Hey i'm William Sullivan but you can call me Billy, i love creating things, and every chance i have i do so. currently i'm having a gap year after completing my secondary schooling but doing a Cert 4 in Interactive Games, before going on to do a Bachelor of Interactive Media and Animation at RMIT next year. I will post picture and updates on a Survival Horror Game set in Medieval times. Please comment and let me know your thoughts :) Cheers

Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Sucking/Teleporting Shooting thing!

0 comments by MrBillyGoatsGruff on Jul 4th, 2013

Who doesn't want a game with a vortex sucky thingy! ha, today i spent a bit of time putting in a mechanic where when you use your vortex to suck in an object, that object will be randomly spawned somewhere else in the game, this includes if your skilled enough to suck in Demons! so beware, just because you suck them up doesn't mean they're gone ;)

P.S this means you might walk round the corner and find random chair/books scattered around the floor ha.  

Let us know what you think of that!


Report abuse New Interactive Menu Screen

0 comments by MrBillyGoatsGruff on Jul 3rd, 2013

Here's a quick look at what the menu will look like, i wanted an interactive way for the player to learn the controls, why is there no controls listed you ask? well that i haven't put in yet, this will simply be each control listed as a 3D test similar to the " play" and "exit"  and will be displayed along the walls.

Report abuse Todays Success

0 comments by MrBillyGoatsGruff on Jul 2nd, 2013

Considering i woke up at lunch time today i've managed to get a fair bit done today. ( i guess technically lunch time yesterday )  Although the past few days haven't been all that great. I had obtained what seemed to be the Game Dev version of a writers block, stuck for ideas on how to make my game actually interesting to play, and even more important, having an actual objective! But alas, today i was just hanging out looking out the window, drinking a coffee, and it stuck me, i don't think i should say what stuck me, as i don't want to ruin anything or spoil the game before it comes out ha, but something stuck me! inside my head of course, not physically. 

Aaandd my terrible humor has already shown itself, in the first post, pretty good huh?

Anyway  i managed to code and impliment all my ideas in just a few hours, which to me was such a nice experience since i've only been coding for maybe 4 months now? probably longer, but hey, that's not the point, it was just nice to empty my mind onto a blank script and it ACTUALLY working. Instead of the old "nullreferenceexception" error and spending the next 10 hours abusing my screen.

Cheers, hopefully someone reads this and somewhat enjoys my banter.

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