Kittens and Explosions. The two things people love on the internet. I am a game critic and a sound designer. If you wish to make contact with me for sound design, specifically monster sounds and guns, I would be more than happy to contribute. Although I probably won't be able to work full-time on a project, I will help. I am also a music producer and work on Hardstyle, Hardcore, Electronic, and Dubstep. I am also a part of the Conscript team, working on sound design, so a lot of the beautiful clashing, banging, and voices you hear will be from me.

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Red Crucible

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While I found the graphics in this game to be rather . . tasteless, I do have to say that the game-play did not meet my expectations, and my expectations were that the game-play would match the graphics. It went straight up above my expectations.
I had a blast playing this, it is a rather fun web-browser shooter that runs on the Unity Engine. I was indeed blown away by the quality of the games delivery of gun-play and objective play.
Unfortunately there's a lot of things that bug me, the sound for once, the sound was below par and needs to be greatly improved, the annoying, "Die" phrase each time you stab or slash with your knife really irks me, and there were a few instances of lag even on a good server, but I think that just might be the engine or something, not the server.
The game really reminds me of a cleaned up Call of Duty with lowered graphics. It's a must try and I recommend it to any one who wants to just have a quick go at a random indie game.


+Game-play is excellent
+Active community
+Multiple objective based games
-Sound is bothersome
-Graphics are below average.

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