Hobby game designer, game coder and 2D/3D artist. :)

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Latest tweets from @n1ghtdr34m3r

I'd appreciate it if I wasn't cristizied on every little thing I do.

Feb 4 2018

RT @BTS_twt: 못봤으면 어쩔뻔했어 진심으로 고마워요 딱 들어왔다가 봤네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 신기하다 고마워요 여러분 나도 사랑해요 #JIMIN #ThankYouARMY

Jan 24 2018

RT @pjmstop: #ThankYouJimin "Without Jimin, our BTS today wouldn't exist." T.co

Jan 24 2018

RT @__jim_in: [#JimInTrends] 180124 #ThankYouJimin trended at #1 worldwide. 🌎 ✅ #1 in 14 cities, 8 countries ✅ top 5 in 53 citi… T.co

Jan 24 2018

RT @JE0NBUNNY: #ThankYouJimin for always telling us not to worry about u and boys for taking care of us and taking care of the m… T.co

Jan 24 2018

I know it's such a small thing but tbh I'm getting pissed. MY FAM NEEDS TO STOP ENTERING MY ROOM W/OUT KNOCKING OR… T.co

Dec 16 2017

If anyone gets me a neck travel pillow for Christmas I will love you forever! 😁 T.co

Nov 28 2017

My dad is either a troll or just... ugh. Why does his voicemail sound like a car crash?!

Nov 25 2017

There are reasons why I go to my dad to ask for something before I tell my mom... 🙃

Nov 19 2017