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0 comments by Duke_Nathaniel on Apr 10th, 2011

We've all read the books, we've memorized the lore of Warhammer 40k. So it puzzles my mind why some people react badly to anything that's not in them! What I've learned from all the material and fluff handed out in the open is that, absolutely anything is possible. So many stories happen because of absurd circumstances, impossible odds, and they often contain material which has not been mentioned anywhere before. That is the writer's originality and these oddities inspire the rest of us to create something new instead of using the same stuff you've already seen and to make our stories more interesting. There are no limits. Everything is permitted if it fits the overall image of the 40k universe.

On the other hand I think some "lore" should be outright ignored...


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1 comment by Duke_Nathaniel on Apr 9th, 2011

I'm not a huge writer, I don't like circling around the point I just want to give my opinion straight out there without all the jibber-jabber. I've watched a huge amount of gameplay videos and some of them are of console gaming. Now I must admit I've never been a fan of Playstations or the Xboxes. I haven't ever owned one nor ever wanted one. I rarely get to play them while at a friend's place and, as you've probably guessed by now, I suck at console gaming. But when I see gameplay videos with consoles, I always see this kind of "dumbing down" with the enemies (slower reactions n such). Now I've absolutely no research into the matter it might as well be a well known fact.. But the stiffness of control I see on consoles compared to the smooth movement on the PC seems to require the game to be "simpler" for the "simpler" controls of the consoles.

So how does this relate to the subject at all? Well in my theory, the great graphics on games have become important to cover up the "slow" gameplay. I mean you might not experience it on consoles, because the lack of speed on both the game and player side kinda evens it out and makes it challenging. But often I see those moments where I think "on PC you'd be dead there... and there... and that guy would've just killed you"... But with all those shiny effects, bolts of energy flying about, explosions left and right, who cares that the enemy just ran past you without knocking you senseless and the other monster's just standing on that ledge slowly aiming directly at you without shooting?

You immerse yourself into the graphics more than the gameplay. On the PC you might not always even get the highest graphics settings, but the enemies don't muck about either. Except for the console translations, which usually suck and are not appreciated. But you make a move .01 seconds too late and you're off to reload your save game.So I'm not saying that console gamers are worse than PC gamers or anything like that, but the playfields are completely different.. But you kinda get more out of a PC game since it can match the graphics of the console and although your reaction time has to be as fast on the PC as the consoles, it all kinda happens faster in PC games.

All hail the PC down with the consoles!
Just kidding guys, no hate.

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