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N3uR0m4nT3 Nov 16 2013, 11:04am says:

I might be wrong, but I've seen that same model designated as "AK74p" some times. Anybody know what's up?

+1 vote   media: AK74M's
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 2 2013, 10:59pm says:

Looks like a professional music video. Good job.

+2 votes   media: FD-Treiler
N3uR0m4nT3 Aug 27 2012, 7:31pm says:

Great stuff.

+4 votes   article: Dev Blog #7: Blast from the Past
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 26 2012, 4:31pm says:

Seems like a bad case of the Commies. You'll heal, eventually.

-1 votes   media: Improved geometry
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 5 2012, 9:19pm says:

Looks terrifying, I like that. I'd make this the starting location like in CS, or something you can venture into early. Roaming the marshes with a TOZ is always fun.

+1 vote   media: Marshland
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 9 2012, 6:13pm says:

Pretty interesting. Can you load different kinds of ammo in a magazine? Like one tracer round every 5 ball, one AP every three ball etc.

+1 vote   media: Magazine System Introduction
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 7 2012, 2:55pm says:

Aim is in the reach zone, all is well with the world.

+1 vote   media: Musketeers Era - Ambush Demo
N3uR0m4nT3 Dec 19 2011, 4:53pm says:

Ha, amazing!

+1 vote   media: 3D Scope Shaders
N3uR0m4nT3 Dec 18 2011, 12:12pm replied:

Great posts. Agree especially with your take on weapons.

+2 votes   article: L.U.R.K. 1.2 Dev Diary #1
N3uR0m4nT3 May 25 2011, 5:53am says:

looks superlative, can't wait

+1 vote   article: Meuse River
N3uR0m4nT3 Apr 29 2011, 12:55am says:

That's one nice looking pumpgun, good job.

+1 vote   media: Winchester 1200 In game
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 19 2011, 10:27pm says:

The game should start at night. I'm sure Degtyarev wouldn't want anyone to know his affiliation with the military. Those by the way are some great ideas and the screens show some superb work. GJ and keep it up.

+2 votes   article: RCOM Update: The Cordon
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 18 2011, 2:35pm replied:

Wow, I didn't think you could do that. Nice!

+3 votes   article: Horses
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 17 2011, 8:05pm says:

I can't wait to shoot a horse and see the message "hull damaged" pop out. Also for crewmen to try and fix it.

Crap aside, you could improve the animations a bit. Otherwise it looks good, good job.

+2 votes   article: Horses
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 16 2008, 1:53pm says:

Realistic... And balanced? What does that mean? Balanced through map design or by, for example, nerfing the most effective weapons? And realistic to which degree? Will injuries effectively limit your movement capabilities, or affect your aim at all? Will there be free-aim (like in ArmA, RO etc.)? You know, I'm yet to find a game apart from the OFP-ARMA franchise that would simulate infantry combat in an even half-decent way. I hope you're going to do it right guys.

0 votes   mod: BK-Studio
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 5 2012, 9:18pm replied:

I agree. Instead of dealing damage (or as much damage) they should induce camera shake, double vision and so on.

+2 votes   media: Testing Psi Hit Effects and Performance
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 5 2012, 9:14pm replied:

Ha, that's great. You're doing good guys, I'm pleased to see the work goes on.

+3 votes   media: French store - Pre-Alpha
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 2 2012, 9:18pm says:

Thought up another little weapon addition. Ever heard of Mosin Obrez? Apparently they aren't all ghetto rigs, some were produced that way in WW2 for a while.

Model and animations exist, as you can see here

Just another old, cheap weapon with a distinctive indigenous feel.

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 2 2012, 8:43am says:


+2 votes   media: Stateside gunnery training
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 1 2012, 11:04am says:

Looks good, tracking. I know it's a lot to' ask, but ACE2 compatibility would be great to have.

+2 votes   mod: September 1939 / WrzesieĊ„ 1939
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 31 2012, 4:36pm replied:

That's definitely the case. :P

Good job.

+3 votes   media: opcl lvl recruiting outskirts (dessert village)
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 31 2012, 10:10am says:

I suspect you've already seen this, but here it goes:

If you were to include 7,62 JSP it would be the ultimate bandit and mutant slaughterer, but of course rather underpowered from medium tier armour upwards. Damage for regular 7,62 bullets should be similar to 5,45 though, you can see permanent cavitation is nearly the same in the 20cm range. Of course there are many factors to balance it all out, with weight cost and availability being the primary ones.

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 31 2012, 12:55am says:

Every single screenshot except the M16A3 one is nearly impossible to see due to its darkness. :P

Sweet though. May I make a suggestion? I've been fascinated with this lately:

It's a .50 revolver. Its shells come in ball, AP and shot. I think I've already seen it mentioned in the context of STALKER, whether a mod included it or something, so you might be able to get your hands on a model and animations.

+1 vote   article: 7 new weapons added so far, more information soon.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 28 2012, 10:55pm says:

Cool. Tunnels and mutants? Reminds me of Bioshock.

+2 votes   article: History
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 27 2012, 8:41pm says:

Isn't there somewhere a mod which allows you to wear helmets and stuff? Wearable NV goggles would be sweet.

+1 vote   article: Ideas for detectors.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 27 2012, 6:16pm replied:

Alright, nice to hear that. Good luck guys, it looks very promising so far.

+1 vote   mod: Enduring Freedom - War on Terror
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 27 2012, 5:35pm says:

I feel the only purpose of detectors, as in CS and COP, is preventing the player from getting high level artifacts too early, thus enforcing a smoother progression. I don't like this for various reasons, the first being that it takes freedom away from the player. Progression is already enforced in CoP, the hub world is pretty linear. If you find yourself wandering into the military warehouses with a sawn off shotgun as primary and a leather jacket... You're probably cheating.

So, I wouldn't really make artifacts invisible by default. The pioneering spirit you mention is best expressed through trying to make that jump to climb that roof, just to see what is on top of it. But not because you already know an artifact is lying there. For this reason it should be up to the player to choose whether he needs a detector or not, and detectors shouldn't be mandatory to find artifacts.

If you want, you could just remove some of the visual cues from artifacts. When it looks just like a brown rock that doesn't float or glow the necessity for a detector becomes apparent.

+1 vote   article: Ideas for detectors.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 25 2012, 8:59pm says:

Aren't you planning to develop a multiplayer portion of the game, too? Playing the "Frontlines" gamemode with insurgents would be great.

+2 votes   mod: Enduring Freedom - War on Terror
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 17 2012, 8:09pm replied:

Sounds like a silly stalker to me, swarms of rats and dogs are more easily dealt with an AK. The proximity with a corrupt military force ensures arms shipments are easily diverted towards stalkers' hands. But yeah, that would be nice, bloody rookies could use some variety in their armament. What I would really like are 2-3 revolvers in as many calibers to choose between, with the armor tweaks you're thinking about it would be very fun. Drop me your steam ID, will ya? I could do some testing\config fiddling for you once I get the gaming rig back if you're cool with it.

+1 vote   article: Done with work on Stashes. ETA 2-4 days.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 17 2012, 5:56pm replied:

I thought you could specify which areas of the body get a bullet resistance bonus from wearing a suit. I have a feeling the value refers to the entire body then, a bit like the way artifacts work (I think).

How about pistol calibers? Will suit helmets be able to stop them? If I recall correctly there are hit locations for eyes, nose etcetera. If you assigned a very high damage multiplier for those, shots to the face would kill a foe easily, but armor might save its life in other cases.

+1 vote   article: Done with work on Stashes. ETA 2-4 days.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 17 2012, 2:55pm says:

Cool. Well, I personally doubt in assault rifle calibers being able to defeat high tier armor, even with hardened cores. But of course I have no real experience in the field. If you considered exo suits as having the highest level of protection available, it would definitely be a nice challenge taking them on. I'd lug a SVD or a grenade launcher just for that kind of encounters.

I also remember trying a mod out where wounds to the limbs bled more than trunk injuries. Could be worth looking into that. What STALKER is really missing, at least to a gun nut like me, is an even basic simulation of internal damage. I can't shoot in the arm of a guy turned to the side and get to his heart, for instance. If damage was at least dependent on the angle of impact of the bullet, shot placement would be more important, and outcomes would vary a bit more.

+1 vote   article: Done with work on Stashes. ETA 2-4 days.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 17 2012, 11:29am says:

Outstanding work.

+2 votes   media: Air defence
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 17 2012, 3:56am says:

How are you today mate?

If I may, standard ammo shouldn't be nearly as effective as AP stuff against heavily amored foes. I've played a few stalker mods and I don't recall any making enough of a difference between ammo types. If it penetrates it should make a good deal of damage, if not damage should be minimal.

Also, the difference between AP and ball ammo in terms of damage should be more accentuated for small, fast calibers that rely on fragmentation such as 5.56, as a steel core tends to stay together and inflict less severe wounds.

+1 vote   article: Done with work on Stashes. ETA 2-4 days.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 15 2012, 8:23pm says:

That was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing mate, you have talent.

+1 vote   article: L.U.R.K. 1.2 weapons/3d dev diary 1
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 12 2012, 5:03am buried:


Or so ******.

-11 votes   article: Red Orchestra 2 Mod SDK Available to All
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 10 2012, 4:32pm replied:

Ok, thank you. Keep up the nice work. :)

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat: Redux v2.0
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 10 2012, 11:17am says:

Posting here since the comment on the video's page received no answer: Could you make it so that different ammunition types are loaded in a magazine at once? I'm not too optimistical about this, but as far as I remember it's definitely possible to do for shotguns.

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat: Redux v2.0
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 9 2012, 6:05pm says:

I don't know what to say. Be strong mate, I wish you all the best.

If you're still looking for that repair kit mod you could ask fluffy22. The Misery mod for CoP is including one, and the credit goes to him.

+1 vote   article: Current progress, I'm about 60% finished on the new patch.
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 6 2012, 11:49am says:

If you're planning on changing some of the default weapon models, you could check this out:

Loads of high quality weapons and weapon addons, they would be great with your mod. It's called Shoker Weapons Mod. For example:

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat: Redux v2.0
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 6 2012, 11:44am says:

You guys might want to check this out, Shoker weapon mod for CoP released.

Loads of high quality weapons and weapon addons, you could maybe ask permission to use some of them?

+4 votes   mod: RCOM
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 6 2012, 8:53am says:

I can understand why it was cut, it looks more like a bug. But I like it.

+2 votes   media: Anomalies - Lift
N3uR0m4nT3 Jan 5 2012, 10:44pm says:

Could you please post the changelog in the "features" section?

+3 votes   mod: The Warmongers
N3uR0m4nT3 Nov 20 2008, 11:38pm says:

I thought even extracting the files or edit them in any way was a near-impossible task. Glad it isn't so.
Isn't it possible to run the edited files without having to pack them back again? Almost every game I tried to mod could do this. It's surprising FC2 makes an exception.

Also, there are trainers (that is, external applications that run separately from the game) that can alter the game in many ways. Are these an option?

+1 vote   mod: United Realizm
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