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MythbustersWannaBe Dec 13 2013 replied:

Woops, I just realized I never posted my channel o.o .. rookie mistake much.. RandomAsianPro. I currently don't have any videos of this mod up, but I'm going to be making some for this weekend actually for the the Moddb Of The Year stuff. Feel free to take a look, i understand if I'm not what you are looking for! Thanks for stopping by though.

+2 votes   news: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles goes Youtube!
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 12 2013 says:

I sent you guys an email about your need for English speaking youtubers, I doubt I'm experienced enough for you, but heck you know I have nothing to lose right? :P

+2 votes   news: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles goes Youtube!
MythbustersWannaBe Aug 5 2013 says:

Is this version the same as this one "" cause I run a series on this and I'd like to stay updated if possible:P

+1 vote   download: Fallout Who Vegas Version: 1.0 Complete Edition
MythbustersWannaBe Jun 30 2013 says:

AI don't do anything in skirmish for me o.o

+1 vote   download: Covenant at War - 1.2
MythbustersWannaBe Mar 6 2013 says:

Gahh all I have is Rebellion:(

+7 votes   download: SotP - UNSC Beta v.0.51.21055
MythbustersWannaBe Feb 13 2013 says:

Wooh, I've been gone forever o_o .. I should get around to looking at this shouldn't I? lol :P

+2 votes   download: Test verion 4.0 RC version
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 19 2012 replied:

It's the 20th I'd imagine since it says that in one of the News which is properly more accurate. They may have forgotten to change it.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 19 2012 replied:

It will be released on Thursday 20th of December 2012.

+3 votes   mod: Covenant at War
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 15 2012 replied:

Yeah, they changed it to the 16th :P

+1 vote   media: 1 Day left - SOL Unitprofile Teaser
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 14 2012 replied:

It was there. In that Season of SGU that got cancelled leaving us with a lovely semi-cliffhanger. (I'm joking of course, but still what the heck man! It could have been! XP)

+2 votes   media: On duty
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 4 2012 says:

ESF Sol? Earth Strike Force Sol? I rewatched the trailer and that's what it looked like to me :P Could also be EAF like Earth Air Force but that would be kinda dumb considering it's a space ship and all but idk :P

+1 vote   media: PotW - All fighters away!
MythbustersWannaBe Aug 11 2012 replied:

Looks to me like a Hospital waiting room, but way to big.

+1 vote   media: Early Hospital Screen
MythbustersWannaBe Jun 17 2012 says:

Tau'ri Admiral Log Battle For Mining Facility 327: "We never knew what hit us. We thought it was just another Goa'uld strike on a mining facility but the day was far from over and we were horribly mistaken. The Wraith hit us as the Asgard arrived to assist in the defense of the facility. We took heavy by one ship's shields failed and they fell...even the Asgard advanced...but we were no match for the combined fire power of the Goa'uld and Wraith ships. You may be asking how we won this apparently unwinnable battle. Well that in itself is a strange story. A race of aliens...still quite unknown to us..we call them the "Grace" arrived and started attacking the Goa'uld ships. They said nothing, no warnings, no communications, they just attacked. The decisive winning action was the deployment of our recovered Lantean Battle Fleet we had found in a derelict Lantean Base. The Wraith didn't stand a chance. The Grace left as strangely as they appeared leaving us to cleaning up the mess. I'll never forget that day, Miracle Day." End Admiral Log.

+13 votes   media: Picture of the Week - Performance Test
MythbustersWannaBe Apr 5 2012 replied:

pretty sure that's what he meant by "I know it's new Mexico" [not Nevada] is probably what he was saying

+1 vote   media: US Tra;ErRO̢̯̭̦̼͈͐̾͋r
MythbustersWannaBe Apr 4 2012 replied:

To be honest, I'm not sure...I was quite bored at the time of writing that. Pretty sure the 9th said fantastic more than brilliant though

+1 vote   media: US Tra;ErRO̢̯̭̦̼͈͐̾͋r
MythbustersWannaBe Apr 3 2012 says:

*TARDIS Appears* The Doctor steps out. "Well...that's where it went. Brilliant! Allons-y!"

+3 votes   media: US Tra;ErRO̢̯̭̦̼͈͐̾͋r
MythbustersWannaBe Feb 17 2012 says:

Okay, so in a poor attempt to change the subject, Foxboro hows life man? Excited for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6?

+2 votes   mod: Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles
MythbustersWannaBe Jan 6 2012 replied:

"In any search, of a quantity of blood on the screen can not see anything, especially when you play at 1280x1024 4:3. And if you can remove or weaken the small monsters, such as rats, they kill little difficult, do not see how fit and remove health sho bad." thats what google translate says it says but I don't trust google translate :P

+1 vote   media: Exclusive screenshots from the interview
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 15 2011 replied:

thats what view original is for :P

+1 vote   media: New factions
MythbustersWannaBe Dec 4 2011 replied:

Moving Iron Crypt

+1 vote   media: French army
MythbustersWannaBe Oct 27 2011 says:

Theres one thing missing...a key element!...dinosaurs.. lol

+1 vote   media: Island
MythbustersWannaBe Oct 26 2011 says:

Its funny I played this mission and I didn't actually see that shot lol

+2 votes   media: Shouty man
MythbustersWannaBe Oct 15 2011 says:

I want this mod! :(

0 votes   media: Rising of an Empire - Night of the Resistance
MythbustersWannaBe Sep 29 2011 says:

"Villains"? and sounds like quite a line up:)

+1 vote   news: Top 10 Series 2
MythbustersWannaBe Sep 28 2011 replied:

And it looks sick:P

+3 votes   media: Soldier with coil of wire
MythbustersWannaBe Sep 3 2011 says:

I remember this from the Ark Of Truth or w/e .. it was nasty:(

+1 vote   media: Assimiled russian soldier
MythbustersWannaBe Aug 5 2011 says:

Its a wonder we lost in Vietnam, manning an entire firebase with 1 or 2 f-ing guys lol...

+2 votes   media: U.S. Firebase
MythbustersWannaBe Aug 4 2011 says:

What they don't show you is the cooked frag.

+1 vote   media: Zombie Mod = The Colony -IK- ( DEADMEAT )
MythbustersWannaBe Aug 4 2011 says:

Sounds cool:) This mod is one of my favs:D

+2 votes   news: Zombie mod 2.0 BETA
MythbustersWannaBe Aug 3 2011 replied:

and even more than that...

+7 votes   media: ZOMBIE mod
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