My name is Mike, and this is my music project: Mosaic. I am a game audio expert. Please check out my work here, and on my site:

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It's been awhile.

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Since my last post I've worked on many games, written a lot, learned a lot more, and spent time exploring the more programmatic side of game development. I've started to come into my style a bit more, and have been working on creating really clean productions with strong and evocative melodies.

Below you'll find a reel I put together of some of my favorite tracks. You can also take a look at my soundcloud or my website,, to see and hear a bit more of what I'm working on.

I've also uploaded several tracks to Indiedb that you can check out as well. If you'd like to contact me for work, please send me an email at

Hello again!

mosaicmusic Blog

It's been awhile since posting a blog, but I'm still making music for plenty of cool projects. Right now I'm working on Son of Nor, which will be released in Summer of 2014. The soundtrack will feature a blend of ethnic instruments and sound design. So far this has been an incredibly fun soundtrack to write, and you can hear what I've done for it in this playlist:

More information on Son of Nor can be found here:

Recent Soundtrack Work

mosaicmusic Blog

Hey all, I just wanted to embed a couple of soundcloud links that show the projects I'm currently working on. For now I only have Stone Rage posted, but I will be updating shortly.

Stone Rage is a free-to-play online 3rd person action game, set in the stone age. It is in development by Mountainwheel Games.

Stone Rage by Mike Skalandunas

My first post, and why I'm here!

mosaicmusic Blog

Hello all,

After months of frequenting Indiedb, I've finally decided to sign up! I'm an avid gamer with interests spanning many styles. I'm also a composer, with my focus being music for games. Interactivity and immersion are the two most important elements of game music, to me, and I try my best to enhance them with each project I work on!

I'm signing up to meet and network with individuals or teams who're working on really creative projects. Please stop by and say hi!

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