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This game should be called "Free headache"
I found almost nothing good about it, that voice is annoying as hell. And it had no real story, and the jumping controls were awful.
Now, I need to give it a fair judgment right? The idea was solid, just not done well,it's a mash of random scenes that don't reveal anything about why this is happening and the story. Now, not all games have to have a story to be scary right? While it would have been good if you had started the players out with no knowledge what-so-ever. But then gradually reveal the story, but no, it was just a game about walking.
Now some other things that should have been better
The models: I don't know if it was meant to be the style it was, but they just seemed like a dark texture, and a messy, brightly lit face on the head, the only model that was pleasant to look at was Slenderman, however he seems out of place in the game (and don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Slenderman fan)
However, it did scare me at times, but it just seemed rushed and not well thought out

My final word is that, this game being brought by the same people who made "Insert Title Here" you are experimenting with games, and I like that, but you should try to make a solid project before you play with the elements you are making, because without experience and a VERY well thought out plan, they will flop. A rare example of a experiment game becoming a success was the Stanley Parable.
So finally, try thinking about what you are planning to release before you make it and try to make a solid, fun game, even if it takes a long time



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This is a really scary game, and is very good at letting you get in the atmosphere, I honestly felt cold when I was playing. And not showing any clear monster makes it really freaky, just something lurking in the dark. I would really recommend this game

Cons-It is very hard to find out what to do sometimes unless you look at every square inch in the map, and sometimes it's too dark to see where you are going, that combined with the fact that there is clutter on the ground makes it hard to run away sometimes, and there could be a little more heaters. The only other problem I have is the ending, which is abrupt and unsatisfying, however you do good in making some loose ends, hopefully setting up a sequel. ("Don't leave" on the wall and the key in the block, and the "coincidence" of the lights turning off)

So overall, great, horrifying game that is fun to play, but could use some tweaks here and there and a sequel

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