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N3uR0m4nT3 Aug 27 2012 says:

The correct Swastika is the one to left in the picture. The one on the right is reversed. :P

+2 votes   media: New models for Bunker 66 ( more in future )
N3uR0m4nT3 Aug 27 2012 says:

XOPOWO! Although I would much prefer if weapons didn't have an upgrade tree. Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   mod: NZK MOD 1.3
N3uR0m4nT3 Aug 27 2012 says:

Great stuff.

+4 votes   news: Dev Blog #7: Blast from the Past
N3uR0m4nT3 Aug 26 2012 says:

Red dot sights in SHoC? Hell yeah!

Just one thing though, I do prefer the standard plastic magazine as opposed to the steel one. Maybe it could come in an unusual color, such as "saddle tan" or "firebrick red"? :P

+2 votes   media: AKS-74U w/ attachments
N3uR0m4nT3 Jul 29 2012 says:

Love how you guys are not focusing only on weapons, but on the experience as a whole and in particular on the survival aspects.

+3 votes   mod: MISERY
N3uR0m4nT3 Jul 15 2012 says:

Love this vehicle. Nice work.

+2 votes   media: Three Vehicle Images
N3uR0m4nT3 Jul 15 2012 says:

Disabled weapon upgrades? HELL YES! If you guys were to implement randomly spawning anomalies and radiation pockets around the zone this would be the best CoP mod ever.

+4 votes   feature: Features (Version 2.0) - What's new?
N3uR0m4nT3 Jun 5 2012 says:

Nicely done.

+2 votes   media: M72 LAW
N3uR0m4nT3 May 25 2012 says:

Haha, awesome man.

+2 votes   media: WIP, opcl, ZipLine Demonstration
N3uR0m4nT3 May 21 2012 says:

Ha! Now that's dedication. Best of luck, I really enjoyed your work thus far.

You're not even going to tell us a little about said milestones. are you? :P

+2 votes   news: Development Progress
N3uR0m4nT3 May 17 2012 says:

Hey man, glad to see you're expanding the project. Good luck, it sounds really promising. What about adding some maps from Clear Sky?

+1 vote   news: News for May.
N3uR0m4nT3 May 6 2012 says:

Looks great.

+1 vote   media: soldgers of white guard in winter uniform
N3uR0m4nT3 May 2 2012 replied: +1 vote   media: Veteran Tiger?
N3uR0m4nT3 Apr 21 2012 says:

Looks cool.

+2 votes   media: Little path
N3uR0m4nT3 Apr 17 2012 says:

Marvelous. Excellent job.

+1 vote   news: Call of Pripyat: Redux v2.0 - Mutant Looting System Demo
N3uR0m4nT3 Apr 15 2012 says:

What weapon is that?

+1 vote   media: Media Update 15-4-12
N3uR0m4nT3 Apr 3 2012 replied:

So tactical it hurts.

+5 votes   media: Again military, patrol
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 21 2012 says:


+3 votes   media: Zaton test (1.0.0 pre-beta 5)
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 20 2012 says:

Looking good. Do you still accept feedback on weapons? If so, I've noticed that the zoom effect while looking down the sights is just slightly too heavy. Not much, just a little. I usually play with the crosshair off, so I use sights mostly to land hits on target, rather than getting a bigger picture.

Also I can't tell much from the videos, but armor should play an important role. Whether or not your weapon can penetrate your foe's armor should determine whether you're basically forced to go for headshots only or allowed to take them out quickly with a short burst to the chest.

+2 votes   mod: M.I.N.E.
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 19 2012 says:

That suit looks fantastic.

+2 votes   media: Agroprom
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 19 2012 replied:

This could require some work, but could you implement some basic form of crafting? With enough monster parts and a small fee a hunter could craft you a leather jacket, the scientists could manufacture chemicals and so on. Also some monster parts should be edible at the cost of some rad poisoning, with different intensity depending on the mutant type.

Glad to see you're back on moddb. :)

+1 vote   mod: Swartz Mod
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 11 2012 says:

Awesome! ;)

+2 votes   media: Follow the white rabbit...
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 7 2012 replied:

Well, at the present moment it seems shotguns outmatch pistols and even submachineguns in pretty much every respect. One buckshot blast drops some dude 20 meters away with no problem, while the bizon just can't. Unless you get a headshot. Body shots should be a viable way to dispose of someone, especially if your weapon has no problem penetrating his armor. On the other hand I can see how tense it gets when the armament you're carrying proves inadequate, a matter of squeezing off two shots before going into cover again and wondering whether you did plug him in the head or not.

So, suggestions:
-Perhaps rifle calibers shouldn't be immediately available at Cordon. The tiering with armor and weapons you're going for is great, I would make it harder to get your hands on an AK, with a small number of SKS showing up just in the Garbage. Mosin may be the exception to this rule, you can't really fend off multiple opponents with it and choosing to carry one would at least force you to combine it with a different weapon.

-Nearly all the weapons they drop are pretty well maintained. While it makes sense that people don't entrust their lives to a constantly malfunctioning piece of junk, if much of the dropped stuff wasn't in usable condition weapons tiering would be more strongly enforced.

-The violet skybox you get on mornings looks a bit weird.

-It feels like center mass hits don't deal enough damage. It's still probably the 9x18 syndrome, SKS seemed to fare a bit better.

-The LURK HUD system would be neat, I'd like to know roughly how much I'm hurt and if I'm bleeding without stopping to check the inventory.

In conclusion, I've had some of the finest gunfights I've ever had in this game. Some small tweaking could make it perfect.

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 7 2012 says:

Finally got around to trying the mod. I can say so far it's been a fun although extremely hard ride.

About bugs: I think the 7,62 ammo wasn't supposed to cost that much, was it? Sidorovich sells it for more than the SKS price.
Buying vanilla shotgun shell boxes doesn't seem to work with the new ammo system.
Also, you're probably aware of this, but every time a savegame is loaded the edge of the screen is blurred as if you're looking down the sights.

About gameplay: I understand two kinds of anomalies, the ones that you can't see and the ones that kill you in one "shot". Giving both attributes to the vanilla ones (Springboard I think) is a bit harsh.
9x18mm ammo is a joke. Unarmored targets can soak up 10-15 bullets and still be able to pull off a shot or two before bleeding out. I understand folks in armor shrugging off that caliber, but not rookie bandits in leather jackets.

I'll provide more feedback when I have time to play some more.

+1 vote   mod: Zone of Alienation mod
N3uR0m4nT3 Mar 2 2012 says:

It's nice that you guys take this seriously, I'm positive the result will be amazing. Also the place you live in looks great.

+3 votes   news: L.U.R.K. 1.2 Sound Design Dev Diary 2
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 26 2012 says:

Seems like a bad case of the Commies. You'll heal, eventually.

-1 votes   media: Improved geometry
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 26 2012 says:

It's ok, I'm tracking as I'm curious about this one. :)

+1 vote   news: Good News and Bad News
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 25 2012 replied:

And also to conquer new horizons.

+4 votes   media: OGSE Dead City atmosphere
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 22 2012 says:

Awesome job. You're planning on implementing this with the dynamic NV optic shader I hope. :P

+1 vote   media: 1PN51 NV scope reticle
N3uR0m4nT3 Feb 18 2012 says:

So, FatalFunnel, where's SKS? :P

It's perfect as an ulterior rookie weapon, also for bandits. Would you be able to implement stripper clips with the mag system? Or maybe it could just feed directly from the ammo stack.

About elite bandits, I have a feeling they would probably carry expensive western stuff (like in vanilla I think?) as symbol of wealth, just to show off. Also if I recall correctly the criminal subculture I think they're loosely based on used to be in starkly anticommunist, so a fascination with the west and western stuff might apply. Of course the rookies are ok with the cheap local stuff.

+1 vote   news: Updated NPCs.
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