Mainly active as Coder/Texture arstist. For games Like: Dawn of war 1 & 2 Total war Series Company of heroes.

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Mr_V Dec 4 2010, 10:43pm says:

Yes !!

This is great stuff, finally a mod that i can work on.
i have been trying to compile a mod for days now to no avail.
and then i come across this, just what i need.

thanks for this, why did they have to make the SDK with a learning gurve of 90 degrees,
i mean other games have fairly understandable mod tools,
so far source has one of the hardest to understand :(.

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Mr_V Nov 23 2010, 7:16pm says:

Hey, dude i know it's been a very long while, you might not even remember it.
but I was the one who was developing the advance wars mod for rise of nations.
as you might have noticed it has been abandoned.
this was partly due lack of time, and Ron was old when i started the mod and it just got to outdated.

i have another PC now so i do not have files anymore either.
but anyway what i really wanted to say was;
hey thanks for the support and happy modding to you.

if you have Company of Heroes you might be pleasantly surprised in the near future ;)

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Mr_V Feb 16 2010, 5:34pm says:

@ Jinzor, have you ever played Advance wars or have you looked at the screens closely? then you would see it is not a dull colour change.
and well the level of detail in Rise of nations isn't all that great, I'' m trying my best to not make it look like a blob of colour, but if you knew advance wars you'd know it kind of is supposed to look like that ;).

And in further news, the mod is progressing slowly very very slowly. but it's not dead yet either, and for all the people interested out there I promise to have new screenies up in a shorter time and will try to make em more hihger quality so it wont look like a blob of colour ;)

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Mr_V Jan 23 2010, 2:11pm replied:

well, it's quite late but leeuw01 (are you dutch/belgian ?)
i could use a texture artist, or if you mean that you can really make new models then that would be even better.

and for the rest i have been out for a while whit X-mas newyear, and had some gigs with the band im in so havent had time. but i'm ready to to rock again , so do expect some new screens and other news the following weeks.

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