I'm planning on releasing a triple C title this holiday season (forget about holiday season - When It's Done ;) - but soon) 8)<directX 11 required, pong-like graphics>

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MrTambourineMan Feb 16 2011, 1:32pm says:

Hahaha, awesome work guys, really impressive!

+2 votes   game: Liquid Cubed
MrTambourineMan Dec 18 2010, 1:08pm replied:

They "should" pick a game they see fit and they did.

0 votes   article: Editors Choice - Most Innovative
MrTambourineMan Dec 18 2010, 9:57am says:

For everyone who disagrees, if you would take your time please and read what title says: EDITORS choice!

0 votes   article: Editors Choice - Most Innovative
MrTambourineMan Feb 6 2010, 11:52am says:

Pheeeew what a competition it was this year! I'm personally really glad with top10 list, I only wished that R&D would win but MWLL deserves this (double!) honor as well. A truly great year for mods :)

+3 votes   article: Players Choice - Mod of the Year
MrTambourineMan Aug 19 2009, 9:22am replied:

HL is valve's IP.

+2 votes   mod: HL 1 Inside HL 2
MrTambourineMan Apr 25 2008, 2:33pm says:

Downloading it now :). Filefront [USA] seems to be the fastest of all mirrors even though I'm DLing it in Slovenia...

+2 votes   article: Get a Life : 2 days left !
MrTambourineMan Dec 14 2010, 3:18pm says:

It's great bundle, but they really did put more effort into rap theme song for HIB1 (Hint: Youtube.com ) :)

+2 votes   article: Humble Indie Bundle 2 - IT'S ALIVE!!
MrTambourineMan Dec 13 2010, 6:24pm says:

Damn brilliant, voted.

+3 votes   game: Octodad
MrTambourineMan Dec 11 2010, 8:06pm says:

Really good.

+1 vote   media: Comics Page 3
MrTambourineMan Dec 11 2010, 3:20am says:

Hats off, voted!

+2 votes   media: Primal Carnage - Alpha Gameplay Teaser
MrTambourineMan Dec 11 2010, 3:16am says:

Wooow, wonder how did you get this water into goldsrc hehe :) Kickass trailer.

+1 vote   article: Cry of Fear - Mod of the Year 2010
MrTambourineMan Dec 8 2010, 1:16pm says:

Excellent interview, we want moooooore!

+1 vote   article: Interview(s) with Notch!
MrTambourineMan Dec 7 2010, 4:24am says:

Very nice, tracking.

+1 vote   article: WARSOUP
MrTambourineMan Dec 6 2010, 6:47am replied:

We should probably ask Wikileaks.

+3 votes   article: Granny vehicles!
MrTambourineMan Dec 5 2010, 3:44pm replied:

You bet.

+2 votes   article: The Modding Hall of Fame
MrTambourineMan Dec 5 2010, 3:43pm says:

Very good video, tracking.

+1 vote   article: In Country: Vietnam Teaser Trailer
MrTambourineMan Dec 5 2010, 3:23pm says:

Awesome, just awesome!

+2 votes   article: The Modding Hall of Fame
MrTambourineMan Dec 2 2010, 5:40pm says:

No problem, I'm really impressed by your work but you have to promote your game more because I nearly missed it and the only reason that I did check it out was because of the trailer news on the front page. By the looks of it it's definitely commercial quality, more so than most FPS indies released so far. Keep up the good work, good luck and don't die :)

+1 vote   member: Jonny_T
MrTambourineMan Dec 2 2010, 4:30pm says:

Top stuff, the very best I've seen done in UDK so far!

+3 votes   article: The Spire – 2010 Teaser Trailer
MrTambourineMan Dec 1 2010, 6:33am says:

That's a familiar place :)

+1 vote   media: Hollywood Holocaust Streets
MrTambourineMan Nov 30 2010, 5:44am says:

Awesome idea.

+1 vote   media: Sledgehammer
MrTambourineMan Nov 29 2010, 6:37am replied:

More than Crysis it reminds me of Dead Space.

+1 vote   article: Carriers. Boss. Yeah
MrTambourineMan Nov 26 2010, 10:57am replied:

Not a good idea :) En.wikipedia.org

+7 votes   mod: WWI Source
MrTambourineMan Nov 24 2010, 5:19am says:

Wooooooow, looks totally cool! This game should appear on Xbla and PSN store as well - I'd definitely buy it for Xbox, since I much rather enjoy platformers on console!

+2 votes   article: Diamond Dan. Yes you can....
MrTambourineMan Nov 21 2010, 2:00pm says:

Woooow.... I guess no one invented the word to describe how cool this mod looks yet.

+1 vote   article: The Big Media Release!
MrTambourineMan Nov 21 2010, 11:06am says:

Awesome, now all we need is Battle of Caporetto :) Oh yeah, and you've got my vote as well.

+1 vote   article: Single-player campaigns.
MrTambourineMan Nov 20 2010, 6:24pm replied:

On the other hand, it's not that expensive :)

+1 vote   article: WoP Comic Shots workshop in Dresden
MrTambourineMan Nov 20 2010, 6:20pm says:

I vote for nr. 1.

+2 votes   article: The I Hate Mountains Autumn News
MrTambourineMan Nov 15 2010, 5:28pm says:

It's good, it would be legen - wait for it - dary if there was something like Research & Development to vote for this year as well. Good games and good mods this year around as well though.

+13 votes   poll: What do you guys think of MOTY 2010 so far?
MrTambourineMan Nov 13 2010, 1:58am replied:

Left one +1!

+2 votes   media: More tough choices
MrTambourineMan Oct 29 2010, 5:03pm says:

Your logo is just second to none.

+1 vote   download: Tactical op4 redux weapons
MrTambourineMan Oct 28 2010, 5:33pm says:

MrTambourineMan wants to use Desura!

+1 vote   article: Desura is opening up
MrTambourineMan Oct 26 2010, 4:14pm says:

....and everybody's favorite: Rock Paper Shotgun: Rockpapershotgun.com

+1 vote   article: New reviews - Release imminent
MrTambourineMan Oct 16 2010, 10:57am replied:

Notch.tumblr.com - Sapienti sat.

+1 vote   article: Cubelands beta is opening for IndieDB!
MrTambourineMan Oct 7 2010, 6:29pm replied:

Sadly I must agree here, the early versions that were available (probably as a part of MSU contest) didn't really impress me gameplay-wise. And like SinKing said: this game has it all, interesting art-style, good story, good art, excellent level design, good idea, good audio etc. etc. but when the rubber hits the road result just wasn't what I expected it to be. I hope your commercial version has better gameplay, in that case I'm definitely buying. Good luck!

+4 votes   article: Release Date: October 26 - Killing Floor DLC Character - Mystery Monday Contest
MrTambourineMan May 23 2012, 8:07am says:

This I want to see :) Thanks!

+1 vote   media: Cry of Fear Making of - Episode 1
MrTambourineMan May 7 2011, 7:11pm replied:

Not really, I do admit that when I pirate COD it's a felony and when I did it with Mafia it was as well. But, I will probably buy COD somewhere in the near future (for MP), I won't buy Mafia since it was IMO a very underwhelming experience, especially compared to original Mafia and GTAIV (which I purchased of course). I don't buy until my money is gone, on the other hand I many-a-times wait for quite a long time until I HAVE enough money. I only pirate a handful of games I wouldn't buy in the first place(bad excuse I know, but I could have easily lived without pirating that two games). It has nothing to do with Activision - EA. I found a good price on DVD.co.uk so I bought BC2, if it was COD I'd buy that... P.S. I also bought Magicka right after release and I preordered BC2: Vietnam in last year.I can't really understand your animosity, since I DO BUY wast majority of games, I'd really like to see your honest statistics since you're obviously without a sin.

+7 votes   article: How can we lower game piracy?
MrTambourineMan May 7 2011, 12:45pm replied:

P.S.When I was a kid with no money to spend and without digital distribution channels and without credit card I pirated pretty much everything. (But that was like 10 years ago and those WERE different times).

+3 votes   article: How can we lower game piracy?
MrTambourineMan May 7 2011, 12:39pm says:

I do admit that I pirate some games (1 or 2 a year) but I buy around 10 games a year. The reason why I do pirate some is a. They come from major company with big sales + I don't have enough money (really!) (aehm... COD :) ) b. I don't really intend to play them trough. Last year I torrented MafiaII (the reason was bad reviews but I wanted to make sure) and COD7 (no good excuse beside point a.). But I bought GOW2,Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space, Metro2033, Napoleon TW, L4D2, VVVVV, Tales of Monkey Island, Stalker: COP, Multiwinia, Killing Floor, Command &Conquer 3 (a little late to the party :) ), Battlefield BC2(those are the ones I can remember). I usually buy on sales ( monetary reasons) with exception of indies which I buy full price as well (which is lower than AAA titles anyway).
EDIT: I usually buy PC games via digital distribution and Xbox games in a box.

+3 votes   article: How can we lower game piracy?
MrTambourineMan Feb 2 2011, 3:36pm says:

Atmosphere in this game is really second to none, what bothers me is the fact that you have to put a goddamn bulletstorm (no pun intended)to take down a single robot and overall inaccuracy of the firearms (those two problems are probably closely related).

+2 votes   media: Act 3 gameplay preview
MrTambourineMan Dec 22 2010, 12:43pm says:

Congratulations, well deserved.

+1 vote   article: Nehrim awarded Best Singleplayer Mod 2010
MrTambourineMan Aug 11 2010, 10:43am says:

Wow, it's looking very very good, I really hope and believe that this will be a breakthrough you were waiting for.

+2 votes   article: Iron Grip: Marauders Beta Trailer and Sign-Ups
MrTambourineMan Aug 4 2010, 11:40am says:

Very good!

+2 votes   media: Free Hazard Signs
MrTambourineMan Jul 16 2010, 5:16am says:

Damn it, what have you done?!? Now I have to spend the whole afternoon checking out these awesome looking games :). Congrats to the finalists and all the participants!

+2 votes   article: Unity giveaway contest finalists!
MrTambourineMan Jan 17 2010, 7:50am says:

Everything about this game is awesome, but it's name ;). Tracking.

0 votes   article: Codename: Dead Bird - Official Trailer
MrTambourineMan Dec 23 2009, 3:50pm says:

Great first post plus cool logo you have :) really!

+1 vote   article: Lukewarm Media Goes Indie
MrTambourineMan Nov 5 2009, 2:01pm replied:

It depends what you wanna do - Unity is more for casual/browser/iphone games - UE3 is for Hardcore developers to be honest(well trained, well coordianted teams).

+4 votes   article: Unreal Engine 3 Free to Indies
MrTambourineMan Jun 11 2009, 5:01pm says:

Yaaay, that's great, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

+1 vote   article: More Members! More Work!
MrTambourineMan May 10 2009, 11:14am replied:

TF2 is excellent and so is CS. I don't care what you think but gameplay in Office and Dust2 is PERFECT for public servers. I'll always take quality over quantity.

+2 votes   article: Killing Floor Interview - Alex Quick
MrTambourineMan Mar 28 2009, 5:44pm replied:

Try disabling steam community overlay in-game.In steam go to File-Settings-In-Game- uncheck Enable Steam Community.

+3 votes   article: Decadence 1.0 Client & Dedicated Server is released!
MrTambourineMan Feb 26 2009, 4:57pm says:

Thumbs up for the winners, and thumbs down for two idiots in these comments.

+1 vote   media: Best Multiplayer Mod
MrTambourineMan Feb 7 2009, 8:18am says:

<3 your Videocasts!

+2 votes   article: Unknown Worlds Videocast #8
MrTambourineMan Jan 23 2009, 11:11am replied:

Carmack said "probably"...

+2 votes   engine: id Tech 4
MrTambourineMan Jan 16 2009, 10:10am says:

You really need help, because this mod looks just too cool, sorry I can't lend you a hand ;(

+2 votes   mod: Total Recall
MrTambourineMan Dec 24 2008, 10:12am says:

Now, that was pretty good article (nothing strikingly new though)!

+1 vote   article: Characteristics of Successful Game Designers
MrTambourineMan Nov 23 2008, 4:45pm says:

Wow, Max Payne 2 engine actually still looks good!

+2 votes   article: Announcing 7th Serpent: Genesis
MrTambourineMan Jun 17 2008, 5:05pm says:

Excellent video,but music does not fit my taste :)

+1 vote   article: Grayshot Created before your eyes
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