SUCCESS!!! The mod can be found on my new website here: See post below for new website address. A promise is a promise... This current version of the Eras mod is finished. It still has a few bugs that are explained in the read me file. The website is not done and the Forum section is mostly hidden because I am still building it. However the site is done enough to host the Eras mod.

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2 comments by modernknight1 on Jun 10th, 2014

15 February 2015

Almost 700 downloads in 40 days. Not bad. 92 members on the new site at Buccaneer's Reef.

Almost 7000 visits in 40 days. Increasing dialogue and work on the mod. A patch will be coming out in mid to late March which will fix a few bugs. It will also add several new ships and there are a bunch of new reskins. Several new characters and 16 new items.

This patch will only be available to members at Buccaneers Reef.

Thanks for the interest and I hope some of you might volunteer to help or contribute on the site.


15 January 2015

Lots of new topics and pics on my new website.

Mod has had over 500 downloads since December 27th.

Even though the mod is over 7GB I am told that it only takes an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half to download using MEGA.

Website has had over 3000 visits since New Years.

Will post a couple teasers here. Come on over to the new website and look at the new screenshots on FLICKR here:

Still adding to the mod and will have enough for a patch soon.


SUCCESS!!!! using the new MEGA site built by Kim Dotcom hosted in New Zealand. I will never use Mediafire again.

So the forums aren't finished and I am still working on the registration and Join Us capability. However the site is finished enough to take a look at and of course host the GOF ERAs 2 mod. So go to my new website:

I'm so sorry gents. Two more failures. It takes about five hours to upload. The really disheartening thing on this last one is that 100 percent loaded and then it said FAILURE due to an IO error. I am upgrading to a business class account and will try again. Total waste of a day trying to get this out to everyone.

Its doing good. Halfway there in two hours. Here's hoping it goes in clean tonight. Here's some screenshots of the latest skins and location signs that got put in before this release.

26 December 2014: Another failed day of trying to upload the mod. I get it almost done and it stops. I at least fixed another bug before I tried the next upload. Its attempting again. I am going to bed and see if it succeeded in the morning. Tomorrow is the day I'm certain of it!

25 December 2014: Sorry folks. Problems uploading. I think it may be because of all the increased holiday traffic. No worries it will get uploaded. Keep checking. I will get it uploaded. MK

24 December 2014: Keep checking back. Its still uploading. It will be available sometime during Christmas Day. Merry Christmas. MK

20 OCT 2014: Hello All. Here is this weeks progress. I have mainly been reskinning and reclassing Merchant vessels to better balance encounters. I am also working on a couple more Spanish warships. The Neptune is coming along really nice and I am more proud of her than anything I have done yet. You will see my work on her later this week. This adds a distinctly mid 17th century Spanish warship to the game. When I get my

Dutch Yacht finished in Maya I think I may take on the "Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion". I have found

excellent surviving plans and models of her. She is HUGE and VERY GOLDEN AGE/17th century.

The pics up right now are of the new merchants. The version of the Pinnace that I made to represent that type of ship in continental merchant fleets really turned out nice. One of the skins I call "El Sol"(the Sun) turned out so nice and is an homage to the late famous tatto artist Greg Irons. I added his famous

picture from the Pirate Book on Flickr so that people can compare. I think I did pretty good.

So I made some really interesting discoveries on my contining research of 17th century ships. Once again relying on Spanish sources rather than English I discovered a neat little ship called a "Zabra". Over the course of history in the New World there were quite a few times when the Terra Firma and New Spain Flotas (Treasure Fleets) would be so damaged by storms or threatened by enemies in the area that the King of Spain would order the Flotas to stay in place and make repairs or wait. When the fleet was very heavily crippled which happened quite a few times it could take a year to repair and get on its way. This was not acceptable to the Spanish Crown that relied so heavily on the income from the treasure fleets. So the King would dispatch small fleets of Zabras. Zabras were of a specifically Catalonian design with a Flemish influence. Often these ships were commissioned to be built by the King himself and constructed by the best Catalonian and Flemish ship builders available in the employ of the Spanish Crown.

Zabras were already used as couriers and could make the Atlantic passage in as little as 20 days. This is remarkable when one considers that the treasure fleets took three to four months to make the passage. The Zabra was not only one of the fastest ships in the Spanish Navy, but she was also well armed for her size which averaged around 250 tons (vice the average galleon that weighed between 500 to 1000 tons). By sending fleets of 3 to 12 Zabras, the King could get a sizeable amount of treasure in his coffers in less than two months time from the moment he gave the order to sail. So I gathered as much information I could find about the Zabra and found that she had the lines of the Flemish/Dutch pinnaces combined with features of the English and Spanish fast galleons. She was in use from the middle of the 16th century up to the last quarter of the 17th century. So I chose a model that would look most like her 17th century incarnation. I will probably eventually model one based on some woodcuts I found, but for now thought she most resembles the little Pinnace from POTEHO that I morphed and called English Pinnace. So here for your pleasure is my now Spanish version of her called the Zabra. I hope you like her. I made her very fast, distictly Spanish flavored and I think she is a pretty little vessel!

So now as to why I have not put the website up yet and distributed the mod out to you all? - you ask! So the primary reasons are that I have been very busy. Things have not been going as well as I would like. I have been travelling more than usual and I have not only been very engaged with personal and professional responsibilities, but on top of it all I have been injured...again! All this to say that I have been delayed with getting the mod finished and the website finished (although it IS almost ready!).

There have been good things happen as well. I have added several really cool new items. I fixed a bothersome bug with the Indian(Erikson) showing up instead of a new skeleton that I made for the encounters with Flying Dutchman raids on towns. Everything is fine now and you will never again see that pesky unrealistic Indian in the game ever again. I also fixed a bug with the additional fighters. I have tested four successfully and am now pushing to get five fighters.

I think four may be enough though. That extra fighter really gives you an advantage in quest fights. Two additional may be a little much.

I still very much appreciate your encouraging emails but I have to comment that negative nagging does not help me to finish. Also please do not say that I made promises or broke promises because that is just not so. I will remind everyone that I made this mod for ME and my closest family and friends. The only promise I have ever made is that I will get a website up and will release the ERas mods to you. I will honor that promise, but I have a problem meeting projected timelines and probably always will. I always have the best of intentions but I get sucked into so many distracting responsibilities or problems. I am sorry its not ready yet however I want to remind my fans of some reasons why I will not release yet....

*** When I initially released the mod I was still heavily involved in some transitional code involving

flags, weather, and sound. I should have never released it until I had it sorted out. It is of course

perfect now and does not crash during large battles, you have a better variety of flags than ever before than any pirate game existent, and there is no further graphical glitching or anomalies. However, becaue I felt so pressured by fans, I released anyway. What a mistake! While so many of you enjoyed it anyway, there were others that just raked me over the coals. In fact one of the staff members at PA! who I regarded as a

friend (Hylie) called it a "buggy mess". That really hurt. So all that to say that I will not release it

until I have it just right and you guys will be in heaven when you play it. We are very close!

So on to the website, It is so close, but there are still a couple of subject areas I am trying to get
finished up and I am trying to finish one of my stories as well so that you will have the whole thing up

I also plan to very prominently display a statement of forgiveness to all those that wronged me at the top of the site that explains the reasons why I was driven to create this new site in the first place. When all

that business was happening I told them there was no reason we couldn't cooperate but they weren't they will see what a true Historical Pirate Genre website SHOULD look like!!! LOL! I know

many of you that are my friends or fans, left PA! after what they did to me and I appreciate your loyalty.

I also must apologize that I have not got the new site up and running yet so all of you COAS junkies like me will have a new Forum home.

Even though I still feel horribly wronged and unfairly villified - and those of you who know me, know that

I am who I have always said I am. I am a retired US Army Colonel and sims/ enterprise expert. I am not a hacker - never have been - and I am not at all a bad person - OR all of these other people that I have been accused of being - (any person who really wanted to take it upon themselves to dig for the actual truth, could see who is me and who is not based on IPs and location traces.). They banned all of my interested

relatives and friends that I had encouraged to join and contribute and had at one time or another used my netbooks (IPs) or my main 10 port CAT5 router IP. Most of those folks just signed up on PA! as a favor to me and it was really no big deal to them, but it hurt me anyway and it especially deeply hurt me personally

because of all the time, effort and love I put into PA! for so long - and - as I don't think I deserved

that kind of treatment after so much contribution....I will say again that I was never warned.), I am still going to offer the statement of forgiveness regardless and offer the olive branch because I want to see our hobby grow (why can't we all just get along) and the interest in our great game COAS to expand.

I'm not a monster...I am a dedicated Age of Sail and Pirate historian, afficionado, and video game

hobbyist. Otherwise why would I have this blog page and my Flickr site? Why would I spend so much time writing on this subject and crafting a historically authentic mod with correct period ships, characters and weapons? Would a troll and hacker do that? No...but a dedicated hobbyist would.....which is what afterall....I truly am.....and anyone with a brain in their head can clearly see that.

I think I can safely say that everything will be up and running and ready to go (and the mod released)
before Christmas(probably much sooner), but I DON'T WANT to MAKE ANY PROMISES. OK???

I will make one limited offer however....while I have my new modeller friend hard at work on some things that we will enjoy next year, for ANY modellers (including guys I already know) that want to join me or contribute new models to my effort, once I have received an agreement with you - and new model(s) have been received, I will give you a working link to the current working version of ERAS2 to play. So just contact me at my email and lets talk!

PAX, my friends! MK

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modernknight1 Creator
modernknight1 Jan 19 2015, 12:16am says:

OK I rebuilt the website tonight. You guys should be able to get memberships that were having trouble before. Let me know. I think it looks better anyway.

+1 vote   reply to comment
modernknight1 Creator
modernknight1 Jan 12 2015, 11:40pm says:

Where's the love? Come on betas I need you right now.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarthTuvok Dec 29 2014, 3:46am says:

since I cannot register atm, the tab overlaps over the registration ;)

I have to thank you for releasing this masterpiece.

i downloaded it and thought: oh well 7gb here we go.
Then i zipped it and saw its actual size! 30 ******* GB!!!!

Played only 1 hour but its epic as it is^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
modernknight1 Creator
modernknight1 Dec 29 2014, 5:44am replied:

I fixed the overlap problem. Please try registering again. Also if you simply push the "Join Us" tab it will take you to the registration.

Thanks for the compliment. I won't disagree. I think my mod is indeed "EPIC".


+1 vote   reply to comment
Boyal1982 Jan 18 2015, 11:00am replied:

Tried to join you still have an overflow
Warning: array_shift() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas06_data03/09/2363509/html/wp-content/plugins/simple-social-buttons/simple-social-buttons.php on line 286

+1 vote     reply to comment
modernknight1 Creator
modernknight1 Jan 18 2015, 9:42pm replied:

Did you try joining using a phone?

I noticed the overlap is still there on smart phones.

+1 vote   reply to comment
weldo123 Dec 25 2014, 3:47pm says:

MK I wanted to tell you negative comments always follows successful people so think of it as a battle between you and those comments or the people who send those comments if you keep ignoring the negative comments and go on eventually those people will start give positive ones but if you gave up and saying that you will stop working and never become online again it will means that those people won and you lost the battle. also don't look at the empty half of the cup I am sure there are positive comments people commented even if the negative ones are more, but so what some people try to find successful people like you and let them down. I hope this one little comment will make you think about changing your mind about not continuing your work because I think that your work is a master piece of art.

+1 vote     reply to comment
modernknight1 Creator
modernknight1 Dec 29 2014, 12:25pm replied:

Thanks for the kind words. Bad things happening in my life the last few years have made me hyper sensitive to negativity. I try to surround myself with positive people - then only good things happen. I truly believe there is something to the modern theory of attraction.

+2 votes   reply to comment
DarthTuvok Dec 14 2014, 2:04pm says:

are you still working on it? there was no update for a while now :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
theriskyman Nov 30 2014, 11:35pm says:

Hello MK. Just passing by to see your work progress. I'm the puertorican guy. Let me know when you have your work completed. Have a good holiday season.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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