My most prominent hobbies would be 3d modeling, CNC modding, and Photoshop.

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There Ain't Nothing in this World For Free

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After a long, busy year, a long break for me draws near.
In about 20 days I'll have exams finished, and an awesome 2 months free.

It's so close... yet so far. I really haven't done too much this past while, only really watching all the nice mods here at Moddb.
Mods I think will be/ are really nice are

Dawn of Victory (SINS),
SimMars (SC4),
AR2 (Standalone, Rene engine),
Moscow's Vengeance (RA2:YR),
D-Day (RA2:YR)

and Gmod (Hey, it does have "mod" in it :V)

Lol, and no, I have not worked to develop any of those projects. I just find them to be very promising, in my interests, and I mention them as the HL2 mods seem to be taking all of Moddb's attention away from these :P

When my 20 days are gone I should have lots more time to focus on my own mod (Dominance).
Hopefully to get closer to release, make it more the mod others can appreciate, and to learn more in graphics. But until then, silence, and me counting down the days.

What I do

MT. Blog

Well, I started out coding for CNC TS, and making a private mod or two. Gradually I have learned the basic modding skills until I came to CNC YR and started a mod there about 2 years ago. I had some dream of making a really good mod for once, instead of my small coding tweak mods, but back then I thought I would do it all myself, learning bit by bit.

Anyways then, after seeing my copy-paste SHP buildings were not really appreciated by the community, I started learning 3d modelling. Being bored of the stock things inspired the project to turn into a Total Conversion. Ever since then the quality level has increased dramatically, and some helpful, nice guys have offered there help for the mod. In turn, I've seen a few mods that I loved, so I help them out once in a while (Invasion Confirmed for example is bloody awesome).

So that's what I'm doing nowadays, still working on mine and a few others' mods. Despite now seeing how the sites I knew and loved aren't as they once was, and also becoming all too familiar with all the limits of the game engines I am working in, there are new discoveries to this day, awesome projects like Ares which remove many limits of the engines, and still more things to learn and improve. I'll pull through and continue as it is all, what I say, a learning experience.

Just thought I'd start this blog with a little background ;)

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