Just a norwegian guy at age of 17 that loves making Source Engine mods. Mostly horror-mods, haven't released any though... But me and my buddy Roger is working on a mod atm called "The Entity". It was called "Mansion of Nightmares" once, but then we agreed that we wasn't happy with it and it didn't really describe the mod's content.

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Hey there, i am Mr Fancypantz and i would like to announce a mod me and my buddy Roger is making. It's a horror mod created in the Source Engine (Half-Life 2 engine). It's currently in development , but we have had such a good start at it and we are happy that it will be our first mod.

Now , i can tell a little from the mod of what is going to happen in it.
You are a paranormal investigator, you have herd rumors that there is a mansion not far away from a town called Narvik is haunted, the mansion have been abandoned for quite som time and all of it sudden people are walking behind the curtains, peeking out of the windows , lights are flickering, people disappearing once they go inside. This is a job for a paranormal investigator, even though it seems very dangerous. But it have to be done by someone, and you are up for the job!

Now that is all i can tell for now, but if you liked what you read , please keep on with us to the release of the mod. We will ofcourse post screenshots and information about the mod upwards to the release.

Trailer will come out as soon as we feel the mod is ready for it.

Hope this catches interest!

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Just 2 guys from Norway who likes to create mod's for the Source Engine.

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