My name is Mike, and this is my music project: Mosaic. I am a game audio expert. Please check out my work here, and on my site:

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It's been awhile.

mosaicmusic Blog

Since my last post I've worked on many games, written a lot, learned a lot more, and spent time exploring the more programmatic side of game development. I've started to come into my style a bit more, and have been working on creating really clean productions with strong and evocative melodies.

Below you'll find a reel I put together of some of my favorite tracks. You can also take a look at my soundcloud or my website,, to see and hear a bit more of what I'm working on.

I've also uploaded several tracks to Indiedb that you can check out as well. If you'd like to contact me for work, please send me an email at

Hello again!

Hello again!

mosaicmusic Blog
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Mosaic Music & Sound

Mosaic Music & Sound

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Hello, my name is Mike and this is my music project: Mosaic. I'm a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and have been working in games, specifically...

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