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Mr.Thi Feb 23 2015, 6:50am replied:

Are you playing with CPU opponents? ... The out of syn is most probably caused by a function call checking if a player is an AI. The client will not detect CPU players as CPU, but think they are real players ... Therefor the game will get out of sync.

The corresponding function should be: "CPU_Exist(0)"

... maybe one of the Devs may take a look at that.

If I remember right, there is a Safe Deathmatch or something like that in the gamemode selection, maybe they have this function not active there.

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Mr.Thi Feb 23 2015, 12:59am replied:

If it does not work create a manual shortcut to start it.
Like this:
...\Homeworld2.exe -mod STC_main.big -mod STC_fonts.big -mod STC_shader2.big -hardwarecrusor

I hope this will help. I have Win 8.1 64 bit and the Lauchner simply does nothing when installed in my directory. Even moving the files from STC to Bin or running as admin does nothing.

Did not find a way around ... so used my own shortcut

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Mr.Thi Dec 8 2014, 4:05am replied:

Well, WIP-Backup. That's pretty much it.

Tehre should be only one map and WIP usually mean something alpha like ;-)

+1 vote   download: RandomMapGameMode V0.25A (WIP-Backup)
Mr.Thi Jun 2 2014, 11:43am says:

Jea - finally a nice Jumpgate! Looking good.

+1 vote   media: Jumpgate WIP
Mr.Thi Jun 1 2014, 1:13am says:

NomNomNom Wreckage NomNomNom

+1 vote   media: The Fish Time Has Begun
Mr.Thi May 15 2014, 1:10am replied:

Thak you very much. I do my very best. =D

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
Mr.Thi May 15 2014, 1:10am replied:

If I can manage to work on them ^^ ...

I'm currently trying to streamline ship and race integration as well als Buildtree and Build restrictions. I totally altered a lot of stuff with the new Gamemode. Scripting wise it allows a lot more races now. This should be pretty similar to the HW: Universe race management conceptwise.

before we will have Eve ships back, I will finish the Prototype with Hiigaran and Vaygr Fleets. Next Step, may add 1-4 Factions from Nexus: The Jupiter incident and the EVE Race ships with the ships you saw on early screenshots.

I would not expect all this done soon, but when gamemode is fully polished, all things may speed up a lot.

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Mr.Thi May 14 2014, 5:31am replied:

Well, checked. ^^ - you may remove those two comments.

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Mr.Thi May 14 2014, 12:54am replied:

Jea, ... and it would have been nice, if Siliconworm would have asked at least before using it.

Well, he should at least ask the HW2:Blue Planet Team.

+1 vote   media: New Map (EVE: RTS background)
Mr.Thi May 8 2014, 11:45am replied:

Centauri carrier ^^ ... I can still remember this one from the HW1 mod.

+1 vote   media: Balvarian Carrier
Mr.Thi May 7 2014, 12:39pm replied:

^^ ... you like pain huh? ... Well the same as above. But buy Subsystems that add the specific upgrade.

If all that is done when docking, you could also use a script instead of the Addability with aof.
SobGroup_RestrictBuildOption(<sSobGroupName>, <sBuildTypeName>)
SobGroup_UnRestrictBuildOption(<sSobGroupName>, <sBuildTypeName>)

+1 vote   media: Another load of Gamemode Shipyards on their way
Mr.Thi May 7 2014, 12:54am replied:

Hm. Sounds interesting. I think the Shipyard, Arsenal and Repair station / Ship is possible. The arsenalship could get a area of effect "add ability" wich will enable build on the docked capitals. The function "SobGroup_AllowPassiveActionsAlways" would allow building subsystems while docked. The towing and repair restriction could be a Problem.

Different Buildspeed is also possible by either using a modifier or different Ship-files.

I think it is only usefull for an RPG-style mod. It would be an enourmous pain to script this for AI.

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Mr.Thi May 6 2014, 3:35pm replied:

I have some other Nexus shipy done too. Maybe I'll add them in. All in all there are a lot of mods using this ships to date and there does not seem to be anyone who cares. So I might use them until someone tells me to do not. I pretty much avoided using them because I could not find anyone resposible who I may ask. But as many mods seem to use them there seems to be no Problem.

Gorg and Noah Ships are ready - even some Vadrag. Some Ships still miss turrets.

As my new Gamemode supports unilimited Races (pretty similar to Homeworld Universe Mod) I do not have to be picky about them. Maybe the Nexus ships will be in before the EVE stuff.

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Mr.Thi May 5 2014, 11:04am replied:

Awaiting incomming Message :-D

+1 vote   media: Something I build from the Chimera Station...
Mr.Thi May 2 2014, 5:04am replied:

If you hod it the right way and make good lods it's definetly possible

up to 100-200k Poys is easily possible. But you may need a combination of HodEd 3 and 4. The Obj file needs to be divided into several parts and then imported in CfHodEd V3, because there is a limit of polys that can be imported with V3, but it has no shading bugs in there. After that you can use V4 to Hod the Turrets and other stuff.

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Mr.Thi Mar 21 2014, 3:34am replied:

You could manage them as a Stack or something like that. When doing the scripts for the Sectore mode I divided most otherwise for or while operations in function to be called inside a Rule wich increases an index by a setable amout to work on arrays.

As you have changing entities you could either collect the new array while processing an old one over time as a rule. or you could create a Stack with Entities wich are removed if killed.

I always failed at that because I was not able to get individual ships on runtime in an efficient way.

+1 vote   media: Battle damage and Fuel Auto Docking for AI
Mr.Thi Mar 21 2014, 3:27am replied:

Jea... Well they use the same system with Dawn of war 1 and 2. But the really ugly part is, that the bullet will always follow it's target to hit if it was determined to Hit by engine. (At least if target random will not lead to empty space.) I noticed that the first time when I managed to jump a ship with a short range jump and a good amout of bullets chaned their direction to hit at new destination.

^^ ... HW Technerd discussion *Like*

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Mr.Thi Mar 20 2014, 2:53pm replied:

HW1 had a lot of mechanics that where superior to HW2 ones. Comparing the Performance and Physics HW1 was much better. The Bullets where much better ... in HW2 every Bullet is basically a homing missile with a chance to miss... In HW2 hitting the target was more realistic. If a fighter was moving short before the bullet hits, it simply won't hit. In HW2 ... the shot will follow the fighter. I also think this mechanism made battes much more CPU intense. HW1 was able to handle way more ships in Battles then HW2 can.

And the whole harvesting and asteroid system ... was much better... Well I shuold stop now :-P

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Mr.Thi Mar 20 2014, 2:47pm replied:

X System is cool, but it's load is enourmous and I'm pretty sure it would be much bigger then the load their script is creating, if you use it on many ships.

I tried to control ship speed with X-System for my EVE mod... And the results where very nasty. It's simply not efficient for many ships.

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Mr.Thi Mar 19 2014, 2:36pm says:

Ehm ... I like the Idea and all this. But .. have you checked this with let#s say ... 200 Fighters?

I would think this might cause heavy lag or stuttering.

At least that's what I remember when the last one tried this.

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Mr.Thi Dec 28 2013, 12:08pm replied:


The reason i use Data and not Big, is that I see no need to do so. But this discussion has been done before. When I think, there is a Version wich will not change very much, I may create a Big-file.

In addition I think the modding beginners can start to mod it, even without having to extract it first...

Best Regards.


For the Crash take a look at my Comment above.

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Mr.Thi Dec 28 2013, 12:05pm replied:

Hey bongiovonni,

This might be a common problem with the Shaders.

Please take a look at my first post.

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
Mr.Thi Dec 28 2013, 12:03pm replied:

Hey Sid,

look at my new Comment at the Top. It gives some info.

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
Mr.Thi Dec 28 2013, 9:17am says:

thx to all of you still following my mod.
I did not manage to work on it since the last picture update.

Currently there is nothing new, wich is playable in any form.

I can not promise anything, but maybe I'm able to release another gamemode candidate next year. But I'm pretty sure that, if that is happening there will only be a limited number of ships - like in the first release.
Titans, Dreads and Stations are also pretty unlikely.

Best regards
Mr.Thi / -=[F@LC0N]=-

P.S. Regarding Crashes
Please Check this:
- Have you got an ATI / AMD card? (delete/rename shader folder)
- is the a race selected? (not random)
- is the map working? (try another)
- check HW2.log for other hints. (Maybe send it to me via pm)

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Mr.Thi Nov 23 2013, 6:07am replied:

You can send me your Hw2.log via PM, i'll take a look.

Maybe you should try to remove the "" around the target.

Otherwise .. simply PM me if the problem is still there.

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Mr.Thi Nov 23 2013, 6:04am replied:

They where planned but currently I simply lack time.
Also the size difference seems too big after all... -.-'

The game would go to be too slow.

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Mr.Thi Nov 23 2013, 6:02am replied:

The Plan was to have them, but no time to implend.

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
Mr.Thi Nov 23 2013, 6:02am replied:

Currently there is nothing big going on.

Time is low at the moment.

I spend most of my time for University and a bit on X Rebirth.

But I have done some work on a new random Map system. Wich will work with Jumppoints similar to Freespace and B5 Capture mode.
(Only to Buy stuff - not for travel)

Currently this is only working on matlab ... still need to implend it into hw2 lua.

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
Mr.Thi Apr 6 2013, 3:51am replied:

No? - I simply lack of time at the moment.

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
Mr.Thi Apr 3 2013, 3:58am says:

A shame you are not going to add this one :-(

+5 votes   media: UNSC Infinity
Mr.Thi Feb 5 2013, 5:15am replied:

... would be cool. I got it working on lan and hamachi, but both players have the same ingame IP -.-

+1 vote   download: Hacknet v1.23
Mr.Thi Jan 2 2013, 9:11am replied:

please pm me your hw2.log, so I can see whats wrong.

+1 vote   download: Sector Gamemode Patch V2.0A to 2.1A Vaygr ONLY
Mr.Thi Nov 25 2012, 1:09pm replied:

Similar idea, yes. Code completly independant. It grew from the idea of having large area to fight with different environments and still not have to wait too long for ships to arrive at target.

In Version 0.21 I got some problems with effects and It was a lot of work to fix them - wich was not possible in every case. (everything was scaled down by 1/10 to make speed visually faster.)

When I recognised that my current script should allow me to use Gates too - and EVE uses gates. I thought, .. why not try it. And ... it worked out good. After a while I took a look at the Territories mod, but I did not like the way AI was programmed. Solid modification, but finally I ended up with my own code, so I can focus on AI and performance - the way I like it to be.

Biggest difference should be AI, the Bases and the Ways Sectors are couquered.

+1 vote   media: Importable Map presets ^^
Mr.Thi Nov 22 2012, 12:26am replied:

I will release this next weekend I think. So you can all take a look at it and give some feedback. Vaygr will be fully playable.

It's not very easy to say but in general it could easily be used with other mods ships. If the Ships are not scripted (have shields or XP) It should work with little effort. A few arrays holding information about ships must be fixed so AI knows what to do - but that can be done by everyone who can use the Editor / Notepad.

But you would have to replace the AI files. So - if playing this mode you would have to rename them at least temporary.

+1 vote   media: AI got new movement orders and some final tests.
Mr.Thi Nov 1 2012, 2:42pm replied:

If you can sccipt this in a gamemode wich works for all maps and still have no performance issues. . . =D

+1 vote   media: Wreckage ... to complete the list
Mr.Thi Nov 1 2012, 12:09pm replied:

Plans for stations are . . . some way this direction.
I try to keep it small, so performance will not get big hits and it should still be possible to play it in multiplayer.

Repair ships - that build and repair the base - are already planed.
Maybe some sort of Cargo ship that may interact with objects in a sector could be possible too.

For passengers ... I thought about a economy system that works with population. This is the next step to get running. Details on this with next update I think.

This is only going to be a test release ... I will not really do all this for Hiigarans too. But before finishing this mode I will not move to eve ships to avoid getting stuck because of missing objects wich need to be done first to work ingame.

The goal is to get the whole gamemode done, release it and then stat porting over eve ships.

+2 votes   media: Wreckage ... to complete the list
Mr.Thi Aug 11 2012, 8:49am replied:

Well, ^^ If I did not miss anything it does not really matter wich difficulty you may set. XD . . . It's always the same.

But all in all this sounds as it was too easy - hm ... this needs to be changed *G*

+1 vote   download: EVE: RTS - Version 0.21
Mr.Thi Jul 28 2012, 7:40am replied:

Jep, simply lacked time and motivation to do so ...
In addition, the whole script should work before I start to play with different Gates.

At the moment only AI needs to be fixed- every thing else Working =D

+1 vote   media: Gates for the mod
Mr.Thi Jul 7 2012, 6:36pm replied:

Thank you for your feedback ^^ ... that finally something I can work with.

Can you tell me what resolution you are runnong the game ?
And what GPU you are using?

For me the Textures look better now. (Regarding normals)
Texture Resolution is the same then before.

For Wreckages i'm not sure what to do at the moment.
I think that I will use the "real" shipwreckages again, but I like to wait and see if anyone else says something about them.

The Turrets should be still there. 0o . . . May be the lods are a bit more limited. (COuld be the reason for less quality too - not sure here - I did not really notice it.)

If you experience no "lag" when zooming in you can change Lodstep in the shipfiles. Maybe with factor 1.5 or 2

For the Collectors ... have you got the hotfix installed ?
Asteroids were too close to the stations sometimes.

+1 vote   download: EVE: RTS 0.2 - Alpha 2
Mr.Thi Jul 7 2012, 2:59am says:

Small Hotfix online now:
- Fixes Object placement on maps.
- Adds Harvestable and Industrial Station to Central Sector on big map
- Starting fleets Changed.

+1 vote   media: Back to the Front: EVE RTS ALPHA 0.2 Incoming!
Mr.Thi Jul 5 2012, 10:44am replied:

Now I'm fixing the remaining effects.

I got it down a bit - to about 30-40 Minutes for 1 AI vs 1 AI.
In the 2 hour match AI was not specially aiming for Enemy Sectors.

My first attemps to play against the AI run pretty good. Well, Pretty Good means that it got a Maller to my unguarded Industrials. After I got 2 Impairors ther a Coercer appeared and Cut them appart. XD .... When my ships arrived He had additional 4 ships in the sector.

Well, AI can be better, but if you did not manage to kill it pretty fast, I can be a real pain on Bigger maps. :-P
(Small Map: 2 Player, 9 Sectors, all 50km Diameter)
(Big Map: 4 Players, 25 Sectors, 24 @ 50km 1 @ 100km - Central Sector)

+2 votes   media: AI Fleet on the Way to their next Sector.
Mr.Thi Jul 4 2012, 12:32am replied:

I try to get up one this week. Before start power learing XD

+1 vote   media: Map is Growing - Sector Random Asteroids
Mr.Thi Jun 18 2012, 2:35pm replied:

additionally the ships are called ci1 - ci3 in eve online files. So ... ^^

+1 vote   media: Badger Mk I, II and "III"
Mr.Thi Jun 18 2012, 2:26am replied:

I wrote "III" because it's really looking like that. Actually it's a Tech II Ship and should be the "Bustard"

+1 vote   media: Badger Mk I, II and "III"
Mr.Thi Jun 8 2012, 2:29am says:

Jea!!! Downloading right now! ^^ I'm sure you'll fullfill all expectations - and even more :-D

+1 vote   download: Star Trek: Continuum - Release BETA
Mr.Thi May 31 2012, 1:44am replied:

I would Like to, but EVE Skyboxes resolution is much too low for homeworld 2 -.-'

I tried it. It could work if there is someone who could convert the eve background texture to a resoltuion of 4096x4096 (That the resolution of the background you see there if I'm correct.)
Currectly they are 256x256, 512x512 or 1024x1024. (so pretty low) They look good in eve no question - but well they where made for it XD.

+1 vote   media: Thankfully the Backgrounds from Blue Planet mod
Mr.Thi Apr 24 2012, 2:05am replied:

The distance between sectors can be as large as you like - but you would have larger travelling times too. The CPU won't need more power then.

Currently Sector Size is fixed but that chould be changed too.

+1 vote   media: Miners in action
Mr.Thi Apr 10 2012, 1:06am replied:

Jea, they look a bit like spotlights, but actually it's on some other parts too and the "spotlights" are not realy in symmetical positions.

The whole model has correct lighting if I use the "ship" shader.
Problem must therefore be normal related. (polygon / vertex normals)

But I have no idea how to fix, as all I have done does not work or generates other problems -.-'

+1 vote   media: Need Help with this.
Mr.Thi Apr 3 2012, 11:43am says:

Well actually I needed to reduce it a bit, but it should still be good.
The super bright glow made it look weired at some places.

Currently I'm working on the Supercarrier, Carrier and Dreadnought for all 4 Races. When done, I'll start making the Fighters and Bombers and Fill the Remaining classes with the ships I had posted before on the screens.

From that point it's only balancing and making maps.

Additional ships / Minor races can then be released in packages.

+1 vote   media: Lights better now ?
Mr.Thi Mar 29 2012, 5:50pm replied:

Problem is ... if I make them much more visible it will make it look worst if you zoom in ... If you look at it from the darker side you can see some lights.

The Fighters may somehow be like an overpowered Frigate. Before Balance I try to get the models ingame, beside the fact that i'm most of all trying out things at the moment.

You may have noticed that the fighters have Trails. Frigates will get Trails too. This saves Performance and still looks pretty good.

The carriers are also still missing navlights and such things.

@Gilly - Yea the Chimera is a real dream of a starship design ;-)

+3 votes   media: Caldari Carriers
Mr.Thi Mar 22 2012, 12:59pm says:

Oh btw ... you can see the Hangars and an Amarr Hub in the background XD

+1 vote   media: Engine Effects. Please tell me whats looking best.
Mr.Thi Mar 21 2012, 3:43pm replied:

^^ lol jea i remember this ... but I want to make it actually playable ;-)

And AI should be able to be used. HW2 AI won't be able to handle maps like the ones used in H*A*C*S, because it can not use Hyperspace to move it's ships. The AI only jumps with battlecruisers and surrounding military ships. I never saw it use modified ships. It seems to be Hardcoded somehow.

+1 vote   media: Orbital Hangars Online
Mr.Thi Feb 11 2012, 11:55am replied:

your commandline seems to be wrong.
If you are not using the correts Command you should still be ablt to select the gamemode - but you will crash.

Are you really using this commandline:
-hardwarecrusor -overridebigfile -ssNoLogo

-mod xxx.big will not work.
you need -overridebigfile to get it working.

+2 votes   download: HW2 - EVE: RTS - Alpha Release
Mr.Thi Jan 25 2012, 4:19am replied:

... No ^^ ? It's much easier to edit stuff in this format. For a final version i may think about a big file.

+1 vote   article: HW2 - EVE: RTS - Alpha Release
Mr.Thi Jan 23 2012, 4:36pm replied:

have you selected EVE Race as Race in Race selection TAB? And watch out for other palyers race tab too...
Try another map.

+2 votes   download: HW2 - EVE: RTS - Alpha Release
Mr.Thi Jan 17 2012, 2:10am replied:

you won ;-)

+1 vote   media: 1 basic Map concept for Alpha
Mr.Thi Jan 9 2012, 12:49am says:

No, sorry ... I would like to, but HW2 does not support this. There is going to be something special, regarding industrie but I won't tell anything about it before it's working ... or at least on a good way.

+1 vote   media: Ice and Rock Asteroids 2
Mr.Thi Jan 6 2012, 4:12am replied:

XD ....

+1 vote   media: First Caldari Ships
Mr.Thi Jan 4 2012, 4:26pm replied:

If you please take a look at he build concept, you'll see I'm using Procurer, Retriever and Covetor.

As the Hulk is more or less an upgraded Covetor, I'm not going to include it.

Personally I like to include all models available in the final version - but only their default versions.

+1 vote   media: Mining Beam Concept
Mr.Thi Dec 11 2011, 12:34pm replied:

At the moment no area of effect is planned. If possible and performance won't be hit too much i may consider this after All ships and everything else is done.

+1 vote   media: New Death Effects
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