar 28 2015, 9:46am says:

Oh my god... I never EVER thought I would see the day of something like this. This mod shall now instantly be added to my tracking list. Please make this mod as epic and beautiful and as amazing to Fallout that it really should be.

(For the Enclave!)


+2 votes   mod: The Beginning & The End
Agent_John Mar 2 2015, 5:24pm says:

How interesting! Now that it's free, I wonder what marvelous creations modders and developers will make from this.

Rather exciting tbh. :)

+5 votes   news: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free
Agent_John Feb 27 2015, 6:08pm says:

Rest in peace, our beloved Leonard Nimoy (Spock), at age 82/83. <3

+5 votes   mod: Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2
Agent_John Feb 27 2015, 6:06pm says:

Loved by millions.
Touched by millions.
Will be remembered by millions.

One of the GREATEST people of our time, and it's really sad he's now gone.
However, do not despair, he lived a LONG and PROSPEROUS life, and I'm sure he'd wish us all the same. :))))

+11 votes   media: Rest in Peace
Agent_John Jan 18 2015, 10:01am says:

This will actually be pretty useful.

I know some Sub-Hero units are able to spawn in their own reinforcement fleets and all, but when it comes to spawning in and retreating units you can't build in actual Galactic Conquest, I think it sorts it out.

Lovely edition. :)

+1 vote   media: Space retreat ability
Agent_John Dec 15 2014, 6:09am says:

*Stands up amongst everyone downloading the mod and presents a massive clap...*

Amazing job, gentlemen. Great work! :D

+18 votes   news: A Call to Arms released!
Agent_John Nov 14 2014, 12:49pm says:

It's back! AWESOME! :D

+5 votes   download: Sins of the Fallen: Reb 1.82.31 (Full Version)
Agent_John Oct 5 2014, 7:54am says:

I look forward to this very much.


+1 vote   media: Very probably, two months for the new version
Agent_John Sep 21 2014, 7:29pm replied:

Now I know when I've seen a ship I recognize because I THINK I've seen that in X-Wing Alliance or something like that

Is it an X-4 Gunship or that rebel transport from Force Commander?

+4 votes   media: It's beginning to feel like a Rebellion
Agent_John Jun 10 2014, 9:14am says:

Is it just me... or is that a GIANT Poison Crab down at the bottom of the picture there!

Oh, I just read that it's actually a boss. Nevermind then. :p

+7 votes   download: Lambda Wars 2.3.6 FULL EXE
Agent_John May 24 2014, 6:54am says:


+1 vote   media: Ready For Lift Offing - 5,4,3,2,1
Agent_John May 8 2014, 6:18am says:

Thank you very much gentlemen! Looking forward to this very much.

This mod is bloody amazing and you should all feel proud! :)

+2 votes   download: NEP_V2.0
Agent_John Mar 31 2014, 6:48pm says:

It's been a long wait. This shall be epic!
THIS THEME... instantly comes to mind. >:D

+2 votes   media: When 1.73 arrives...
Agent_John Mar 6 2014, 7:31pm says:

Massive amounts of "GREAT RECTANGLES OF DEATH" coming right up!

+2 votes   media: World Devastator
Agent_John Mar 4 2014, 3:28pm says:

Please... release this absolutely beautiful, godlike, epic, amazing, masterful, brilliant, genius, awesome, brainful software... I am tracking, right now.

At first I clicked on this for the sake of it, then when I read it and watched the videos, oh my god, give the world this please. It's lovely!! You all deserve ******* medals, seriously.

+2 votes   game: SpaceSys
Agent_John Feb 22 2014, 12:31pm says:

Absolutely LOVED this mod. Completed it (eventually) and I must say... I am beyond impressed by everything, including the story and the plot twists. Gameplay was amazing too and so were the graphics + voice acting. Everything was great :D


Currently gonna wait for the second release for instant-action. ^_^

+2 votes   mod: QF2 - Essence to a Thief - Battlezone II
Agent_John Feb 20 2014, 11:55am says:

TRACKING! This is gonna be amazing! :)

+5 votes   news: Meet the Half-Life 2 : MMod
Agent_John Feb 19 2014, 12:56pm says:

This is gonna be bloody AWESOME!

+2 votes   download: QF2 - E2AT v1.0 - Installer
Agent_John Jan 30 2014, 3:22pm says:

Kind sirs of QF2... you have my tracking!

I've played both Battlezone games for years. I've been waiting for a number three but it never arrived. But thanks to you, you made it a reality. Rock on guys, I absolutely cannot wait for this. :)

+2 votes   mod: QF2 - Essence to a Thief - Battlezone II
Agent_John Dec 28 2013, 6:59am says:

*Combine Elites knock on the door...*

+9 votes   media: Rebel Outhouse
Agent_John Dec 24 2013, 11:15am says:

Ummm... why do certain vehicles have no ammunition in them on spawn?

+1 vote   mod: War Realism Mod
Agent_John Dec 24 2013, 7:58am says:

Campaign.exe crashes as soon as I double click it. This is for Assault Squad (I have the latest patch, steam release). What do I do??

+1 vote   mod: Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG): Assault Squad
Agent_John Dec 18 2013, 4:33pm says:

What a lovely Christmas present. Thank you, guys. :D!

+2 votes   download: Maelstrom Rebellion v1.8 R7 (DLC's)
Agent_John Dec 10 2013, 6:46pm says:

VOTED for 2013 Mod of the Year!
COME ON ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE, BRING THE EPICNESS TO ALL, KHORNE WILL FEAST THIS EAVE! You have made the greatest game franchise of all time become even greater... #UANUMBER1!

+2 votes   mod: Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)
Agent_John Dec 5 2013, 11:23am replied:

Yeah I found an entrance, southern side (Even the North but that's also a DEATH TRAP xD) but the Tesla troopers that are enhancing the range of those coils always terrifies me, because I'm always hoping i don't get zapped. xDD

But yes i know what you mean, saw the submarines (atleast two of them) and land at the southern corner. Thanks for the assistance. @MegaZ and Speeder ^_^

+1 vote   mod: Mental Omega APYR
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