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0 comments by BlackWolfOne on Apr 28th, 2010

My name is Victor and I'm part French and before some of you ignorant American start making fun of my country remember this that you owe your independence in its entirety to France,

So don't give me that nonsense that we owe you for World War II or that nonsense that all French are coward, we never stop fighting the German unlike you American who come very late in the war,

History Note One: American started calling the French coward due to the fact that France didn't went into war with Iraq based on lies by your American government.

History Note Two: if one of you ignorant American said that France is ungrateful for the help you American did in World War II, you're clearly never been in France as we the French are very thankful for the American who fought and died in World War II,

History Note Three: France lost more then 2,000,000 people in World War II that was more then 6% of the total population of France at that time, the United States lost 418,500 that is not even close to 1% of the United States population at that time,

History Note Four: the United States and the United Kingdom killed more French civilian than the German ever did when France was occupied under Germany,

History Note Five: France in it history was one of the most powerful nations of the last few hundred years after The British Empire.

France today has one of the world best trained army as well as having one of the best equip army in the world,

Read this before you troll

I do acknowledge the fact that not all American are ignorant I'm just sick and tired of the one who are. If you're one of the few American who is not ignorant or think that the world doesn't revolve around you then my comment below do not apply to you.

The ignorant American who said that I'm the ignorant one here is just receiving the same treatment as you ignorant American do to everyone else.

On a side note: I give my respect to the veteran as well as to everyone who fought and died in World War II as the United States didn't win the war single handedly without the other nations involvement.

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