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12 comments by AmonSul.The.Oversoul on Aug 30th, 2014

The persian people are an Iranian people who speak the modern Persian language and closely akin Iranian dialects and languages. Their origins are traced to the ancient Iranian peoples, themselves part of the Indo-Iranian branch of the greater Indo-European peoples


The term Persian translates to "from Persis" which is a region north of the Persian Gulf located in Pars, Iran. It was from this region that Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid empire, united all other Iranian empires (such as the Medes), and expanded the Persian cultural and social influences by incorporating the Babylonian empire, and the Lydian empire.
Although not the first Iranian empire, the Achaemenid empire is the
first Persian empire well recognized by Greek and Persian historians for
its massive cultural, military and social influences going as far as
Athens, Egypt, and Libya

and today too many people of western countries think which Persians are not aryans and they are same race ! alike arabs and Africans !

whenas oldest aryans are Persians

"From the Darius the Great's Inscription in Naqshe-e-Rostam"

"""I am Dariush, the great king, the king of kings

The king of many countries and many people

The king of this expansive land,

The son of Wishtaspa of Achaemenid,

Persian, the son of a Persian,

'Aryan', from the Aryan lineage"""



but if today many iranian aren't alike old aryans of iran it have two reason !

first reason

in 1400 years ago arabs muslim attack to iran and they don't attack for expanse islam they only attack for depredate and get iranian people for bondman and bondwoman !!! they raped to womens and killed two many people of iran and they Destroyed all of civilization of persians ...
and in most cities of iran arabs have an order which that order is it
((every persian men with coloring eye and golden and red hair most kill)) arabs killed many original aryan people of iran because arabs hate aryans and they was hard enemy of iranians ((because iranians were beautiful and have civilization and humanity and they don't wild and lecherous alike arabs muslims while arabs are wild and bestial ))
for example in one battle arabs follow escapees and they get them only 30000000 person iranian girls and women are captures ! and all of them sold for enslavement for lecherous arabs ! it is islam ? and if they (arabs) are muslim ?

second reason

some century after arab's muslim assault . moguls and turkish attack iran they also Destroyed every things and killed many iranian and raped to women and .... and some groups of turkish mogul remain in some cities of iran and today iranian are different race alike turkish mogul and arabs offspring and persians ((which persians are original aryan of iran not turks or arabs offspring)) but arabs and turkish of iran are very very racist and they want Destroy race and history of aryans of iran and today they can Destroy many remnant of ancient iran ! and they very try say to persians which the aryan race is equivocation and this race is legend !! and whenever which somebody say every thing about aryan race all people say which he is a racist and fascist !! but in Truth turkish and arabs offspring of iran are end of racism !

((and today in many outlying villages of iran original aryans are is remain))


and about tropism iranian to islam religion

many people of world and all arabs whether shia or Sunni and all Sunnis and most muslims in the world think (( which reason of accept islam religion by iranian is for arab's muslims attack))

but it is falsehood which create by arabs muslims for legtimize and cloak their crimes in attack to iran in 1400 years ago ! because they only attack to iran for order of omar bin khattab ((khalifa of muslims arabs)) for get iranian girls and women and booty and despoil iranian belongings ! because omar bin khattab say to all muslims which all iranian must kill because they are not muslim !!! and all their women and their belongings is for muslims !!!!!!!

and iranian accept islam shia because iranian knowing imam ali ((rightful deputy of saintdom muhammad prophet of islam )) and iranian from this road accept real islam and that road is it ((knowing imam ali and his islam road))
(( you must know which real islam is against and never accept attack
to other countries and kill people of other countries and despoil
belongings of people of other countries ... but arabs don't accept real
islam and they remaining in ferity and scum arabic mores of before islam
! they islam is fake ((arabic islam)) = ((terrorists of islamic state of syria and iraq)) !

it iranians (aryans) which truly understand real islam and developing islam in the world . ((saintdom muhammad prophet of islam said which persians are real defenders of Celestial Islam)) . but today arabs change to symbol of islam in world ! and they Destroy feature of islam in opinion of people ! and for it . most people hate islam !

all Sunnis muslims and most arabs shia don't accept imam ali and his islam road ((real islam)) and they accept omar bin khattab and his road ! especially arabic racism .

if you don't see any likeness between crimes of arabs muslims in attack to iran in 1400 years ago and crimes of terrorists of islamic state of syria and iraq today ? Google.com

And Now The Choice Is Your Which What Road Is Truth ((Arabic Islam Or Real Celestial Islam))

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KinQQz Jul 3 2015, 1:47pm says:

so a iranian Aryan.. dats like a kebab vs bratwurst you just don't do it and it doesnt exist lol please if you wanna be a nazi ok go ahead but keep in mind your gonna get gassed anyways. You cant just proclaim your a Aryan lol. your from a whole diffrent ethnic group.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Creator
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Jul 10 2015, 5:09am replied:

i am not a nazi and I do not want to be a nazi
I am only an Iranian and if I put some video form nazis it is only for that To say the Nazis were not criminal

and another thing
Physical features of race is not only important as Hitler was not blonde and he not blue Eye Similar many of the Nazis but they have aryan's Values ​​and beliefs and they fight for aryan race and this is important

In addition our authenticity race not need to your confirm

+1 vote   reply to comment
RighteousFighter May 2 2015, 7:33am says:

So you're one of those majoosi rafidha, eh?

+1 vote     reply to comment
SabreF86 Apr 28 2015, 8:50am says:

LOL U R truly a SOB.
i hope Saudi Arabia fixes you soon.
you are a terrorist an enemy of not only Islam but to the whole World.
now you will ask about ISIL"
Hezbollah is also terrorist
Al-Assad is guy who rapes his own syrian woman.
you shake hands with the US to kill Sunnis.
You helped US in the invasion of Iraq.
Maliki that A$$hole murdered hundreds of Sunnis thats what Made ISIL. Technically ISIL is a Shia Waste.

0 votes     reply to comment
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Creator
AmonSul.The.Oversoul May 5 2015, 6:43am replied:

Stupid dunce How many times I must tell you that I do not accept Government of iran ?

I am Nationalist and i am totally against all Arabs even Hezbollah and Al-Assad's and Maliki's Government and Saudi Arabia and Sunnis arabs or shia arabs And especially isis Because they are our enemy

Why do not want to know ?

+1 vote   reply to comment
SabreF86 Apr 24 2015, 12:43pm says:

your profile is full of Idiocy.

-2 votes     reply to comment
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Creator
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Apr 25 2015, 5:27am replied:

Since when Pakistanians Comments go about history of iran ? you are some terrorist alike taliban

+2 votes   reply to comment
SabreF86 Apr 25 2015, 11:49am replied:

great Now i dont think all Iranians are Stupid like your Grand master (wats his name the one with beard).

you were once a brotherly nation to us in times of shah and ahmadinejad.

But you have no right to blame Islam the thing you kinda showing people is Shia and Sunni are not one Religion you are making a big misunderstanding in it.

AT LEAST I DONT USE BAD LANGUAGE AGAINST HAZRAT UMMAR or HAZRAT abu baker nor other great personality in Islam.

LOL We are terrorists or your goverment is?? Yemen right??your goverment gave 500km missiles to the terrorist not us.

We support Saudi Arab but at the same time Al-Assad.

we dont kill or abuse others being of Sunni or Shia.

I think you are just an Iranian Jew just creating misunderstanding b/w Sunnis and Shia's.

But Remember If any one asks me who are you I only Answer Muslim not a sunni or a shia.(which makes me more wiser then you then Arabs even my family at lest I want Unity)

0 votes     reply to comment
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Creator
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Apr 25 2015, 1:10pm replied:

yes you are all terrorist
for example isis (daesh) is a sunni group and They pursue the ideals of the caliphs (ummar and abu baker)
and another thing I don't accept goverment and diplomacy of iran

+2 votes   reply to comment
SabreF86 Apr 25 2015, 11:34pm replied:

ISIL is a different american brained washed idiots.

Remeber Hazrat Ali was a caliph too.

the thing you wrote my naive brother is that there must be "HAZRAT" With Ummar and Abu baker.

Do we say some thing to Hazrat Ali like do we use bad language against him answer is "NO"

We respect all the fellows of our prophet.
I suggest you do the same.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Creator
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Apr 26 2015, 5:13am replied:

You're wrong
imam Ali is The only successor of the Prophet
and Prophet of islam Appointed to succeed him in the event of Ghadir
ummar and abu baker and osman are Arrogate government
so Who appointed them to the Caliphate ?

isis is a different ?
if daesh's terrorists are american brained washed idiots
so what 's Arabs crimes in 1400 years ago in attack on Iran Task ? if that crimes Related to american ?

+1 vote   reply to comment
SabreF86 Apr 26 2015, 11:57am replied:

there were no crimes!!read the history book..
bro you dont have the right to judge "Even your own Son or Daughter"

and you are judging personalities like Hazrat Abu-baker who was the first to accept Islam and Best known for his Truth and loyalty to Prophet.

NO NO NO you are wrong..GOD knows well for us its only to obey Quran.

Well just let it clear..

Yeah thats a True muslim who lives for those sacrifices And you still dont know how many sacrifices did Hazrat Abu-bakar Gave for the greater good of islam.( AND THE ONLY PERSON WHO LOVED PROPHET MORE THEN ANYONE [FROM THE HUMANS] [God loves prophet more].




I say GOD Almight Help me!
some shia says Hazrat Ali help me!
NOTE EVEN IF YOU SAY OH PROPHET HELP ME please know that There is noone else to help you expect GOD.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Creator
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Apr 26 2015, 10:29pm replied:

hah ! Arabs in their history books like Tabari and Masoudi Saying about their crimes now how do you deny these crimes ?

I USES BAD LANGUAGES AGAINST ARAB MUSLIMS Because they were crimes in the name of Islam, the people of my country

AND now Tell me where Islam is said attack to a country and and invade people ?

real Islam is opposed to the invasion of other countries but arabic islam Believes that Muslims are allowed attacking to Other countries and killing their people and take their women into sexual slavery !
Like isis

I believe the Muslim Arabs are wild and predatory
Because of the atrocities they witnessed am

and another thing I do not believe that all Sunnis are like isis Many of them are harmless but they have The wrong opinions and beliefs I talk about crimes of what the Arabs are Sunni or Shia nor Sunni non- Arab

+1 vote   reply to comment
SabreF86 Apr 27 2015, 5:33am replied:

I am a non-arab you know? pakistan is in sub-continent

Hazrat Ali also attacked many forts..

Arabs Attacked Iran(Persia) because they were under threat of the Persia Rulers ( Persia was an Empire which always wanted to destroy Arab Even when it was under Jew control)

At least you can thank the Arabs because of them you are a muslim now.(if hadn't attacked or the best word is counter-attacked you and me were now just some stupids who worshiped fire.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Creator
AmonSul.The.Oversoul Apr 27 2015, 1:27pm replied:

Shut up bitch Iranians were theist even before the apparition of Islam and They accepted Islam Because they were most similar to the previous regulations and It has no relevance to the Arab invasion

Quran ceremony at the ancient Iranian religion religions magus who presented Hajj verse of Chapter 17, Verse 22

I Explain on blog than why the Arab attack on Iran

Persian fire worshipers is a libel and accusation than create by the Arabs

and another Fictitious story Empire Iran is not a threat to the Arabs
because iran For much of the war by Rome was going poorly
and Arabs realized this and that is to rob people invaded Iran And not because of the spread of Islam

+1 vote   reply to comment
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