A modder since hl1 times, never published anything, made plenty o' maps and cool stuff on worldcraft though, all lost in the progression of my technological advancement. Dabbles in arts of many kinds.

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Duke_Nathaniel Sep 17 2013, 2:28am replied:

Very much on it dear sir, as always work and work related projects grind the gears of the workshop.
A lot more than we have made public has been made, however since we're both big fans of both WH40k and detail, we're going to have a lot more content done before we assemble it. There's so much in the 40k universe to visualize after all!
If we'd have all the time in the world to get together and work on it we'd love to. Alas!

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Duke_Nathaniel Apr 4 2013, 5:19pm replied:

We've been really busy with real-life troubles, so progress has been slow. But rest assured we are doing All the textures to a more appropriate fashion. Or, heh, again - even if they were already appropriate. The test renders are only to show the few weapons in-game.

A lot o' stuff has been done but we haven't been showing off hush hushh...

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Duke_Nathaniel Mar 2 2012, 10:51am replied:

It's not dead.

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Duke_Nathaniel Oct 22 2011, 10:40am replied:

Here's to hoping HL3/ep3 doesn't come out any time soon so we won't have to switch engine's again ;P

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Duke_Nathaniel Sep 16 2011, 1:37am says:

Y u so small, xenos scum?

+1 vote     media: Update 3 Set
Duke_Nathaniel Sep 16 2011, 1:29am says:

Nomnomnom prometheum! I'd love to know how you'll do the flamer effects though! :O

+1 vote     media: DEATHWING New Weapons
Duke_Nathaniel Jul 22 2011, 7:45am says:

Niceness, can't see the inside-side of the grate there though.

+1 vote     media: OF2 - Fusion Reactor
Duke_Nathaniel Jul 11 2011, 7:03pm says:

It's ok though 2 things bugged me lore-wise.
- The resonance cascade supposedly opened portals to other dimensions, not planets.
- The combine didn't colonize earth, they invaded and enslaved.

Would be the awesome-st if that green bubly thing(where the text appears?) would turn out to be a lens of Shepard's gas mask and he'd open his eyes to find himself being kept in some sort of stasis <) but that's just my imagination I suppose.

+1 vote     media: OF2 - Official Teaser
Duke_Nathaniel Jul 3 2011, 12:33am replied:

Well if you'll find an easter egg you'll know there's one ;p

HL2 has never had a skirmish mode, all the fighting you'll do will be within the story.

However we have plans for a couple more "episodes" if you will regardless. I would remind you that this is a story-driven 1-player FPS.

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Duke_Nathaniel Jul 2 2011, 2:19am replied:


....Of those suggestions at least.

1. Half-Life 2 does not use, nor need a cover system. We'd be fools to try to implement a completely new feature that would be pointless and a waste of time for our gameplay.

2. Do you want the mod to be in development for extra 8 years? Cus that's how long it would take on our pace to make you 2 extra campaigns.

3. That would also require a different campaign for every single character to play as. ~ 4 years for that.

So yeah, nööööööy, we won't be doing any o' that.

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Duke_Nathaniel May 30 2011, 7:14am says:

Thanks to all well-wishers (and slave-drivers) wholeheartedly :)

+1 vote     article: Happy Birthday to mee~
Duke_Nathaniel May 29 2011, 5:51pm says:

We used this as a reference for our mod's marine.

+1 vote     media: The anatomy of a spess mahreen.
Duke_Nathaniel May 28 2011, 2:52pm replied:

It's surprisingly comfortable, and it won't hurt if you fall out of bed!

+2 votes     media: Kane's Armor WIP_01
Duke_Nathaniel May 27 2011, 6:52pm replied:

Well guessed! It is indeed.

+2 votes     media: Kane's Armor WIP_01
Duke_Nathaniel May 26 2011, 6:12pm says:

Meh, didn't happen this way.

+1 vote     media: Against the Night Bringer
Duke_Nathaniel May 24 2011, 7:06pm says:

Can't wait to see what appears from there.
Don't buildings that have been heavily bombed usually get all their windows broken?

+1 vote     media: The Rift
Duke_Nathaniel May 18 2011, 11:45pm replied:

Microsoft and Apple were destroyed in an "epic battle". The latest rainbow colored products of Apple, influenced by warp (at that time unknown to men), began to feed power to Slaanesh and thus slowly started to turn his attention towards Earth. The Emperor saw the early threat and illustrated a plan. Using the corrupted corporate leaders, he triggered an all out economic war. Millions of differentiating products with unnecessary gadgets and endless advertisements on all the media channels were launched by the money-lusty companies. Even the loyalest of customers eventually found it impossible to keep up with the pace of updating to the latest hardware or software products and slowly, stopped purchasing new gadgets all together. This plummeted the companies into bankruptcy and brought great deflation to the economy. Their destruction was the preemptive trigger that would soon start the end of the golden age. And so this play of fate saved Earth from Chaos before the threat was even evident.

And to answer the question Mechanicus doesn't get BSOD. It'd be techno heresy to not install the holy back up systems that prevent such things.

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Duke_Nathaniel May 17 2011, 6:40pm replied:

Well there's
The usual mod tools for source, gfcscape and such, for modelling and animations there's Milkshape 3D and Blender (for sculpting heads and stuff), for textures Zak is using (and I'm learning to use) 3dcoat.

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Duke_Nathaniel May 8 2011, 6:35pm says:

A name I thought to use permanently for my chapter was Fire Hawks.. Then I found out there *had* been a chapter by that name already... And the first space marine kit I ever bought were Legion of the Damned... Is/was it fate? I don't collect them today but if I encounter them again somehow in my hobbying I'm shi***ng my pants, straightening up and going through a warp storm to seek them again.

+1 vote     media: Marine from the Legion of the Damned
Duke_Nathaniel May 8 2011, 6:23pm says:

"~Metal boxes on the hillside, metal boxes OHMYGODTHEYRE SHOOTING LASERS IN MY FACE~"

+1 vote     media: blood angles
Duke_Nathaniel May 2 2011, 8:56am says:

their Patriarch was nyan cat?

+1 vote     media: MLP40K
Duke_Nathaniel May 2 2011, 8:43am replied:

I agree!

+1 vote     media: HUD_Concept
Duke_Nathaniel May 1 2011, 9:18am replied:

Well the hud is actually a part of your armor..

But I suppose we could research for a function to make it more translucent or to not have it at all, though it would actually be more "realistic" in this case to have a HUD. (It's a "sci-fi" mod after all)

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Duke_Nathaniel Apr 30 2011, 7:46pm replied:

Thanks, feedback inspires me to work more!

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Duke_Nathaniel Apr 20 2011, 4:43am says:

Damn you Matt Ward.

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Duke_Nathaniel Apr 19 2011, 6:38am replied:

I'm sorry, it seems you're requisition is maxed out! You must wait a few turns..

+1 vote     media: Hydra AA platform
Duke_Nathaniel Apr 18 2011, 6:42pm says:

That's.. A DOUBLE- CHAINSWORD?! I want one.

+1 vote     media: warhammer 40k
Duke_Nathaniel Apr 18 2011, 6:37pm replied:

probably a servitor :)

+1 vote     media: .
Duke_Nathaniel Apr 18 2011, 6:33pm says:

He seems to be tapping into a source of power within the scripture of those runes!

+1 vote     media: so...impa or chaos boy?
Duke_Nathaniel Apr 18 2011, 6:20pm says:

The traitor was obviously being so evil he wanted to see the Marine's surprised face staring at his Bolter's barrel so he was just waiting for him to look.
Being evil doesn't pay off!

+4 votes     media: Space marine owns
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