My name Is Mr. nuke AKA THE SCREAMING COMMUNIST. I kick ass when my ass isn't being kicked. Currently working on, developing, and advising on a bunch of mods, I'm not giving you my age but I have graduated high school.

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Game Review on Nov 20th, 2013

Easily one of the most underrated games of the past decade. It was great to see B.J. Blaskowitz back in action in this latest installment. Gameplay was fun, and faced paced, just like wolf3d and RTCW. The gritty WW2 atmosphere of isendstat (I know I spelt that wrong, get over it) mixes perfectly with the pseudo science that the nazis have come up with this time. Any FPS nowadays can be accused of being a call of duty knockoff, as how generic their fps gameplay is, but this is another title worthy on the mantle of wolfenstein's past. Though it doesn't beat RTCW, it comes pretty damn close.

Human Error
9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 16th, 2011

wow were do i start, hmm ill just start iwth the bad things about this mod cause id be typing too long if i listed the good things, the weapon slots can only hold thing is annoying and u should be able to take battery from your stun stick back to your suit. THATS IT. this mod is heavy on story and one of the few mods that was released that lets u play as a cp. the ghostly appearances of your dead girlfriend are weard and unique, plus the apc part was awesome, im sick of working 4 the rebels.
GOOD WORK GUYS hope to see a sequel. you guys should make one that takes place during the renosance cascade at black mesa, just an idea, but a good high quality mod, nice work!

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