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Moss @ Mod watch is back

Will we be getting links to the mod and the game it's for back for news articles? 'Cause it's the only thing that's really been bothering me about V4. Apart from that, keep up the good work, V4 is made of awsomesauce!

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Moss @ Mount & Blade

Thought it could use a better description:
M&B;is an RPG set in a fictous (but based on reality) medieval world (OMG!). At the moment it's at version 8.94, the dev team released the game as a beta a long time ago (a year and a half I think) and it's been going in leaps and bounds ever since, flourishing on a strong community and a solid dev team, who are frequently releasing new updates to the game (for free of course) as they move towards a commercial release at v1.0 (probably on steam for much more than there charging now =P). It's by no means a traditional RPG your character is neither a) a one man army or b) the centre of the game world and the game play is completely different to any traditional rpg. Picture something along the lines of medieval total war as an rpg and you'll be getting the drift.
Long story short, it's a great game with excellent sandbox game play (in the current version there is no "main quest"), one of the best melee combat systems ever, good graphics (ignore the screen shots up here, there from a much older version before it was overhauled with bumpmapping was introduced), massive battles (in the default game around one hundred and something NPC's all up, with the battlesizer mod up to a couple of hundred each side, and with a descent computer it'll actually run), great gameplay (I've lost hours at a time to this game, from trying to take over the world one siege at a time to just gogling at the ragdoll when you lance a horse, it's one of the funnest games I've ever played).
On top of all that it has one of the broadest, dedicated and prolific modding communities I've ever seen. Some of the best mod's I've ever played have been for this game, the ones on moddb aren't anything special, just tweaks. Honsetly I've seen more quality total conversions for this game than any other, everything from feudal japan, cro-magnam man, sci-fi and the lord of the rings TC's have been made (usually as good if not better than the origonal).

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Moss @ Tyranid Cruiser

Nice, I was a little worried for a while. ;-)

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Moss @ Dark Source

Storyline reminds meof serenity (not the colapse of society, the "source" bit). Well I can only hope. =) The concept art looks great, probably one of the mods I'm going to have to play with all the lights on and an axe by the side of the computer. =)

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Moss @ fex31

"it would be cool if someone made a warhammer 40k mod with tyranid ships"

Check out the "Gothic Commander mod" for Supcom.

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Moss @ phoenix299

Not sure if someones emailed you with a solution yet, but if you wan't to fix your resolution in homeworld 2 all you have to do is open up the shortcut and add -w 1280 -h 1024 or whatever you wan't the resolution to be at the end of the target path. It should look like:

"C:\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe" -w 1280 -h 1024

You might need the patch though.

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