I must be the only guy called mod man who doesn't make mods. Steam: mod_man_8

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mod-man-8 Jun 25 2012, 10:51pm says:

I love the scale of this image. It looks like the guy is wearing power armour on his power armour.

+1 vote   media: Calgar
mod-man-8 Nov 19 2011, 1:09am replied:

I'd say it being on the xbox as opposed to PC and mac is a difference.

+2 votes   media: Minecraft Xbox Trailer
mod-man-8 Sep 8 2011, 7:33pm says:

What? Aside from the first time that I've played ME2 I haven't had a problem with mining. The last 4 or 5 play troughs I've done haven't required me to mine until the last quarter of the game, and even I didn't need too.

+2 votes   media: If covers were honest.
mod-man-8 Jul 27 2011, 4:01pm says:

Do I really want to Vanguard charge THIS?
Waitonebloodysecond... Is that a HUMAN face in the upper left there?


+6 votes   media: Cannibal
mod-man-8 Feb 10 2011, 10:47pm says:

I own those chairs. o_O

+1 vote   media: Small mojang office/silliness update
mod-man-8 Jul 19 2009, 1:14am replied:

You can lift stuff up with the portal gun. Have you even played portal?

+8 votes   media: Portal gun IRL
mod-man-8 Jun 23 2009, 2:37am says:

Agreed, besides, who would want hl2dm on hl1? It wasn't great to start with, and half the features wont be here.

Also, I have tripmine with hl2 hands and a gauss from the hl2 beta. :3
And you don't see the hev hands on the hornetgun.
Hell, the gauss, egon, and hornet gun don't even shot up in hl2dm.
So this is even less of a mod, more of a illegal model pack.

+2 votes   mod: Half life 2 dm a hl1 mod
mod-man-8 Jan 2 2008, 6:13pm says:

So... Dm in a tiolet...... Wow.... Not a waste of space for a mod at all.

0 votes   mod: The Toilet
mod-man-8 Sep 5 2011, 1:44am says:

I... Good God.

+1 vote   download: Leech as G-man
mod-man-8 Sep 1 2011, 1:45am says:

"created by: Extra Terrestrial"

Wasn't... Wasn't this made by Padzi on Deviant art?

+2 votes   media: Shepard's Sunbathing
mod-man-8 Aug 29 2011, 3:26pm says:

Combat drone AND a sentry Turret? My my! Also, this is a very hard core Shep! Level 18 and hasn't upgraded a single power.

Okay, probably just a forgetful newShep.

+3 votes   media: Engineer Skills Screenshot
mod-man-8 Aug 28 2011, 6:22pm replied:

I think someone just took a picture of a screen with a camera so that could be why. And if I remember correctly I think 1.8 includes the ability to change the fov.

+9 votes   media: Vines
mod-man-8 Aug 27 2011, 4:01pm says:

So you single handedly created textured and animated the player model? My word, I am impressed. :/

+7 votes   download: players for half-life
mod-man-8 Aug 16 2011, 8:36pm says:

Cannot........ Wait.....

+3 votes   media: Squad leader trailer
mod-man-8 Aug 16 2011, 8:32pm says:

Wait so.... You what? Copied and pasted from Half-life source?

Good for you, now run along and let the grown ups talk.

+2 votes   download: Half-Life Opposing Force RPG Model.
mod-man-8 Aug 14 2011, 2:11am says:

This could just be the cynic in me but the icon picture (in the profile area) looks like one of the heartless from Kingdom Hearts to me. Specifically the one called Shadow. Gigas Shadow and mega-shadow included. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

+1 vote   game: In The Dark
mod-man-8 Aug 12 2011, 8:11pm replied:

That would be cool. At least they re added rain and snow, that will have to do for now.

+1 vote   media: Minecraft village teasing teaser
mod-man-8 Aug 2 2011, 11:18pm says:

Wait, let me see if I get this correctly: It took the Valor 10 million years to create ak 47's?


+1 vote   article: the valor
mod-man-8 Aug 1 2011, 9:05pm says:

Pro tip: don't use snipers. Ever. I've literally have times when I've gotten 4 hit markers with the fourth sniper in very rapid succession, all shots to the upper torso and neck, and they never even went into last stand before I died.

Also pro tip: Bitch at Treyarch until they actually fix black ops.

+3 votes   article: How To Be Pro At Call of duty Black Ops
mod-man-8 Jul 27 2011, 3:59pm says:

Nice! Only problem is the... Flatness of the colours. Thanks for the upload!

+1 vote   download: New Geneworm
mod-man-8 Jul 25 2011, 2:00am says:

Legendary credits right there.

+6 votes   download: Dead Space Texture Pack
mod-man-8 Jul 20 2011, 11:58pm says:


+1 vote   media: A few textures
mod-man-8 Jul 19 2011, 11:07pm replied:

Actually if you shoot Conrad Verner I believe he dies in an accident, but you only learn about it over the speakers on Ilium. I should probably check the ME wiki though.

+1 vote   media: The 2 Sheps vs the Collectors
mod-man-8 Jul 16 2011, 4:53pm says:

stfu and let me dream.
Though this is probably an option in Me3, considering what Bioware has said. :D

-1 votes   media: *sigh* If only
mod-man-8 Jul 16 2011, 4:52pm says:

bottom right

+2 votes   media: What hand and glock model do you want in HL:R?
mod-man-8 Jul 10 2011, 10:20pm says:

Why is Legion not there? He's literally in ME3.

+2 votes   media: Mass Effect 3 Teaser Poster
mod-man-8 Jul 10 2011, 10:17pm replied:

Yes, you will. I doubt bioware would make some of ME3's content dependent on if you have DLC installed or not.

Everything you did in Arrival should carry over. Also, how exactly does one "lose" dlc unless they pirated it?

+2 votes   media: Tali'Zorah Unmasked
mod-man-8 Jul 8 2011, 10:26pm replied:

I think he will be if you have him in ME2 and he survives, but I doubt he will be a squad member, you'll probably just meet him once or something.

+1 vote   media: Mass Effect 3 - Zaeed Massani
mod-man-8 Jun 21 2011, 10:25pm replied:

They'll probably have it so that it can fill both ways at the same time, it's just now combined into one bar rather than two.

+4 votes   media: Mass Effect 3 Character screen
mod-man-8 Jun 16 2011, 11:30pm says:

Urgh, Jacob.
But otherwise DAMN nice detail.

+1 vote   download: Jacob High Resolution Texture Mod
mod-man-8 May 19 2011, 7:27pm replied:

Are... Are you saying that a reaper is almost the size of England?
...Have you even actually -seen- England, it's kind of larger than several reapers.

Besides, have you never seen Doctor Who? Aliens attack England all the time, nothing new.

+8 votes   media: Reaper Invasion - London
mod-man-8 Apr 3 2011, 2:21pm replied:

ME3 time travel.

+1 vote   media: ME: Citadel
mod-man-8 Apr 2 2011, 6:44pm replied:

That Shep is racist?

+2 votes   media: Problem?
mod-man-8 Mar 29 2011, 11:20pm replied:

Is that it?

+1 vote   media: Commission - Black Pearl
mod-man-8 Mar 26 2011, 10:57pm says:

*vomits uncontrollably*
IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY.... Oh, I get it.....

+6 votes   media: Hanar Montanar
mod-man-8 Mar 25 2011, 8:58pm replied:

And yet you spoke!
*vomits uncontrollably*

+1 vote   media: Scientist Salarian
mod-man-8 Jul 5 2012, 4:17pm says:

Well whose fault is that then? You can't delete system 32 unless you really try.

+2 votes   media: Mechanicus memes
mod-man-8 Jun 29 2012, 4:52am says:

But Captain Matthias Ward is the double Primarch of the ultramarines!

+1 vote   media: The last ultramarine pic for now :)
mod-man-8 May 24 2012, 9:30pm replied:

Slaanesh will also give you love, albeit a different form of love....

A better form.

+1 vote   media: Wobbly Comics Syndrome
mod-man-8 May 10 2012, 7:46pm says:

What is that above his right shoulder? Is that a Breaching Auger? Haven't seen that mechadendrite before.

+1 vote   media: Conversion time!... again?
mod-man-8 Apr 28 2012, 1:37am says:

No heresy here.

+1 vote   media: Art for all!
mod-man-8 Feb 26 2012, 3:39am says:

Just so you all know this picture contains spoilers.


+3 votes   media: Mass Effect 3 Prothean
mod-man-8 Jan 29 2012, 11:03pm says:

All the screenshots to tell us what it's like.

-4 votes   download: Streetlevel(Remake) 1.01
mod-man-8 Nov 24 2011, 9:41pm replied:

Correct, he be trollin'.

+4 votes   media: jackme3
mod-man-8 Nov 7 2011, 11:38pm says:

"hide helmet" yay.
Assuming that it's just for cut-scenes, which it probably is.

+1 vote   media: Mass Effect 3
mod-man-8 Nov 7 2011, 11:36pm says:

No real spoilers yet, but this sounds amazing. And I love the new health system, I'm not sure why more games don't use that sort of health regeneration. The only other one that I can name is Medal Of Honor Airborne.

+3 votes   article: Mass Effect 3 Private Beta Analysis [Spoilers]
mod-man-8 Oct 25 2011, 6:52pm replied:

Metro 2033 and Dead Space? Me Gusta. Do want.

+2 votes   article: Sven Co-op 4.6 Status Update
mod-man-8 Sep 10 2011, 3:50pm replied:

Let's just say that a mod uses a weapon model from, oh say, COD and the mod is for half-life 2. While it's use is illegal it's not like shoplifting as when you steal something from a shop, they could have sold that for profit, but game devs don't sell every component of a game separately. They weren't going to make money from that gun model so comparing it to shoplifting makes no sense.

+3 votes   poll: Mods using others' intellectual property (without permission)
mod-man-8 Mar 18 2011, 1:28am says:

Is that a blue/white omnitool?

+1 vote   media: FemShep and LadyHawke
mod-man-8 Jan 11 2011, 11:32pm says:

Epic description!

+10 votes   download: Soldier in Half life!
mod-man-8 Dec 26 2010, 4:40am replied:

So... How is that fun?

+5 votes   download: New Level 5260!
mod-man-8 Dec 25 2010, 8:29pm says:

Erm... Over powered much?

+8 votes   download: New Level 5260!
mod-man-8 Dec 19 2010, 8:41pm replied:

That's not a good reason.
At all.

+5 votes   download: Lemoncrab
mod-man-8 Dec 19 2010, 12:02am replied:

If you have no good editing programs and you were tired when you made it... Why would you bother uploading it?

+4 votes   download: Lemoncrab
mod-man-8 Dec 10 2010, 11:51pm says:

Why do you need text on every block?
How does that help?

-1 votes   download: Flat-Pack
mod-man-8 Nov 24 2010, 9:12pm replied:

Remembering what things look like isn't sad.
Else knowing what a square is or a car means that I have no life.

+6 votes   download: AK 74
mod-man-8 Oct 11 2010, 7:55pm replied:

I see, but I think it's a up-loaders problem :O

+2 votes   download: dm_pasillo
mod-man-8 Sep 12 2010, 5:23pm says:

UDK, because people can actually run that engine.

+2 votes   article: Vote
mod-man-8 Aug 23 2010, 4:05pm replied:

Well, could we see it without downloading it?
That would be helpful.

+5 votes   download: NEW Physgun
mod-man-8 Aug 1 2010, 8:29pm says:

What do you mean by "intresting models in the model file"?

+1 vote   download: Hl1 never used models
mod-man-8 Jul 31 2010, 9:00pm says:

Very little to do with Counter-strike.

+7 votes   media: maikan09
mod-man-8 Jun 26 2010, 1:10am says:

So if it's copied from hl2jbs, why are you credited?

+3 votes   download: Half-Life 2 Explosion Sound
mod-man-8 Feb 8 2010, 10:13pm says:

"... I wanted to release it before HL2 came out..."

+2 votes   download: The Half Life Thrash
mod-man-8 Oct 31 2009, 1:02am replied:

Why have Louis when you can have 2 Zoey's? :3

Unfortunately rule 34 will strike.
Mmmm. Zoey on Zoey action.

*Needs a life*

+1 vote   article: Left 4 Dead 2
mod-man-8 Oct 29 2009, 6:39pm says:

Wait.. So... What is this?
From the description it sounds like a model replacement mod.

+1 vote   download: Half-Life 2: Wars Revolution (mini-mod!)
mod-man-8 Oct 28 2009, 6:29pm says:

Aside from being able to use this as a play model in half-life, what does
this have to do with half-life?

+3 votes   media: BlackSonic and barneyinblue's Sonic Model (Player)
mod-man-8 Oct 4 2009, 12:13am says:

What's with the description?

+8 votes   media: Where is my Friggin' Wife!
mod-man-8 Oct 4 2009, 12:12am says:

What the?

+16 votes   media: Don't Kill Me! please!
mod-man-8 Jul 19 2009, 12:05am buried:


Illegal. Besides, the only way you are ever going to see any of these models in-game is if you make a map that uses them. Useless.

-10 votes   download: Models Pack for Half-Life #01
mod-man-8 Jun 26 2009, 2:26am says:

What the ****?
Aside from the low quality image, it looks like something I made on gmod with the tf2 characters. Damn they're creepy.

+5 votes   download: Trash masks
mod-man-8 Jun 21 2009, 12:48am says:


+1 vote   article: Release Date
mod-man-8 May 2 2009, 9:12pm says:

Now I haven't downloaded this yet, but from what I got from the discription, you just posted an official map and a .nav file, for a different game into here, completely forgetting that l4d and tf2 have different textures, models and sprites. And if you assume that people are going to move that stuff by them selves, then why post the map here in the first place. Also, this is illeagle as you are distributing an official map to another game. I think it is, anyway...

+2 votes   download: pl_goldrush for l4d
mod-man-8 Apr 26 2009, 3:05pm says:

Not very warhammer like, but still pretty good.

+1 vote   media: Menu Soundtrack "Aggressive"
mod-man-8 Mar 20 2009, 5:51pm says:

Beep. :3

+1 vote   media: Shotgun Sunrise screenshots
mod-man-8 Feb 11 2009, 7:26pm says:

How has it been "Updated to modern graphics!" ?

-1 votes   media: Half-Life 2009
mod-man-8 Jan 29 2009, 11:08pm replied:

Aww. :C

+1 vote   media: Face posing
mod-man-8 Dec 15 2008, 6:45pm says:

Cool update.

+2 votes   article: Version 1.34 Released!
mod-man-8 Sep 27 2008, 6:04pm replied:

Alright. Makes sense.
I was just wondering why after it saying for the non-steam version at the top, did he have to say it again.

+1 vote   download: PowerVR SGL MiniGL driver
mod-man-8 Sep 26 2008, 6:43pm replied:

The one from 1998. Any reason for bringing this up?

0 votes   download: PowerVR SGL MiniGL driver
mod-man-8 Aug 30 2008, 12:14am says:


+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence: ES in the Press
mod-man-8 Aug 20 2008, 1:17am says:

First post. :P

-2 votes   member: mod-man-8
mod-man-8 Jul 13 2008, 11:42pm says:

Yay turtles!
But really. What kinda a vote is this?

+1 vote   poll: I like turtles!
mod-man-8 Jun 22 2008, 10:30pm says:

Pretty good.

+1 vote   media: Builders of the Empire
mod-man-8 Jun 22 2008, 10:29pm says:

I don't like those generators much. Sorry.

+1 vote   media: Plasma Generators
mod-man-8 Jun 22 2008, 10:02pm replied:

Ah. Alright...

Asside XD
For someone from England I sure can't spell. XD
Well. He'll never know....

+1 vote   article: Good
mod-man-8 May 19 2008, 10:48pm says:

Ok. Asside from some bad English (But as you said your Vietnamese, it's pretty good). But you said the Necrons have alot of heart. Well, they are robots. So. Yeah.

+1 vote   article: Good
mod-man-8 Apr 15 2008, 6:13pm says:

Wow. This is going to be epic!

+2 votes   media: Dawn of War 2 Screenshots
mod-man-8 Mar 31 2008, 12:30am replied:

It's a mod for Winter assult. However, there is now an expansion called Soul Storm that contains the Dark eldar. So unless your poor, this mod does not need to exist, really.

-3 votes   media: Talos
mod-man-8 Mar 13 2008, 9:11pm replied:

Bluedrake, it's not IF they COULD go pro, it's if WE want them to. I mean, for a mod, this is amazing, but if it went Pro, Valve -could- sue, if they go Pro before this is done. Also, I dun wanna pay, really. :P

+2 votes   media: Lambda Core Ingame Shot
mod-man-8 Mar 11 2008, 12:34am says:

That's one huge lazer sight.

+1 vote   media: Told you that this is a mod messup! :P
mod-man-8 Feb 23 2008, 5:17pm says:

So. If it's a hl2 mod, WHY IS IT IN THE HL1 MOD SECTION?

+2 votes   download: Half-Life: Havoc
mod-man-8 Jan 11 2008, 6:34pm says:

Um. Ok? Still no Vista patch? What?

+1 vote   download: RE:CB Beta 2 - FGD
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