What's to be said? I just a non-regular 21 year-old Argentinian :P I have a sharp interest in anything related to science and I love to put my mind into any subject, so beware to start a discussion with me! (chadaFACE would know). well, what else... I've had over 10k visitors to date, so that must mean that I'm quite popular (or so does my ego like to beleive). what else, what else... Oh I almost forgot. I'm a modest mission maker for the game Nexus: The jupiter incident, but I'll expand my horizons sooner than later. I'm currently working in the mod Stargate: War Begins (yeah, you've probably guessed I'm a stargate fan by now) as a mission maker and mild coder, and also trying to finish a damn book I've been writing since I was 12.

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Stargate Mod: War Begins
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

1. Stargate Mod: War Begins

11 months ago Released 2007 Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Stargate: War Begins is a full conversion for the awesome tactical fleet simulator Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. We intend to recreate the feeling of the...

Warhammer40k: Battlefleet Nexus
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

2. Warhammer40k: Battlefleet Nexus

1 year ago TBD Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Warhammer40k: Battlefleet Nexus is total conversion modification for Nexus:TJI based on Gamesworkshop's Warhammer 40 000 IP. Project is non-profitable...

Babylon 5: Conflicts of Loyalty 2
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

3. Babylon 5: Conflicts of Loyalty 2

11 months ago Released 2010 Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Babylon 5: Conflicts of Loyalty 2 is resurrection project of old B5 project for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. We intend to give players new missions, ships...

Conquest: The Noah-Gorg War
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

4. Conquest: The Noah-Gorg War

3 years ago TBD Single Player Real Time Strategy

The Conquest mod aims to take a new approach to Nexus gamestyle, a more strategic one. Now you'll control whole fleets in a turn-based-environment while...

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