I'm planning on releasing a triple C title this holiday season (forget about holiday season - When It's Done ;) - but soon) 8)<directX 11 required, pong-like graphics>

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MrTambourineMan Aug 4 2010, 5:07pm replied:

Serbus :)

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MrTambourineMan Aug 4 2010, 5:05pm says:

Yea, that's pretty much a cutting edge model in a FPS 14 years ago :)

+1 vote   download: Ivan The Space Biker Player Model
MrTambourineMan Aug 4 2010, 11:40am says:

Very good!

+2 votes   media: Free Hazard Signs
MrTambourineMan Aug 3 2010, 4:55pm replied:

I like your writing style a lot, it's kinda' cute.

+2 votes   download: Zpo_RunOrDead
MrTambourineMan Aug 2 2010, 11:58am says:

I mean :0

+1 vote   media: Map
MrTambourineMan Aug 2 2010, 11:56am replied:

You stole my words! I wanted to say AWESOME as well! Very good work guys, tracking!

+1 vote   news: Steel Storm carnage
MrTambourineMan Jul 27 2010, 2:22pm says:

Ok, let me ask you a question that I'm really interested in.
How well did you do with Warlords, was it enough to finance Marauders or did you have to get additional financial resources? In one word were Warlords a successful project for you?

+3 votes   news: Q&A for Iron Grip: Marauders
MrTambourineMan Jul 24 2010, 7:09pm says:

^^This! A damn fine game!

+1 vote   media: Contra
MrTambourineMan Jul 23 2010, 12:04pm says:

Awesome dog(s)!

+6 votes   media: Spastic Floyd
MrTambourineMan Jul 21 2010, 5:41pm says:

Both games seem to be really really good, congratulations to the winner, the runner-up and all who participated!

+2 votes   news: Unity Giveaway Contest Winners
MrTambourineMan Jul 20 2010, 8:46am replied:

It has a vanilla hammer as well...

+3 votes   news: Alien Swarm SDK is free to all
MrTambourineMan Jul 19 2010, 10:47am replied:

This same thing happened to me as well, it's an alpha and this is a bug :)

+1 vote   game: FPS Terminator
MrTambourineMan Jul 19 2010, 7:09am says:

Looking very good!

+1 vote   news: Beta 3.0 status update: almost there.
MrTambourineMan Jul 17 2010, 8:53am says:

Awesome news, I'm 100% sure that we're gonna see tons of new maps and mods for this game in a very short time, can't wait!

+1 vote   news: Valve announce Alien Swarm
MrTambourineMan Jul 16 2010, 5:16am says:

Damn it, what have you done?!? Now I have to spend the whole afternoon checking out these awesome looking games :). Congrats to the finalists and all the participants!

+2 votes   news: Unity giveaway contest finalists!
MrTambourineMan Jul 14 2010, 6:42am says:

Haha, Tripwire you do have a good nose to pick up successful indie projects. Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with that and you have my full support (I own both RO and KF + one of it's skin packs). I'm sure that with your help this game will get even better, good luck!

+2 votes   news: Tripwire Interactive to Publish MSU Prize Winner – The Ball
MrTambourineMan Jul 11 2010, 11:58am says:

You still need to work on gameplay but graphically speaking your game surpasses most commercial tiles out there, congratulations!

+1 vote   media: Gameplay Trailer, July-9-2010
MrTambourineMan Jul 11 2010, 11:44am says:

IndieDB is great and all and I have it bookmarked, but I can get news from both indie and mod development on Moddb so I don't bother checking IndieDB on daily basis...

+3 votes   poll: IndieDB has been up for a bit now... thoughts?
MrTambourineMan Jul 8 2010, 12:04pm says:

That's what I call an artist ! :)

+4 votes   media: Concept to Gameplay
MrTambourineMan Jul 7 2010, 5:15pm says:


+1 vote   news: Rest In Peace Loran
MrTambourineMan Jul 6 2010, 5:02pm says:

Kickass, great gfx and use of engine, I have a question though - is it possible to kill terminators? In your videos you're emptying clip after clip after clip + throwing frags at them and they're still standing :). Tracking, really good stuff guys!

+1 vote   news: FPS Terminator now has an Indie page.
MrTambourineMan Jun 26 2010, 12:20pm says:

Wow, reminds me of the early custom made Quake 2 SP maps that came out in early '98 - the very best early Q2 user-created map was "Death is not worth trying" - good times :)

+2 votes   download: Stroggos Supply Station
MrTambourineMan Jun 14 2010, 8:40am says:

Gameplay looks much better than in mod IMO (I personally really disliked ball physics in a mod), art is of course top notch - as always! Good work.

+2 votes   news: New Video - First few minutes of the game
MrTambourineMan Jun 14 2010, 8:33am replied:

Doom HAS to be the grandfather of FPSs - it was the first game that had shotgun bind to number 3 - almost every fps since doom has a shotgun tied to number 3! ;)

+8 votes   poll: My all time favorite game is a sequel
MrTambourineMan Jun 6 2010, 10:17am replied:

If you have multiple paths, all available at the same time people are more likely to split than if you have only one and perhaps one minor detour possible. That's (probably) the reason why they did L4D2 this way (multiple paths are an option that only AI director 2.0 chooses - but the main path is always only one). The only reasonable way to make multiple paths is if you enable players to switch them instantly (like in the final bridge level in L4D - you can choose different "corridors" to go, but at all times you are a few seconds away from option to go to other "corridor").

+2 votes   news: I Hate Mountains Released
MrTambourineMan Jun 5 2010, 11:49am says:

I played it and I love it, however there is still some room for improvements - what bothered me the most is that last couple of maps are very dark - so dark in fact that your flashlight is of a little use. The other thing that should -in my humble opinion- be fixed is multiple paths trough level. This is a very cool concept on paper and it definitely is lots of fun and of replay value when playing with friends and having a headset with mike, but what tends to happen on pubs(my observation) is that couple of people go one way, the other two some other way and it spoils some fun. I hope my comment wasn't too harsh - truth be told your map pack is a long and joyful ride en par with valve's maps and definitely the best user made campaign for L4D by far. P.S. It'd be really cool if you converted this map pack for L4D2 as well - finale would rock in versus (charger powah!). P.P.S. I can't wait to see what surprises your future projects hold:)

+2 votes   news: I Hate Mountains Released
MrTambourineMan Jun 5 2010, 9:06am replied:

You can say that again!

+2 votes   media: Lakeside Finale
MrTambourineMan Jun 4 2010, 2:25pm says:

Woooooow, nice, it's about time this game got it's place on moddb. Watching! P.S. I thought you use Unity ?!

+1 vote   news: All signs point to yes!
MrTambourineMan May 31 2010, 2:17pm says:

Wow, I like these more than v1 :)

+1 vote   media: Arms v2
MrTambourineMan May 29 2010, 7:16pm says:

Wow, kickass trailer, I'm definitely gonna play it!

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