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Mr.Lee Jul 27 2010 says:

Outstanding model, the first thought that came to me was 'will this be the next great thing on the list'
Darius is just awesome.

keep up the great work guys!

+1 vote   media: Kadeshi Destroyer
Mr.Lee Jan 14 2010 says:

i love you, for bringing so much nice memories back from my childhood.
this was the first game i ever bought from my own money!

great mod i sure gonna check it out.

+1 vote   news: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.10 Released!
Mr.Lee Jan 4 2010 says:

this reminds me of that old trailer where tiberium sun was announced with all kinds of cinematics.
it was included on the Red Alert disc i believe.

+1 vote   media: Presenting, Wolverine!
Mr.Lee Jan 1 2010 says:

is that an old runway?

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage-Concept Art
Mr.Lee Dec 31 2009 says:

the bare chested guy reminds me of 'alan' from the Metal Slug series

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage-Concept Art
Mr.Lee Dec 31 2009 says:

i hate dinosaurs


+2 votes   media: Primal Carnage-Concept Art
Mr.Lee Dec 11 2009 replied:

i allmost thought you where going to ask what this structure does.
but then again you stated that you can read so never mind.

+1 vote   media: Barracks
Mr.Lee Dec 11 2009 says:

I hate traffic jams..

just shoot the hell through it!

+2 votes   media: Lumberyard's mass exodus (the accident)
Mr.Lee Nov 26 2009 buried:


5 months last update *sob*

don't let it get 6 guys... pls...

-12 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mr.Lee Nov 23 2009 says:

i like what i see.

keep it up!

+1 vote   media: Procedural map creating
Mr.Lee Oct 5 2009 replied:

he is probably somebody who uses his hands a lot while talking :D

+1 vote   media: Renegade X Demonstration Video
Mr.Lee Oct 4 2009 replied:

more challanger if you ask me

+6 votes   media: Predator Tank Render
Mr.Lee Sep 2 2009 replied:

allso add city17 to your list :D

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mr.Lee Sep 2 2009 says:

with every update im more eager to play it.
can't wait :)

+1 vote   news: Dear Esther Remake - Update 2
Mr.Lee Jul 22 2009 says:

though it is your first review i stil have want to say it could be more like a story, rather than only pros and cons.

and some things ive to be critial, like what is 'smart level layout'? what do you mean by that.
the interface 'like doom3' doesnt even come close.
the helicopter and gunship part isnt that hard.
and as an ender, why in hell do you need a HUD. it just doesnt cut it.

aside from all those things, i've to agree it is one splendid mod.
nice level design and some neat puzzles.
i'd recon as an experienced player you'll get for about 2 hours of gameplay.


+1 vote   review: An outstanding mod
Mr.Lee Jul 22 2009 replied:

If i remember correctly.
You have to do the following *SPOILERS*

-push the button
-fire at the crane with your gravity gun
-then you see domino

+1 vote   mod: Research and Development
Mr.Lee Jul 20 2009 says:

sailboat explosion you say.. mmmz... maybe make it explode into little cannon balls flying everywhere. and yes, paint jolley roger on them.
or let the explosion be a vortex since it is a wind powered ability :)
kinda like a tornado maybe.

+1 vote   mod: FragOut!
Mr.Lee Jul 19 2009 says:

wow.. i'm struck with amazement

+1 vote   media: Tauren Start Area - Mulgore
Mr.Lee Jul 19 2009 says:

This stuff is amazing.
Nice to see what you can do.
But isn't it like taking a step back?
I don't mean to be rude or anything but wow is there and it is great.
Why constrict yourself with the difficulties of an engine that isn't all forgiving.

DOTA allso said goodbye to war3 since they had isues.

btw i'm just hoping for a great warcraft II recreation for war3 but hey that's me.
I'll be following your progres, you got me interested.

+1 vote   mod: WarCraft III: World of WarCraft
Mr.Lee Jul 19 2009 says:

looks promising.
especially the valley of trails compared to the old version.
Thats a big leap forward.

cheers and keep up the great work!

+2 votes   media: Roof Updated AGAIN
Mr.Lee Jul 19 2009 says:

This is my favorite puzzle.
After this comes the nitro upgrade offcourse!

+1 vote   media: Research and Development
Mr.Lee Jul 19 2009 says:

Ok, so i've never heard of this mod till i red about it on PHL.
Just like the original HL 11 years ago this totaly blew me away.
I've had such a good time playing this so here are my pro's and con's.

-nice to see some custom objects
-good use of the particle and effect render
-guidance lights (very usefull)
-sweet puzzles
-great ending

-no player model (you know when, i will not spoil)
-the big falling tower rendered in the way valve does (I can't remember what it's called
-easy puzzles
-hit registring on 'use' such as keypad and valves

I especially like to mention that I very much liked the puzzel with the energy and lights in the laboratory.
Btw ever since HL2 came out me and some friends fantasised about a game mode where you have to construct things.
Kinda like garry's mod only with a purpose.
Maybe you know the TV-shot from the Discovery channel, Junkyard wars or scrapheap challange. Build stuff and battle eachother.
In my opinion you made a shot at it and came close. I loved it.

Thank you for your creativity, i won't be the last to say i enjoyed your mod.
Cheers and keep up the nice work (A Team style)!

+2 votes   mod: Research and Development
Mr.Lee Feb 17 2009 replied:

no, it does not.
the hull looks more like the one from a 'Obyekt 279'
soviet heavy tank

-2 votes   media: Longhorn Render
Mr.Lee Jan 27 2009 says:

I just have to put a little W00t up in here.
For you guys have put my favorite Goldeneye weapon IN MP!! WTF


ps. the phantom offcourse

+1 vote   news: GES: Beta 3 Trailer
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