My friends already know who I am....all others I'm certain don't really care at all about that or about what I do/have writing anything more about myself here is useless. I do this modding thing with several of my favorite video games for fun as a hobby.

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2 comments by modernknight1 on Jun 10th, 2014

9/15/14: More breakthroughs! Good week. Many more photos like the ones above posted to Flickr! ========== ============ ============ ========== ============ ======== ========== ======= 9/02/14: Many more pics posted to FLICKR  Thank you for all of the supportive emails after the last announcement. Not one negative one! I can't believe it. A new modeler has joined me and he is more talented than any I've ever seen. So I am hoping for great things!!!! ============ ============== ========= 8/30/14: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Most of you will not like what I'm about to tell you but I must. I have had a GREAT year concerning my personal life and my professional life. Lots of new opportunities have presented themselves and I have sailed oceans, climbed and skied mountains, floated rivers, hiked trails and seen many people I love dearly. ==== ======= ===== ======== ========= ======= ===== =================== =========== ============= ========= ======= ========== ======== ===== ========== ================ However, one of the companies I was working with has gone back on our original understanding. Instead of developing a commercial Age of Sail Game they want me to go in a different direction and I am not interested. So the gaming division that I have built will continue on without me in the driver's seat. The good news is that much of the support, backing and talent I have put together are only interested in my original ideas. Having said that I will very likely start my own Gaming Development Company next year at some point. ======== ========= ========= =========== ============ ========= ========== ====== ============== ======== =========== ========== =========== ========== ============ ========== ================== As far as the new website is concerned and my hobby of video game modding goes, these things will continue, however not as I originally intended. The website will be stood up and offer the best content on the web with regards to historical articles about the Golden Age, the latest Age of Sail news, models, simulations/games, trivia, etc. Mods will also be offered. I will offer mini mods for members. =======  ========= =========== ============= ============= ========= ============= ========= ===== ============= ==== ====== HOWEVER, I am sorry to say that GOF Historical ERAS Mod 2 will only be offered to a select few that are trusted friends, Beta testers, and family. There are some very important reasons I am taking this drastic decision. The primary reason is all of the character assassination of myself and accusations made by individuals on other web sites that work in the genre of video game modding. I have been accused of taking ships and material without permission. I can assure everyone that 99 percent of ERAs content was taken with permission and 100 percent of the content has been recognized giving credit to where it came from. ========= ========= ========== =========== =========== ============= ======== ======== =============== ============= ============ ============ =========== ============ =========== === Now let me explain myself concerning the 1 percent I took without permission. Everything I took was from mods or material that was offered on the web for free. Everything I took was modified, often extensively from its original form. The people I took these items from had taken items from versions of the CMV and from GOF without asking permission from the GOF modders, so I followed in turn thinking that we had an open understanding considering they had taken content from us. Considering that Luke159 and myself are the only members of the original CMV and GOF team left around, permission should be asked of one of us.....but it hasn't been! So if they make these accusations at me, then I turn them right back around on them. =========== ============ ============== =============== ============= ================ ======== ============= ============ ============== ============== ========== ======== =============== === So what does this mean??? Well it means that I will be releasing many mini mods of my Characters, my Items, and my retextured and morphed Ship models. However I will not release ERAS2 publically because I do not want to give away my best secrets. My new harbor clutter behavior implementation will remain secret, my multiple fighters implementation will remain secret, my dozens of new islands and new locations capability will remain secret, my new multiple sail texture implementation will remain secret, my new multiple flag implementation will remain secret and my lower boarding deck implementation will remain secret. The way I implemented the multiple flags and the lower decks is much different than how it was done in POTC New Horizons or in the Russian mods, so no one is going to figure out how I did it. ================= ============== ================ ================ ================ ===== ======= ==== ============= The good news is that when my new website comes up public, you will be able to DL many of my new characters and ships for any version of GOF. However, since everyone in the community seems to have become so prudish and selfish I will follow suit. Anyone who wants to use any of MY content in their mods must have my express permission before they can use it. On top of this I will upload GOF ERAS Mod3 (the late era) on the new site. Since this mod will not have any new ships in it, I will allow complete downloads of it since it does not have any of the AWESOME breakthroughs in it yet that I achieved for mod two. It has a bunch of new late period characters that I have made that I don't care if people steal them from me anyway. So the encounters will be all late era ships that look correct for each nationality just like in ERAS2. ====== ========= =========== ============= ============= =============== ============= ======= ====== === I must apologize to my fans for such drastic action, but the pirate game community has been very unfair to me this year and this is the result. I have been accused multiple times by several individuals of attacking and hacking. I will state to everyone that I AM NOT, NEVER WAS, AND NEVER WILL BE A HACKER! In fact on the contrary I am the one that has been attacked, banned unfairly without warnings, and hacked by several members of these communities that I have been able to trace and identify because of my background and through some of my friends in the industry. Only one of these attacks was successful and it did not set me back that much. ======= ======== ========== =========== ==================== ============= ============= ============== ========== =========== ============= All of this is really unfortunate because I was hoping to work with some of these people when my website went public and I was even going to prominently showcase the German work there. Oh well, what a shame. The good news is that I have made many new Russian friends and the Russians are doing such great work. The future of the Storm Games is still very clearly with the Russians and I will promote and help them all I can on my new site. ============= =============== ============== ============= ========================= ============ ============= ================ =============== ============= ======The only way my decision on this stand will change is if some of these people come forward to work with me and reconcile with me. However, I very much doubt this will happen because 1) they don't care, and 2) they have formed cliques that are only concerned about a couple of little pet projects. Many of these folks have become prudish, judgmental, selfish and are really simply just hypocrites. They have NO interest in sharing or working with others to really make some great stuff. So if you want to blame someone, don't blame me - blame them. If they wont openly share, then neither will I and that is why only my most trusted friends will continue to have access to ERAS2. I will continue to post pictures of my work on Flickr and I will continue to make all of my sets available to the public even though I know some of the people I just spoke about have used these same pictures as reference in helping them to construct ships which they do not wish me to have access to. Hypocrisy I say. ========== ======= ============== ============ =========== ============== ============= ========== =========  These pictures will continue to visually show off my progress but unfortunately for most will only remain "eye candy" unless something changes. I would like to thank all of my fans for their many views on my FLICKR Photostream as my FLICKR photo sets just reached 1.4 Million views as of last month! WOW! I never thought I would reach so many people! Thanks and I am really sorry to have to do what I must. Sorry Folks. Keep your stick on the ice. MK =================== =============== ================ =================== ============ ============== ============= =============== =================== ================  8/26/14: Hi all. Very busy. I posted a few new screens here and a bunch on Flickr.  More will be going up soon and I am happy to say I have some new videos as well. So I will be opening my YouTube channel back up again soon once the remaining PA! content is stripped out. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For testers waiting on the latest dump I am sorry I have been delayed but when you see the few new ships and items you will think its worth it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  I have to comment that my occasional surfing of PA! always gives me such a laugh. No one can answer COAS questions and the comments by POTC moderators and admins continue to offer no guidance and are often laughable. I've heard them say that they have all the best ships in New Horizons and that couldn't be further from the truth. Hilarious, but they don't even know because none of them play or are familiar with COAS mod work. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  I also find it very humorous that they have switched their HOO effort to Unity and they are now soliciting donations. What hypocrites! LOL! I recommended both of those courses of action at the beginning of their discussions but was shot down. Too funny. Their deletion of a fine modelers work that I commissioned to build the Zeven Provincien has driven him underground. Yeah so I paid him a thousand bucks. Big deal...I was planning to share the model with everyone - and it was almost done. What a shame! I still have all his files so I could finish it later as I continue to progress in modeling or find someone else to take it on. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Due to heavy work and family commitments the website is delayed to September or October. I could go public now and I am tempted to because of all of the COAS questions that don't get answered. It such a shame that folks think they still can't buy this game. For those that read this, Micro Center in Kansas City, MO, USA (look them up on the web) has hundreds of very cheap copies of this game ready to go. There are other sellers as well. =======================================================================When the site goes up people will set up and take notice - simply because of the rich historical and subject content that is already very mature and ready to read - as well as the fact that the site will offer 50 times the surfing enjoyment for the Pirate and Age of Sail aficionado than PA! offers. So just stay tuned a while longer. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++For those fans of my stories, the ones that were unfinished will be picked up again and there are new ones as well. Also I will return to offering a serial episode of the latest story every week again.As far as Eras2 goes it looks better and plays better than ever and we will continue to grow and expand it into its full potential. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Smooth Sailing All!!! MK ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++7/26/14: I will continue to post progress screens of what I believe to be the best and most historically accurate Golden Age of Piracy Simulation on the planet:
*********** *********** ************ *********** *********** ************* ************ ************* ************** ***************** Beta-Testers have been selected and contacted. Two I have been unable to contact successfully. ++++++++  ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++++++++++ ++++++++++ Beta-testers: The link for the mod will only stay up for 48 hours so please Download immediately as soon as you receive your link. Keep in mind that the link is protected and you can only unlock the mod link by providing the email address that you provided to me when you asked to become a beta tester. Please do not share the link or the mod with anyone. ************ ************ ************ ************* ************* ************** ************** ************** ************* *********** With stability now near perfect, all major bugs fixed and all quests now working, I am looking at this point in time to root out all small bugs so that the game will be polished to near perfection. I am also looking for recommendations on additional characters, ships, items, weapons, etc. I think I have figured out quests enough that I am finally ready to start implementing my own unique quests. So we can discuss these ideas as well.I am very busy for the next couple months. Our progress here will determine if and when I release the mod to the general public. 


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Guest Sep 3 2014, 5:48am says:

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weldo123 Sep 4 2014, 12:49pm replied:

BTW I am the one who posted this comment but I forgot to login so the name guest was added to the one who posted the comment instead of me :)

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enkid35 Sep 3 2014, 6:22am replied:

pls read "Latest Blog: Latest development in Historical Eras2 mod!"
it's just a few inches North :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
weldo123 Sep 4 2014, 12:54pm replied:

yeah thanx enkid35 I read the latest Blog which are few inches north :D but Mk said that the game will be released on June then Julythen September or October thats why I said (please MK give us a specific release date for the game, and please release it on time.) the last two line for my comment which was written by guest but I commented it but forgot to login.

+1 vote     reply to comment
bigstar Sep 1 2014, 1:04am says:

Hello, MK You don't even know me, but I badly want to see your new mod masterpiece I too, don't have much time playing game like one said below. please include me on your list. If that thing comes true. I would love to use your mod as well. I don't have the modding ability to change things, but MK, You are a great modder yourself. I will not shere mod with anyone. I ask your permission to use your great mod. My E-Mail address is "" Have a nice day MK.

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Ag0range Aug 31 2014, 4:41pm says:

Mk! Hi! You do not know me, but I am one of your fans... In a nutshell, please, include me in your list. I will not share your work with no one, as well I am not a modder myself, the only thing I modded in my life was Carmageddon II, when I was a kid =). I am a Russian living in Mexico, and actually I have almost no time for computer games, but the state-of-the-art mod you are doing has used to be one of the beautiful things of the life I was waiting for. For me, for my own self. You know, the life might be harsh sometimes, so it is good to keep having some dreams. Please include me in your list... My email is pishi.suda@ gmailcom Hugs, man!

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Guest Aug 7 2014, 9:26pm says:

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modernknight1 Aug 30 2014, 6:43pm replied:

I'm very sorry bud. Read my blog above and you will hear where I'm coming from. I did find some software that will hardcode my mod so that it can't be accessed by others only played after being added to the game. If I can get it to work properly then I might release my mod publically.

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DarthTuvok Aug 11 2014, 8:50am replied:

True dat man, I quit PA! after i saw what those people did to MK: breaking promises, taunting etc.

Well i guess theres no modders there who mod at PA:COAS modding xD

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modernknight1 Aug 30 2014, 6:44pm replied:

Yeah no one can even answer questions and if they do they are often incorrect. An answer given just today was totally incorrect. Very sad....MK

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