What's to be said? I just a non-regular 21 year-old Argentinian :P I have a sharp interest in anything related to science and I love to put my mind into any subject, so beware to start a discussion with me! (chadaFACE would know). well, what else... I've had over 10k visitors to date, so that must mean that I'm quite popular (or so does my ego like to beleive). what else, what else... Oh I almost forgot. I'm a modest mission maker for the game Nexus: The jupiter incident, but I'll expand my horizons sooner than later. I'm currently working in the mod Stargate: War Begins (yeah, you've probably guessed I'm a stargate fan by now) as a mission maker and mild coder, and also trying to finish a damn book I've been writing since I was 12.

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Mularac Feb 7 2011, 10:14pm replied:

what are you talking about? f302 have had railguns for a while now

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Mularac Jan 30 2011, 9:59am replied:

try Arparso's mod instead ( Arparso.de ). That's where we Nexus modders usually lurk :P

There you'll surely get a fast response by the very best.

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Mularac Jan 28 2011, 3:45pm replied:

We are aware of that bug, however we believe we fixed it now :) so don't worry about it

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Mularac Jan 27 2011, 11:28am replied:

Actually, it's Dreamor's, not Old Dragon's :P
And I know, it beats me too XD

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Mularac Jan 26 2011, 2:45pm replied:

that's the problem with Stargate. When it comes to spaceship lore, there's very little we can actually rely on, as the series was based on ground action and the all the space battles were mainly a secondary thing.

However, if we must go to the battle over Asuras, it is clearly shown there that f302 missiles can pierce shields, so that's already been implemented, rest assured.

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Mularac Jan 24 2011, 2:52pm replied:

we need to have a long talk with the rest of the team about it, but yes, we already have some weapons meant for device damaging, plus, the f302's main role against capital ships will be to disable devices, they alread have anti-dev missiles that can pierce through shields.
And FYI, you can already destroy devices with a few weapons, like railguns, darts, f302, deathgliders, and some more. The only problem is that they don't pierce shields, so they're pointless unless used against shield-less ships, like wraith, for example.

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Mularac Jan 24 2011, 12:17pm replied:

The thing is, in stargate, once the shield is done, you're done for. So, unless we invent a shield-piercing weapon (which is not cannon at all), there's really no point in device-destruction weapons... unless when dealing with the Wraith...

But you can use the railguns to that purpose anyway, they're not half bad when tasked to destroy some devices...

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Mularac Jan 21 2011, 5:08pm replied:

In the following releases we'll make public a couple of weapons specialized in device damage than hull damage, but there's always a matter of balancing before we can release anything...

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Mularac Jan 21 2011, 4:56pm says:

Couldn't live withouth them now :P

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Mularac Jan 19 2011, 5:25pm replied:

Well, whenever you log into moddb it'll appear a number in the "updates" section of the upper tab, where your name is.

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Mularac Jan 17 2011, 7:54pm replied:

you mean all the nexus mods? Or mean all our released mods?

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Mularac Jan 17 2011, 1:51am replied:

Well, no. In space there won't be any sort of shockwave, so the area of effect will be quite diminished, too.

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Mularac Jan 16 2011, 5:35pm replied:

just hit the "track mod" option, you'll be notified when something comes up :)

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Mularac Jan 13 2011, 5:05pm replied:

Haven't gotten there yet, I'm still at the first real epimetheus mission.
Mindblowing. Great idea there, I'm amazed.
The epimetheus is, in a way, easier than the prometheus, because in the epimetheus you don't "loose" you can always start over. In the prometheus one, however, a wrong move with your 4┬║ self and bam! all over again. I must have played Gambit like a dozen times before I finally got it right.

And it's a bit simpler too, considering there are only 3 of you and not 5.

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Mularac Jan 12 2011, 6:54pm says:
Angel_Mapper wrote:
Yep! I've been working on the commercial version since the contest ended. I've completely redesigned the levels based on feedback I was getting that the mod was incredibly difficult. Now that that's done I just need to find artists to make it all look good, and then it will be up for sale on Steam. :)

Oh... don't do that! the levels were difficult and challenging, but that's the beauty of it! I don't want an other portal were you can blow through the whole game in less than an hour...

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Mularac Jan 10 2011, 3:01am says:
Nowis wrote:
And dreamorcz, you already know i cannot see all the facts: i'm not a modder, so i can only speak from what i receive and what i don't receive. But you can of course, because you're both modder and player, so from your own point of view, only you can give criticism: You are the only one with all the facts here....

Let me just slip here before you lot start tearing each other apart.
Nowis, let me say this first: Your kind is most rare. Most people (myself included) don't dare say what they don't like about mods, because the feel that, since we're doing it for free and for fun, every "negative" comment, or one that points out the flaws, is ill-conceived and selfish. That's not true, and something quite hard to say, so thank you.

And yes, you're not seeing the bigger picture because you can't, as you can only gaze upon what we show, which is true, has been quite less than our fewer releases. But, as Dreamor pointed out, isn't because we're slacking off (which is a bit true to some people, myself included :P) but because we're aming at bigger stuff. IE, the campaign for the Stargate mod (where you'll have ample use of the hyperdrive, beleive me)
But this also means that it may be an other while before we release anything major, so we can only ask for your patience for a bit longer.
You've given us your opiniom and we're grateful for it, but sadly, there's little we can do about it.

But I have a solution for you. If you want to help us out, truly, and also gain access to some of our (yet) unrelease material you're welcome to apply for a beta tester, and eventually gain access to the internal beta, where you'd be able to give us a great deal of constructive cristism, as I think we quite need an outsider opiniom on our project, as it has only been closely reviewed by a handful of people...

And sorry justaman that your mod's board became this... battlefield of sorts...

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Mularac Jan 7 2011, 11:19am replied:

Oh, sorry. I didn't see it, i think it got buried by the newest comments...

Answer: No. There's still a lot of work pending on the prequel campaign, but we're getting there.

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Mularac Jan 6 2011, 5:43pm says:

Uhm... it seems that the F12 buttom's been changed... what will it do now?

+1 vote   media: Germany VS England
Mularac Jan 1 2011, 5:06pm replied:

Pretty long, I'm afraid. But we're working on a small surprise for you guys :)

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Mularac Dec 31 2010, 9:20pm says:

Pretty hard to guess that, as in the shows it never actually made it to space... let alone a space battle...

But it'll be much tougher than a hatak, that's for sure.

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Mularac Dec 31 2010, 8:02pm says:

Happy new year to you all, my friends!

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Mularac Dec 31 2010, 9:29am replied:

Quite simple. Just access a network with hamachi, and once you have a connection stablished, create a LAN game in nexus or join one of your friends. Basically, Hamachi is like a LAN network over the internet.

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Mularac Dec 30 2010, 10:42am says:

Yeah, seen it. Would love to see a close up on the Angelwing, though. Anyway, did you know about this? This guy, Arparso, from the Nexus modding community came up with it, perhaps you'll find it useful: Arparso.de

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Mularac Dec 27 2010, 6:32pm replied:

They will take their place in CGI cinematics, icons and animated portraits (dialogs)

+1 vote   media: Replicator Family
Mularac Dec 25 2010, 10:53pm replied:

oh... I definately want to see the Angelwing in that engine, upload some pics sometime

0 votes   media: Name that Ship!!
Mularac Dec 25 2010, 3:51pm replied:

In the main campaign, at some missions, you will be able to choose where to head out next, but that's still quite down the road.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate Mod: War Begins
Mularac Dec 25 2010, 11:58am replied:

Well, it has a role in the campaing and in some missions.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate Mod: War Begins
Mularac Dec 25 2010, 11:32am replied:

Sorry, but that can't be done...

+1 vote   mod: Stargate Mod: War Begins
Mularac Dec 25 2010, 9:08am says:

No way!!! A noah battleship? You rock, man! How did this happen?

+2 votes   media: Name that Ship!!
Mularac Dec 24 2010, 9:40am says:

Merry christmas dude!

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