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Renorick Mar 19 2009, 8:28pm replied:

Ah yes, Fordo, and the weapons in question are a Commando Pistol variant of the DC-17 hand blaster (no, not the DC-17 ICWS the Commandos use)...

Nasty weapon in the right hands if I do say so... especially in pairs!

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: The New Era
Renorick Mar 19 2009, 3:53pm says:

guys, I know you're having fun making these, but if you're so able to make these, then could we see a beta release or something? ;)

In any case, keep up the good work guys!

+2 votes   media: 4 Vultures on SA_Sandblasted
Renorick Mar 19 2009, 3:50pm replied:

can you tell me how to fix it?

I have a joystick and an old AxisPad here, the 'Pad dosen't work very well, lack of drivers maybe...

+1 vote   media: Beauty Shot
Renorick Mar 18 2009, 7:47pm says:

Any language other than German?

+1 vote   download: Tre-TheSpreading.zip (German)
Renorick Mar 18 2009, 7:36pm says:

Two words...

Bad... ***...

+2 votes   media: Armorec Core 4 OST pictures
Renorick Mar 17 2009, 7:05pm replied:

like the game, but I have a problem with it, I can run it maximum settings no-problem, but for some reason, my mech just won't stop jumping... I have little, if any, lateral control, can someone help me out?

+1 vote   media: Beauty Shot
Renorick Mar 17 2009, 12:51pm says:

Lookin' good! Especially love the rifles! keep up the good work!

+2 votes   article: Update #6 March 2009
Renorick Mar 6 2009, 5:34pm says:

Wish I could be a part, but I've got too much to do here, hope to see the mod soon!

+1 vote   game: Lift
Renorick Mar 6 2009, 5:27pm says:

this is just sad... I see a thin ray of hope for a gundam FPS mod it turns out to be dead...

+1 vote   mod: Gundam: The Battle
Renorick Mar 6 2009, 5:21pm says:


I'd prefer if there were a gundam mod for FPS games but I'll settle for whatever blows my way! And this mod is definetly on top of the list!

+1 vote   media: Nero Hyperion
Renorick Mar 5 2009, 6:10pm says:


can't wait to see the latest product... I'm gonna wait until I see as few crashes as can be had before trying it... but it does look promising...

+1 vote   article: Perfect Dark Source is Back
Renorick Feb 28 2009, 8:57pm replied:

it does not affect the actual game... just adds on to it... no changes... so don't worry about it...

+1 vote   download: First Strike v1.4 Full Installer
Renorick Feb 25 2009, 7:40pm says:

this is good stuff... now when does the Demoman or Sniper get a cut?

+1 vote   article: TF2 Scout Update, Plus More!
Renorick Feb 19 2009, 3:04pm says:

ok... thanks for the explanation... for a mod this good I can wait... oh, and good luck with smash-ball... I like that mod too!

+1 vote   article: Lift News - On Ice
Renorick Feb 13 2009, 10:11pm says:

Why.... WHY!... why did they not make a second game?! *sobs histerically*

This vid is the pinacle of awesome... this game would be comparable to Halo 3 in terms of graphics! hands down...

I wish they stayed on and finished this... this would have been my absolute favorite RTS...

+3 votes   media: Nexus 2 Tech Trailer
Renorick Feb 8 2009, 9:20am says:

sweet... reminds me of the Republic Commandos...

+1 vote   media: Mandalorian Helmet
Renorick Feb 3 2009, 8:43pm says:

THIS is my weapon of choice!!!

+2 votes   media: NT ZRL_Large Weapon Preview
Renorick Jan 29 2009, 4:49pm says:

looks like a fusion of the MA5B Assault Rifle from Halo and the Lancer from Gears of War...

+3 votes   media: Slaughter-Gun
Renorick Jan 23 2009, 8:39pm says:

looks like it's got potential... not quite the Macross or Gundam mod I've been looking for, but it strikes my fancy, lotta potential, don' let me down...

+1 vote   game: Mech Warfare: Co-op
Renorick Jan 23 2009, 4:12pm says:

the characters need a little touching up... otherwise, this mod looks like it has some potential behind it... that and i'm a die-hard sci-fi guy.

Don't let me down guys!

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Enterprise - M.A.C.O.
Renorick Jan 14 2009, 6:27pm replied:

from the other comments, I think it's Battlefield 1942...

I prefer BF2142 myself, but that's cuz I already have my share of WWII games

+1 vote   media: Gundam RX-79 in El Alamein
Renorick Dec 23 2008, 11:07am says:


really awesome guys! keep it up vods*!

*Vod: Mandalorian translating to "Brother". Plural: Vode

+1 vote   media: First Strike v1.4 Teaser
Renorick Dec 20 2008, 9:53am replied:

ah yes, the Valiant-class Cruiser...

impressive ship, my choice of flagship ANY DAY!

+1 vote   mod: Episode III: Battle over Coruscant
Renorick Dec 20 2008, 9:52am says:

these need cannon-fire between 'em...

+1 vote   media: Comparison: Close Combat 2
Renorick Dec 20 2008, 9:51am says:

The viewport isn't aligned with the ship right, otherwise pretty good.

+1 vote   media: Comparison: Dead ahead
Renorick Dec 20 2008, 9:49am says:

that screenshot is missing that Trade Fed. battleship in the lower-left.

otherwise good job!

+1 vote   media: Comparison: Mayhem
Renorick Dec 20 2008, 9:48am says:

*impressed whistle* nice comparison, if the game's graphics weren't dated, I bet I wouldn't be able to tell the difference... adds to the fact that noone made a sequel for some stupid reason... oh well...

+1 vote   media: Comparison: Star Destroyer 1
Renorick Dec 14 2008, 11:28am replied:

no, the smoker function is to snag you with his tounge, then rip you to shreds with his claws, Dalores tries to break you down by upchucking stomach-acids...

talk about literally melting your face off...

+1 vote   media: Dalores
Renorick Dec 14 2008, 11:25am says:

he looks like somthing out of a 007 flick... 'cept he's a zombie...

+1 vote   media: Mastermind Infected
Renorick Dec 14 2008, 11:24am says:


great character idea, missing something though (bloodstains)...

+1 vote   media: Vicky
Renorick Oct 25 2014, 9:13pm says:

I can't have been the only one thinking "Just explode already!" during the first part

Good work!

+2 votes   media: Super-Large Explosion Comparison
Renorick Oct 10 2014, 2:23pm says:

My thoughts on seeing this weapon:


+1 vote   media: AN-54 Akeron Launcher
Renorick Aug 2 2014, 12:11pm says:

Looks like a Regula or stardock-type station fused with a Cardassian facility, with some additions and changes.


+1 vote   media: BC2-Ingame
Renorick Aug 2 2014, 12:09pm says:

Now all they need is automation. Binding a sequence of commands and constraints to a button press, then you can have "Load Torpedo", "Open Doors", "Fire", and "Reload", etc.

+1 vote   article: Update 01.041 - Block control through Toolbar, Weapons control through Rotors
Renorick Jul 29 2014, 11:48am says:

This would be my response to Mr. "I will report you": Youtu.be

+1 vote   media: Smile.
Renorick Jul 29 2014, 11:43am replied:

If you'd pay frakking attention, you'd see he was wearing a reentry pack (as ludicrous as that sounds), you can see it pretty plainly shortly before he gets thrown off the ship.

Hell, the fighter's computer even mentions that Jorge disengaged said pack before going on his little spacewalk.

+1 vote   media: Smile.
Renorick May 28 2014, 11:55am says:

The DC-17 ICWS (Inter-Changeable Weapon System). Probably THE most badass gun in the Republic arsenal. Props to you guys!

+2 votes   media: Versatile Equipment
Renorick Nov 2 2013, 3:44pm replied:

Only half-baked? Back in the oven with them!

(Ohgod That was in terrible taste, pleasedontkillme)

+4 votes   media: Dedicated Comedian
Renorick Jun 28 2013, 11:58am says:

So much for the "Party Trunk"....

At least no Trunk Monkeys were harmed...

+3 votes   media: Surprise!
Renorick Jun 22 2013, 12:28am says:


+3 votes   media: Version 10 - Redwood Super-10
Renorick Jun 18 2013, 10:33pm says:

Yep, that about sums it up...

+11 votes   media: Have Some Funny gif
Renorick Jun 9 2013, 1:07pm says:

THAT'S.... Pretty accurate actually...

+14 votes   media: have some stuff
Renorick Jun 2 2013, 10:35am says:

"You know when a shithead wins the lottery and immediately buys a champagne sculpture of his own scrotum and a pack of Filipino slave boys to hold up his home shelving units? Well if that person was a city, it would be Dubai!"

-- Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw during his review of "Spec Ops: The Line"

+4 votes   media: Picture dump.
Renorick Apr 8 2013, 2:52pm says:

Wish my grandma were like this!

+10 votes   media: grandma
Renorick Apr 6 2013, 11:39am says:

Ok, ok, someone's going to say this sooner or later *ahem*:

"I've seen enough hentai to know where _this_ is going!"

+14 votes   media: Pr0n stars of teh world...
Renorick Apr 3 2013, 5:11pm says:

Ooh! Turn it up!

+10 votes   media: whats on? XD
Renorick Apr 3 2013, 3:17pm says:

Would be adorable as hell if the dog was actually named Dobby...

+7 votes   media: Dobby
Renorick Mar 28 2013, 2:12pm says:

Ok. *Someone* has to say it:


+12 votes   media: That's a real football player
Renorick Jan 22 2013, 7:14pm says:

Has the suit sprung a leak?...

No, wait... That's just me...

+1 vote   media: Leviathans
Renorick Jan 18 2013, 10:48pm says:

And obligatory, somewhat overextended (if usually epic) fistfight in: 3... 2... 1...

+2 votes   media: Darth Vader and Boba Fett - Family Guy
Renorick Jan 3 2013, 4:17pm replied:

ME1 also had "Bring Down the Sky" as free DLC, kind of tricky to install, but it's miles better than PS

+1 vote   media: Seems legit...
Renorick Sep 16 2012, 9:08pm says:

Doubtful... That gear doesn't look standard issue...

Kickass helmets, though...

+1 vote   media: 1313 (Imperial?) Assault
Renorick Jun 20 2012, 10:31pm replied:

And that reason alone would have motivated me to go back and save him!

Reason for not saving him being Ashley struck me as having more depth at the time (family, confrontational concerning beliefs and racism, more interesting if you ask me.)

+1 vote   media: ...
Renorick Dec 18 2010, 12:48pm says:

The armor seemed a tad too bulky (namely around the middle) to be of practical use to many people at this stage, This is supposed to be used by humans (and ghouls maybe, it happens), not super mutants and seeing the WIP model I see you've already fixed that...

+1 vote   media: Power Armor T51-B (by Cobra)
Renorick Oct 1 2010, 11:55pm says:

DAMN (Group behind me: DAAAAAAAAAAMN!) That's come a LONG long way from BC1... I can't (or shouldn't) even TRY to imagine what the final game is gonna look like... ROCK ON, GUYS! ',,'

+1 vote   media: September so far.
Renorick Aug 25 2010, 12:43am replied:

"Frye, it was horrible! There were ones and zeroes everywhere! And I think I saw a TWO!"

"There there, Bender. There's no such thing as two."

+1 vote   article: Coop Trailer
Renorick Aug 23 2010, 8:17pm says:

Heh... It sure dosen't!

+1 vote   media: Sense
Renorick Aug 7 2010, 1:12pm replied:

War IS hell... You just haven't been in it! (lol)

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
Renorick Jul 30 2010, 12:33am says:

Looks like a Colt M1911... Which leads to this (modified for accuracy) quote:

"I know what you're thinkin', 'Did he fire seven shots or only six?'..."

+1 vote   media: Ghost.
Renorick Jul 30 2010, 12:31am says:

Hey look! A redneck flamethrower!

+1 vote   media: Baked Beans
Renorick Jun 6 2010, 6:16pm says:

Wait... After all that crap with the aliens we're STILL shooting at eachother?! What will it take to get some peace in the world?! (And before you say it, what OTHER than the extinction of the human race?...)

Last minute edit: The second coming of Chuck Norris maybe? Or would that be the first coming...?

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
Renorick May 24 2010, 10:20pm replied:

Holy Hell, neither are MINE! (0_0)

Great job fellas, this game is looking prettier and prettier with each update!

+1 vote   article: Developer Diary #24
Renorick May 11 2010, 6:59pm replied:

You and half the rabid fans here...

As much as I'd like to, (I am currently a tester for FOOK2...) odds of that happening are pretty slim...

+1 vote   article: Lift News 25 - Characters added and open for applications!
Renorick May 3 2010, 11:20pm says:

Why do the bad guys ALWAYS get the best outfits? Really...

0 votes   media: Showcasing
Renorick May 3 2010, 10:31pm replied:

It's not THAT powerful... It's just a Mini-Nuke... Now the Ex. MIRV... Now THAT'S POWER!

+5 votes   media: Fat Man Giant Nukes
Renorick May 3 2010, 10:27pm says:

Man... That guy is f*cked... Cool mod though, will check it out!

+1 vote   media: AFF
Renorick May 3 2010, 10:21pm says:

Beautiful Fighter... I'd fly that any day! Hope she's FAST!

+1 vote   media: Firefly fighter under info panel
Renorick Apr 16 2010, 8:18pm replied:

I'll consider redownloading when they UN-F*CK the Scout Rifle...

Otherwise, it really does look tempting...

+1 vote   media: Battle for the roadway
Renorick Mar 9 2010, 6:51pm replied:

Yeah, a fort-shield on top of a conventional shield I can understand, but a fort shield ship seems kinda redundant sometimes with the right weapon(Siege Laser) in play.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
Renorick Feb 28 2010, 10:19am replied:

Don't mean to be rude or anything, just a quick FYI, anyone who has played the game gets the gist of what it is, and anyone who hasn't played it probably has no business looking at this mod, while a foundry seems to be its main function, I honestly don't see how that is relevant to this screenshot other than that its a shot of a certain giant foundry called the Ark...

Just a quick FYI

+1 vote   media: Ark
Renorick Feb 4 2010, 3:58pm says:

Ah yes, PunkBuster... I never really considered it an effective cheating deterrent... Honestly I think it causes more problems than it solves, and gives players an unnecessary requirement for joining most servers... It's a royal pain in the *** and I hope they either shape-up or SHIP-OUT!

As for the mod, I love the work you guys are doing and I cincerely hope you find some way to combat the annoyances PunkBuster has YET to fix...


+1 vote   article: 2010 Status Update
Renorick Jan 24 2010, 8:56pm says:

Just one word... SCHWEET...

+1 vote   media: Interceptor
Renorick Aug 22 2009, 11:14am replied:

The Dom is from the original Gundam, I noticed a lot of suit designs from the original were reinvented in Destiny, The Zaku and DOM in particular (They even brought back the Black Tri-Stars along with the Dom, which in my opinion is pretty cool), so I think of Destiny as a sort of reimagining of the original, but still unique in its own story.

+1 vote   media: Dom & Zaku II
Renorick Aug 1 2009, 9:25pm says:

looks like it may be a queen or brain's courier or something, either way, it's probably BRISTLING with weapons... and maybe a B.A.G. (Big @$$ Gun) if the central design is any indication...

+1 vote   media: Queen's Wrath Hero
Renorick Mar 29 2009, 11:21am says:

Dual-Wielding M16s, you can't get awesomer or cooler than that!

+1 vote   media: Alpine Assault
Renorick Mar 27 2009, 12:18pm says:

*sniff sniff*... it's *sniff*... it's just beautiful man... *sniff sniff* just friggin beautiful!

+6 votes   media: cryengine3
Renorick Dec 14 2008, 12:09am says:

*descending whistle*

nice digs... that is my weapon of choice next to the Sniper Rifle!

+1 vote   media: NT Mosok_short Weapon Preview
Renorick Dec 5 2008, 5:26pm says:

hm... I wonder what'll happen when you stand in a ring of 'em?

0 votes   media: Mushrooms
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