I BELEIVE AN INTRODUCTION IS REQUIRED I am mrtazaman real name Tarrant Hartstone and I like to put things on youtube......Yeah i know what your thinking.

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I believe a topic sentence is required
I have had 39 veiws on my blog, but it doesnt mean anyone is reading it. Not much happened today as usual went to school via the bus, Got to school found out i dont have much to go on my subjects, made sure that the grad dinner was still on, and i hanged out with my girlfriend. It is funny the girl im with she is great I can be normal around her i crack jokes and she finds them funny and she thinks im awesome (actually) but she is so quiet and i dont know what it is but it seems like she is using me to get to mate which is her ex and it doesnt feel like its real, which i dont expect it to be im only 17 not 25. I like to think things realistcally, everyone of my friends keeps going youll find the one perfect and if you love her go for it. Here is the thing, because i think things realistacally i dont believe in that i think its just funny and ironic. Ironic because when you find someone you love doesnt mean its real could be a primal urge to make a baby and when they find that out they become dissapointed and soon dump the person. One of my friends she uses men like a new toy or game, she plays with them, then gets bored with them, I just sit there and laugh at her.

I bet you didnt expect that major segway.
Thank you for reading my blog
yours truly Mrtazaman.


Mrtazaman Blog

I believe a topic sentence is required.
I am Tarrant Hartstone and I live in a smaal town in the south west of western australia. I've never actually tried blogging before but im hopeing that I'll get hooked on it. I've finally made some progress with everything im somewhat getting good marks at school and that means im going to graduate next week( Hooray) and i just got a letter that I am going to tafe to start my Media course. So i am over the moon, Kind of, I recently discovered that I cant find my drafts for a assignment I was supposed to do not that long ago so im stressing but im hoping a little trick i found out will save me. I am currently downloading a game called ERIE i saw it on pewdiepies channel and thought hey i can do a video about that, But sometimes i wonder that if the Bro army watches they would think that i am just trying to copy there captian PewDiePie, Oh well if they do they can just bitch about it to themselves.

I also recently got the game Dishonered, Its combat reminds me of Dark messiah with the option to get adreniline kills with a perk and the parry system, But the stealth is crazy I myself is big fan of stealth in any game there is something sastifying of stabbing some when they least expect it or sniping someone from 727m away (battlefeild 3 headshot record) But the only problem with that game is *WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS* is that the story is to short there are 9 missions overall and they are not lengthy, I also thought that Dunwall Would be more accesible like a free roam type of thing it has that but too a degree, They also have the choices idea like anyother new game on the market, It is quite funny how the developers are trying a Peter Molinuex (the director of Fable and Head of lion gate studios) type of approach to games Because he had the general idea of choices in games to begin with. Anyway Dishonered is a grat game but when you beat it five times in six days it loses its touch to thrill you after a while.

Thank you for reading my blog, Yours truly

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