There is no light in this tunnel.

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moci Jul 20 2012, 5:55pm says:

It looks really good, but the DOF effect is seriously overused.

+3 votes   article: Maker's Tale : Tech Demo - r05 Release
moci Jul 14 2012, 9:59am says:

Looks cool, maybe tone down the breasts a bit.

+3 votes   article: Monk armor, cards and more!
moci Mar 5 2012, 4:35pm says:

Just a tip for the next trailers, considering your mother language is not English try to get the sound audio to be as clear as possible. Drop the gain of the background audio considerably when talking.

+3 votes   article: Pixelry "HD" Patches!
moci Feb 13 2012, 8:41am replied:

I would say level design should not allow the player to actually reach the edge. And if you would reach the edge, provide a natural barrier (a canyon, river, mountain, ...).

+5 votes   article: New Overgrowth a169 video devlog
moci Jan 13 2012, 11:11am says:

Amazing, I can not believe this will be the quality of actual in-game models and textures. If everything has this LOD it would look better than BF3!!!

+2 votes   media: Springfield M1903
moci Jan 3 2012, 11:57am says:

Concept art is looking promising. Good job so far.

+3 votes   game: Cross of the Dutchman
moci Jan 3 2012, 6:14am says:

Looking good.

+1 vote   article: [w]tech - Realistic Skin and Roadmap
moci Dec 30 2011, 4:53am says:

It would look cooler if the light-cubes go on/off at a different rate.

+3 votes   article: PD - Day/Night Cycle Video
moci Dec 25 2011, 6:10am says:

It's just a simple base64 encoded url:
Apparently it's a bsp file.

+1 vote   media: SEFaRU4=
moci Dec 20 2011, 10:52am replied:

Correct, it was a desura screenshot. My bad - should have noticed the blue instead of the green. But it doesn't really make any difference.

+1 vote   member: Wizardum
moci Dec 16 2011, 6:44am says:

Just so you know, modDB and indieDB share everything. I see you've made a few posts referring indieDB, one with a screenshot. It is highly possible that the person you are replying to is visiting modDB instead. (and they look different so the screenshot would be pointless in that case)

Just so you know.

+2 votes   member: Wizardum
moci Nov 30 2011, 12:02pm says:

I actually had this as my wallpaper a good while back. Looks great!

+1 vote   media: Point Blank
moci Nov 25 2011, 11:54am replied:

You're right but let's not forget about that other game that's in a seriously prolonged beta cycle: Overgrowth. It's actually funny, I bought both of these games when they got bundled together because neither of them deserve to full price.

The difference between Wolfire and Underworlds is the PR. Everybody loves Wolfire (although if you read the youtube comments people are growing impatient for them as well).

I hope they both finish the game, but I'm not really counting on it anymore. I did my part: I gave them money. If they burn it well it's their fault and they should just get a "real" job again instead. Not everyone can be an indie. The money has got to come from somewhere right?

+1 vote   article: NS2 Build 188 released (Happy Thanksgiving!)
moci Nov 22 2011, 5:56am replied:

Yes I'm referring to the old one <2.5

+1 vote   media: Ether Fields - Developers diary #2
moci Nov 7 2011, 11:45am replied:

Really, 1500 isn't bad if you make a game actually worth something.

+2 votes   poll: Engine licensing fees and royalties are
moci Nov 7 2011, 9:42am replied:

At this pace I'd say about 2 years off at least. *fingers crossed for behind the scenes stuff we don't know about*

+5 votes   article: New Overgrowth a156 video devlog
moci Oct 25 2011, 6:06pm says:

Great stuff, more please.

+3 votes   article: Occlusion Culling Interview
moci Oct 18 2011, 9:46am replied:

It's cool but maybe they could use these details in things you can actually see? Although... today what's 3k polygons?

Nice AK, but like I said maybe you can turn down the poly count on this weapon and increase the poly counts in the environment models.

+1 vote   media: AK47
moci Oct 14 2011, 8:06am replied:

Why not!

+1 vote   media: Zoe
moci Oct 13 2011, 10:28am says:

Yet another TD, but it *looks* great. This might set it apart, I hope it does! The guns shoot kinda slow?

+1 vote   media: Early Sneak Peak
moci Sep 29 2011, 2:59pm replied:

I've gotta say, the pixel art is great!

+1 vote   article: Its Beginning to look a lot like Elfsquad!
moci Sep 23 2011, 11:41am replied:

These comments do get read, I've had replies before.

+1 vote   article: Art Asset Overview #21
moci Sep 7 2011, 12:43pm says:

Wipeout inspired?

+1 vote   article: PD - First ship and the "Pulse-Drive"
moci Aug 15 2011, 11:45am replied:

Of course, that's the only way to play games!

+2 votes   article: Vertigo released on Desura!
moci Aug 15 2011, 7:47am says:

There is something wrong with the "rotating", it should feel heavier and not change spontaneously imho.

+2 votes   article: Vertigo released on Desura!
moci Jul 31 2011, 9:26am replied:

On kickstarter they say it will probably be around 10$.

+2 votes   article: Blade Symphony on Kickstarter
moci Jul 30 2011, 5:45am says:

I like the graphics and style so far! But... "top quality experience like you’ve never seen before", I think I've seen games like this before ;).

Or are you purely talking about free-roaming and mobile devices?

+3 votes   article: Desert Zombie: Last Stand releases Alpha Gameplay Footage
moci Jul 26 2011, 7:56am says:


+1 vote   article: The Beginning of a Story
moci Jun 28 2011, 3:02pm says:

Just for fun atm.

+3 votes   media: Earth, Mars and the other thing.
moci Jun 25 2011, 1:40pm replied:

Yup... she deserves it. (ex-gf)

+6 votes   media: Me, about 2 years ago.
moci Jun 11 2011, 12:49pm replied:

Well, just try to stay objective when you're looking for ways to improve.

Good luck!

+1 vote   article: Clyde Hopper debut trailer
moci Jun 8 2011, 5:35pm replied:

Luxology modo

+1 vote   media: Radiator
moci Jun 6 2011, 8:16pm says:

I'll try to come up with something... no promises!

+2 votes   article: Nikki's First Open Level Design Contest
moci May 21 2011, 7:06am says:

It's a good detailled model, I would work on the scene itself a bit more (higher texture resolution, ...)

+1 vote   media: Ducati MH 900E
moci May 15 2011, 6:50am says:

"The next episodes will come when enough donation is paid for the first episode."

Could you be more specific about this?

+2 votes   article: Overview
moci May 11 2011, 3:35am replied:

What rules? NS2 Also has a 'black armor' bonus for those who pre-ordered.

+2 votes   article: PREORDER Today! Save 30%, Get 4 "Nightmare" suits!
moci May 7 2011, 11:59am says:

Just so everyone knows I've used this famous poster:

+1 vote   media: We can do it! Triss
moci May 4 2011, 10:24am says:

The original is much better imho. Maybe when you show a real application of the style (ie in game) I'll change my mind.

0 votes   media: Comics mode style demonstration
moci Apr 30 2011, 9:48am replied:

Stop acting like a baby. This is a COMMERCIAL game. It's nowhere near close to a finished state, and yet they talk about releasing in a few weeks.

Want a technical critique? Just look at the run animation of the girl at the end of the video, it looks like she has something stuck up her ***. Do you really run around like that? This (and all the other things) COULD get fixed by the time they release sure, but the way it is NOW it's not something I would pay for.

If this was a mod I would applaud their efforts, but it's not. They are creating a commercial game and expect you to pay for it in the end.

It's not because they are "indie" that you can ignore the flaws. If you show WIP's you are asking for critique: good AND bad.

+3 votes   article: Object Oriented Fighting
moci Apr 30 2011, 8:02am replied:

So he's a troll because he has a different opinion than you? I agree with him, so that makes ma a troll too? You are pathetic.

If you don't like opinions cancel your internet connection and go live under a rock.

+4 votes   article: Object Oriented Fighting
moci Mar 26 2011, 5:22am replied:

Hi there! I'm in the same boat as you are, only I did pre-order (a long time ago).

The problem now is that the main focus is still on the engine, everybody keeps saying how great this game looks when in fact there is no game yet.

Like Cl0p1n said, take a look at lugaru to see something similar.

I decided to pre-order because I like what they are doing with the engine and if they put the same kind of dedication to the game itself, it's going to be a good game. (And because it was bundles with NS2 at the time)

+1 vote   article: New Overgrowth Art Overview Video
moci Mar 16 2011, 3:46pm replied:

The point light shadow test? Yes, it would be great if you could focus on that instead of new eye candy features. Like I said having proper working shadows is essential. A game can live without bloom, shadows on the other hand...

Great stuff! Keep it up.

+1 vote   article: HDR-Rendering in [w]tech
moci Mar 16 2011, 12:46pm replied:

I can't remember, maybe I can find it somewhere on one of my external drives or something. For now let's assume it doesn't include the bullets and mag.

+1 vote   media: Desert Eagle
moci Mar 16 2011, 9:04am replied:


+8 votes   poll: Do you specialize in one development role or many?
moci Mar 16 2011, 5:55am says:

So when are we going to see shadows implemented? It's great that you're adding eye candy stuff but shadows are pretty essential.

+2 votes   article: HDR-Rendering in [w]tech
moci Mar 16 2011, 5:42am says:

And you HAVE to fill it in?

0 votes   media: Google "Verify your account" FAIL
moci Feb 28 2011, 2:29pm says:

The birds are WAY better than children! BTW at around 6.50 the player restarts.

+1 vote   article: Metal Drift Comic Experiment
moci Jan 20 2011, 4:05pm says:

This looks pretty sweet! I love Earthworm jim, this might be something for me when it's released on the PC. Good job so far.

+1 vote   article: Oozi at Xbox up and running
moci Jan 6 2011, 5:16am says:

The tattoo is a bad idea! I don't think John from Wolfire would have painted his beard pink if it wouldn't come off later!

It is however, great to see your dedication for making this project all it can be.

+5 votes   article: New Update Live & Desura!
moci Jan 4 2011, 4:50pm says:

The screens are promising! Can't say much about the gameplay ofc.

+1 vote   article: Storm - Announcement
moci Jan 2 2011, 7:41am says:

Has fully working AI been implemented already? You'll see a lot more mods when this happens.

I'm eager to play this game + mod, it looks amazing.

+4 votes   article: "Rise of the East" Mod, IOTY Honorable Mention and more!
moci Dec 29 2010, 7:52am says:

I'm not really liking the new UI. It looks like someone just did a photoshop on it, but didn't really know when to stop.

If you want to have a nice "dark" theme, look at Maya etc.

+3 votes   article: New Core and GUI
moci Nov 13 2010, 5:36pm says:

Well the cartoon look is just plain ugly... so just stick with the normal look. And like you said it doesn't fit the story.

+1 vote   article: 01 Lost: IMPORTANT! Cartoon vs. Normal
moci Nov 12 2010, 9:15am says:

I'm looking forward to the presentation.
Congratulations with the competition.

+1 vote   article: Rising Star Award + Entity Framework Release = Happy Devs
moci Oct 3 2010, 7:33am says:

So what is it and how does it work?

+1 vote   media: Machinery Concept
moci Sep 10 2010, 12:32pm says:

Really good artwork and models, looks like it will have great graphics.

+4 votes   game: Fray: Reloaded Edition
moci Sep 8 2010, 3:38am says:

What a nice poll! lol :)

+3 votes   poll: With your project, are you self motivated from start to finish?
moci Aug 19 2010, 12:24pm replied:

It's an IP and companies have to actively protect their IP's. At the very least they will need to approve this mod.

+2 votes   article: First information about the MOD Crash Bandicoot Return
moci Aug 5 2010, 2:41pm says:

You're really going strong in the development of this, good job!
It's not my kind of game but I really love the graphics style and the fact that you give consistent updates!

Fortune and fame are coming your way ;)

+2 votes   article: Minecraft Alpha-Multiplayer 0.1.0
moci Jul 19 2010, 5:31pm says:

This is looking awesome! I'm working with Adobe AIR now, I might look into making a game like this - only problem is that graphics are poorly supported for android.

ex: particle tests that have particles 1500 on the desktop only have 60 on the device.

Still your RPG looks SWEET. Did you use your own graphics or have pre-made spritesheets? (And would you mind sharing so I can do a little testing with them)

+1 vote   article: [WIP] Implementing People, Interaction, Scaling and Weapons
moci Jun 28 2010, 6:18pm says:

I didn't say you were, I say you sound like one just because of how you wrote that post.
Why does your profile say you're 20 then ;)?

+1 vote   member: theBIGkBUNS
moci Jun 28 2010, 4:13am replied:

Because it uses pixel art?

+1 vote   media: NASI!
moci Jun 19 2010, 4:30pm replied:

Haha yeah, this was for school so everyone was basically making the same game... This was one of my changes :p.

+1 vote   media: NASI!
moci Jun 19 2010, 2:06pm says:

Looks like a pretty fun casual game! I don't know what igorech is talking about!

Looking good so far!

+3 votes   article: Tidalis Beta 0.854 Released (Gargantuan Updates) and New Videos
moci Jun 17 2010, 2:30pm says:

Wow this looks really awesome for a fan made game. Specially when you combine so many different hero's.

+1 vote   article: MKF v0.4 Beta is out!
moci Jun 15 2010, 4:51pm says:

Looks like it's designed to have the power of the explosion primarily on the sides of the grenade.

The grenades we use now are "sphere" like for a reason. (or cylinder like)

+1 vote   media: Grenade Concept
moci Jun 10 2010, 9:26am says:

Like I said in a post on the forum.

Piracing AAA titles or Indie titles is the same thing.
You feel as if it's worse because as an Indie you don't have that much money - TOUGH LUCK - it's the price you pay (literally), or the risk you take, from being indie.

So what do you say about Devs putting years and hours of work in these indie titles? So AAA game developers do not?

Everyone has their complaints about the DRM thing, but the fact of the matter is - stealing is wrong.
For whatever reason. Don't like it ? - don't buy it and don't play it.

Another option is to buy it, and then download it.
Which is what I would do.

Yes we, gamers, have to get our act together. But 'Indie' teams have to get their act together as well, this isn't a charity here.

We're talking money. Love or hate it, people act funny when money is involved.
What did you expect, sympathy? 'Oh your Indie - here's my money'

Sure you'll get a lot of fans that will support and even help you build stuff if you ask them.

But when the time comes and money has to be put on the table the game changes and there is no difference between whether you're buying AAA or Indie (besides the obvious price difference).

+1 vote   article: Torrenting Indie Games
moci Jun 6 2010, 6:47am says:

Hi, I guess I would ask the same question ;)

+2 votes   member: MinerWars
moci Jun 3 2010, 4:17am says:

Hey guys! I love the fact that you're getting more and more into game play instead of the graphics side of things now! Good job.

I do have a question, if you have 2 enemies. Will they use the same path? For instance in the top image, on the right side. A second blue cylinder could try to flank the red cylinder.

Or would that be part of your AI logic, making them think 'my buddy is going that way, let's find a new path for me that goes a bit different'?

Also, on the bottom image. I would maybe try to go around the obstacles instead of making all those turns. Will the path finder always try to make a straight line?

-Or will you add 'weights' to areas? (Maybe a weight tool in the editor where level designers can add/subtract weight, or automated as well). Where normal ground is 'blue' and more dense areas get more 'red', then the pathfinder would try to stay in the blues wherever possible?

+8 votes   article: Pathfinding with Detour
moci Jun 2 2010, 4:53am replied:

My sense of humor has failed me once again.

+2 votes   media: NeoAxis Engine Window Blocking Technology
moci Jun 1 2010, 4:37am says:

That's looking pretty good! Can't wait to see animated versions of this.

+1 vote   article: Concepts by our awesome new artist!
moci May 31 2010, 5:14am says:

Good luck!

+2 votes   member: Arvind
moci May 21 2010, 6:59pm replied:

It'll be sooner than that.

+1 vote   media: Nvidia GTX 480 - Raytracing-Demo Design Garage
moci May 21 2010, 10:00am replied:

A really late reply (on moddb) but just so others randomly reading this knows what I was talking about.

For the Portal mod that A.M.M.D. is leading he requested a deagle as well. I created a high polygon one in 3ds max which was way over 100 000 polygons (for 1 gun) and he wanted to use it instead of using an optimized version (like the one I made here).

+1 vote   media: Desert Eagle
moci May 14 2010, 9:13am says:

What is there to comment on? Just some dull terrain with 2 different textures.
Maybe once you start adding in the caves and platforms it will be worth a news post.

+1 vote   article: TH-CC Progress report #8
moci May 11 2010, 6:45am says:

Good resume. I think we, who have done some (failed) projects already can agree that communication and other things you mentioned indeed are a common problem.

But I think the biggest thing you can learn from projects like this is to start small.

Start with a prototype showing the art style and main character, get an idea for the rest of the game and the game-creation progress.


I always found that you were engine hopping way too much. You could easily just switched to something like Unity when you felt that TGE/A/FGAZ/RDR/ was giving you more trouble than you liked.

Too late now of course, but you must learn from your mistakes.

Great article Dave!

+3 votes   article: If it had to be done all over again...
moci Apr 29 2010, 3:57am replied:

T-666 is an assistant at a "Mechalove" shop, an erotic store for all sorts of robots and machines. He is designed and assembled by "RoboInc", the biggest machine company in the universe.
His biggest problem is his hydraulic pump between his legs because it extends when he looks at an article in the shop or at female machines.

Get it?

+1 vote   article: #2 Gameplay, Characters
moci Apr 25 2010, 9:41am replied:

What's this talk about dx11? it will look exactly the same.

Have you tried creating a simple hello world gfx app? Wether you target it to dx7-8-9-10-11 your triangle will be the same triangle.

This dx11 talk will only matter if they create special draw calls and optimizations/enhancements for that platform.

+1 vote   article: Engine Progress - SgtBarlow's Map
moci Apr 14 2010, 5:30am says:

So you've decided to stick with torque?
Great, now focus and finish it ;).

+2 votes   article: Torqials #2 - Cheap Occlusion Culling
moci Jan 29 2010, 5:30am says:

If you read the original moddb post you know how I feel about this.

However, I wish you the best of luck in the future development. I'm sure this will be a kick *** game.

And once you've got the game, it will truly be the best indie game of 2xxx!

+7 votes   article: Overgrowth is ModDB Editor's Choice for Best Upcoming Indie
moci Jan 28 2010, 3:20pm says:

Hey! (talking about editors choice)

I know you weren't complaining and were just trying to prove a point. But I think if primal carnage was in the race from the beginning you guys made a pretty good chance of winning!

Keep it up!

+1 vote   member: AshtonAndersen
moci Jan 17 2010, 10:30am says:

Hooray for single player. Great concept.
A bit early in the game for any real comments but it "sounds" promising.

+1 vote   article: Introducing Dual Reality.
moci Jan 12 2010, 1:56pm says:

use maiev's blink ability.

Sorry I'm playing tft again...

+1 vote   media: Revised terrain concept
moci Jan 11 2010, 4:27pm says:

Thanks, I hope to finish it 'soon'. I might have to redo a big bit but hey! We'll see how it goes.

+1 vote   media: MP40 - WIP
moci Jan 11 2010, 4:25pm says:

Thank you,

As I've said to A.M.M.D. I'm curious as to how your version is going to hold up in game as opposed to this one. A.M.M.D. insisted on a high poly one.

And this one is more a real game version (build from scratch of course) around 2500 polygons.

+1 vote   media: Desert Eagle
moci Dec 4 2009, 2:32pm says:

Great! I was leaning towards using Unity but now with all this information I'll have to reconsider.

+1 vote   article: UDK Video Tutorials
moci Nov 12 2009, 11:05am says:

Yes indeed, that blog post is 'old' so I'll have to create a new one.
Things have changed since I made that post, as you know.

+1 vote   article: Hard times ahead
moci Nov 9 2009, 8:03am says:

Well I never really followed you so I can't say anything about the changes you've made.

But now that you've decided to go with UDK you've got a capable engine under your belt and you should be able to do anything you want. So this time stick with it, I wish you the best of luck.

+2 votes   article: EPIC
moci Oct 9 2009, 4:36am says:

I like!

+2 votes   media: October 09 News Images
moci Oct 7 2009, 1:38pm says:

Nice feature. Maybe you can do more than just "wooden boards" and have entire camps set up in the trees or something...

+3 votes   article: Hiding In the Trees
moci Sep 15 2009, 6:35am replied:

urm you mean buying right?

+3 votes   article: Dog club sculpting timelapse (HD Video)
moci Aug 29 2009, 2:56pm says:

Ya amazingly high detailed character here. haha :D

+4 votes   media: Lego Character
moci Aug 27 2009, 4:55pm says:

My stats in 3ds max tell me it's 2290 TRIANGLES. (1 polygon can have 2 or more triangles, so no need to take this into account).

Here is a better render: (sorry for the link T.G, you may delete this if you find that it's not appropriate).

+2 votes   media: *NEW* Low Poly Minifig model!
moci Aug 25 2009, 7:20pm says:

"Note, this release also includes all previously released episodes! There is absolutely no need to download each and every episode one by one, infact you shouldn't! This latest release also includes some updates and fixes to our older content!"

Enough said, I'll try it out.

+1 vote   article: The Ball Hueca Released
moci Aug 24 2009, 3:25pm says:

Yes a small how to is inside of the engine zip file. I can create a tutorial making a really basic story (like the demo story) so you've got some better instructions. I don't have a mic so it's either just video or in text format.

I'm not sure about an iPhone because I don't think apple supports flash yet (if ever), I could be wrong of course.

+1 vote   download: Visual Novel Engine AIR Shell
moci Aug 20 2009, 6:37am says:

Thank you.

+1 vote   media: Apple keyboard, textured
moci Aug 19 2009, 3:48pm says:

The game looks awesome so far.
And funny way of getting around you guys have haha :p.

Cya next time! *Tracking*

+1 vote   article: The Meaningless Diary of an Indie Game Man Part 1
moci Aug 9 2009, 11:52am says:

Thanks man!

+1 vote   media: Epson printer - Portal mod Prop
moci Aug 9 2009, 11:51am says:

I'm sure there is an even better book somewhere. But for now it's good.

+1 vote   article: Weekly rant #1
moci Aug 6 2009, 1:04pm says:

Thanks :)

+1 vote   media: Desert Eagle, High poly.
moci Aug 1 2009, 4:06am says:

It's just me but, where are the colors?

I know there is a war going on etc, but that doesn't turn
everything to gray(ish). I understand why it's like this, but I still
feel there's something missing. Maybe some post processing could fix

+2 votes   media: Gull City Interior 2
moci Jul 19 2009, 8:21am says:

Looks like they shifted the development cycle for new songs over to the bands themselves. Good thinking, now they don't have to do anything other than store the songs and keep the connection live.

Good idea.

+1 vote   article: Rock Band Network
moci Jun 25 2009, 3:34am says:

Great overview Dave,

"there are plenty of free (Or at least cheap) engines hanging around that might be better for you."

+1 vote   article: Dave's straight up engine review
moci Jun 13 2009, 2:45pm replied:

nop, 1920*1200 here...

nice wallpaper.

+1 vote   media: Team 7 Splash
moci May 23 2009, 4:37am replied:


+3 votes   article: Procedural galaxy generator
moci May 3 2009, 6:05am says:

I've played this game with my friend, it was pretty fun! Only then (a few months ago) my friend's units were pretty imbalanced compared to mine (he went for the dark side)

Still very fun game, a must try for TD fans!

+1 vote   mod: Element Tower Defense
moci Apr 16 2009, 10:25am replied:

Maybe it has wings because it can fly low orbit as well?

+1 vote   article: Media Update + Early Gameplay Video
moci Mar 23 2009, 6:22pm says:

you are very late! And I agree with sigma.

+2 votes   download: Urban Desert skins
moci Mar 16 2009, 7:17am replied:

His work is very good but keep in mind that this is Zbrush. Anyone with a good knowledge of anatomy (and talent) can produce work like this. Let's see how the actual game mesh looks like.

Good job!

-1 votes   media: John J Rambo
moci Feb 17 2009, 10:04am says:

those look really cool haha. I'll try them out.

+1 vote   download: Super Mario CS:Source Filing Cabinets
moci Feb 1 2009, 11:42am says:

Thank you.

+1 vote   media: iPod Video 5th generation
moci Jan 26 2009, 10:35am says:

Good interview, but please fix the audio quality.
Could be just me, and my standards, but the constant noise is grabbing my attention instead of the questions/answers (in some cases I heard nothing but noise/static)

Keep it up.

+2 votes   article: Interview on Source developers club
moci Jan 23 2009, 9:44am says:

We are currently working on getting a few media items set up so we can show more (more finished) work.

+1 vote   media: MKII-M4A1 WIP-Render
moci Jan 19 2009, 3:54pm says:

Wow, really nice engine you've got there. Started from scratch?
Also wachting!

Deeply impressed!

+1 vote   article: Type 3 Update #1
moci Jan 9 2009, 10:00am says:

awesome? thanks :).

+1 vote   download: Spritesheet player
moci Dec 4 2006, 4:50pm says:

Those models looks very sweet.

Congratz on a job well done!

+1 vote   media: British Player Model - North African Campaign
moci Nov 4 2011, 1:43pm replied:

Relax, yes this is a game. But it's obviously based on Minecraft (or was this one first?).

+1 vote   download: Terrablox Editable
moci Nov 3 2011, 1:08pm replied:

Saying it isn't a clone, doesn't make it not a clone. I don't play any of those games. But it's the same deal with many of the FPS games - which are clones of COD/BF/CS.

+1 vote   download: Terrablox Editable
moci Oct 28 2011, 2:33pm says:

Bought it for my girlfriend, this looks really cool!

+2 votes   game: A Day In The Woods
moci Oct 27 2011, 12:00pm says:

Not in Berlin but I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you'll gain plenty of fans.

+1 vote   article: Indie Games Prelude in Berlin + Nikki and the Robots
moci Oct 24 2011, 6:00am says:

Really nice UI!

+1 vote   media: Nin Online GUI
moci Oct 20 2011, 9:50am says:

I feel bad to tell you this, again, please let someone who actually speaks English (or is good at it) write your posts.

+4 votes   article: BYZEN IN national fair of science clubs
moci Oct 19 2011, 3:41pm replied:

That was not my point.

+1 vote   article: Twilli Legends Not Dead.
moci Oct 19 2011, 8:06am replied:

Posts like these tell me that the project in question will end up dead. If you don't want this project to die, just stop talking about it dying!

+1 vote   article: Twilli Legends Not Dead.
moci Oct 18 2011, 9:19am replied:

How about you push DX10 (or even 9) to it's limits first before asking about DX11. Why do you *need* DX11?

+4 votes   article: CryENGINE 3 Free SDK - Update build 2572
moci Oct 18 2011, 9:15am says:

Great to see updates on this engine!

+3 votes   article: CryENGINE 3 Free SDK - Update build 2572
moci Oct 14 2011, 10:10am says:

Great job! So is this the in-game look?

+2 votes   article: Upcoming: A new version, game models and animation feature
moci Oct 13 2011, 10:16am replied:

When working on projects like these I figured you've taken a close look at the existing tools and for whatever reason ended up with this one. I could have learned something new, so I asked :p.

+3 votes   article: [w]tech - Simple Physics
moci Oct 13 2011, 8:50am says:

So why pick Bullet? There are lots of other high quality physic solvers, why is this one the best for you?

+2 votes   article: [w]tech - Simple Physics
moci Oct 13 2011, 7:12am says:

Hi guys,

If anyone is interested in drawing an alternative to the Halo master chief armor? I'm looking for a mix between halo and crysis.

It's for a 3d short, contact me if you want.

+2 votes   group: Concept Artists
moci Oct 12 2011, 5:05am says:

So the free ride is over? :D (I don't have Minecraft but I know a lot of you keep referring to the get-everything-during-alpha "contract".)

+1 vote   article: Pre releases and Adventure Updates
moci Oct 10 2011, 7:20am replied:

No, the alpha is just a fancy editor. There is no real storyline, the only thing you can do is run around and fight.

We'll see when it's done. As long as they don't burn through their money and end up not being able to finish the game because they've got to find other jobs...

+4 votes   article: New Overgrowth a152 video devlog
moci Oct 10 2011, 7:12am says:

Are you trying to come over professional by using "" quotation marks everywhere? I would suggest that someone who is good at English reads and corrects your sentences.

Maybe it's the way you mix present it, but it's difficult to read your posts!

+2 votes   article: BYZEN IN "MAGALLANES LAPTOP"
moci Oct 7 2011, 5:05pm says:

Hi, I thought I'd answer here because I didn't want to sidetrack your thread any longer.

I'm currently not in a position to begin modding or start/enter a project where others depend on me. Also my laptop would drop dead if it would tried to run the CE editor.

+1 vote   member: YamahaAlex37
moci Sep 29 2011, 2:59pm says:

Hellz yeah! But... mine was black :p

+2 votes   media: Gift Concept - 16Bit Sega-esque Console
moci Sep 29 2011, 3:44am says:

The map looks really cool.

+3 votes   media: Week 34: Art Assets Overview #2 + Guns
moci Sep 28 2011, 6:48am says:

The pixel art hints at a somewhat more interesting game... My favorite gift: the Sega 16bit console!

+2 votes   article: Its Beginning to look a lot like Elfsquad!
moci Sep 27 2011, 6:02pm replied:

The way internet gets described is usually via layers where each layer builds on the one below it. Software is at the top of those layers and IP is somewhere in the middle.

So the only "layer" that we need to change is the one in the middle, in theory. Software will need to be updated but that could be done in a small patch for most applications. Much will depend if the software uses many ip adresses (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) or mostly URL's (http://XXX.XXX.XXX).

Routers and Modems on the other hand work on the IP layer (Network layer) so they will need to get updated/replaced. A simple firmware update might not be enough for those devices.

+1 vote   article: Do you have IPV6?
moci Sep 27 2011, 5:55pm says:

Just so you guys know, the "plan" is to run both ipv4 and ipv6 backbones for years to come. Phasing out ipv4 will take a (very) long time, so it's not a matter of turning off the ipv4 switch and turning on ipv6.

There are a few "compatibility" layers already in use (for example wrapping an ipv4 packet in ipv6 packet for a few hops), but it's not as simple as out with the old and in with the new.

I think I read something about a "if you want ipv6, just ask" kind of attitude at my ISP.

+2 votes   article: Do you have IPV6?
moci Jan 16 2012, 11:11am replied:

It's easy to limit the system by using a couple of restrictions:
- line of sight
- distance
- ...

+4 votes   article: New Overgrowth a165 video devlog
moci Jan 8 2012, 9:09am says:

Tracking, looks cool!

+2 votes   article: Hello!
moci Dec 5 2011, 6:09pm says:

I hope the hype settles down soon enough and we can all move on without looking at the next breakout/asteroids clone developer begging for our money.

+1 vote   article: Indie games - The meaning of "Indie"
moci May 7 2011, 1:29pm buried:


So you're saying that you buy games until your money is gone? And then just pirate them "in case you missed out"?

I'm sure Activision will say "oh but you HAVE bought the games from EA? That's great! Maybe next year you can buy mine, and download theirs".

-10 votes   article: How can we lower game piracy?
moci Jan 20 2011, 5:06pm says:

Hooray for dynamic lightning! Could you (or the coder of this project) explaing this a bit further on how you tackled this problem? Always good to see different techniques.

Great visuals, but it might get a bit difficult if you are playing in a 100% dark environment, maybe some ambient lighting could help?

+1 vote   article: Snapshot Gameplay Video!
moci Jan 18 2011, 10:35am replied:

Indeed level design and gameplay need some brainstorming. As cute as the game looks now it really isnt' that much different from all the flash truck games out there, you added 'cargo' but I've played several free games before that had this exact kind of gameplay added to them as well.

I don't want to burst your bubble, it's still a great game - it's just another one of many.

Adding gameplay such as cops so you can't slow down too much would be really helpfull.


Also work on your website a bit more, remove the blue borders around the link images.

+1 vote   article: Smuggle Truck Teaser Trailer
moci Jan 6 2011, 7:28am replied:


+1 vote   article: 2011 musings
moci Dec 25 2010, 4:05pm says:

Very clever!

+1 vote   media: Achievements.
moci Dec 1 2010, 1:30pm says:

A trip to EPIC! I would kill for something like that, damn my lack of motivation. Good luck for the contestants and great job DesuraNET staff!

+2 votes   article: Epic Games and UDK join the awards
moci Jun 22 2010, 1:54pm replied:

So you're not making noise because u might die? Fair enough...

+1 vote   article: June
moci Jun 22 2010, 9:08am replied:

Then upload a "new" one...

Rant: why do people always upload "old" things and say "yes xyz is wrong but we changed that already!"

My friend, who is a JP maniac, got a link to this mod (he doesn't know of moddb and just found it on the internet). I vaguely knew you guys existed, for a mod that's almost 4 years old you should really make more noise...

+1 vote   article: June
moci Jun 20 2010, 4:36am says:

I care but I didn't follow (other than what has been posted here on moddb)

+1 vote   poll: e3 recently passed, I...
moci Jun 13 2010, 5:13am replied:

"At present the game is free" mmmmmmmm....

So what will it take to make this game commercial? And when it does what will make this game so special? Because it's *just another* zombie game atm.

Sorry to be so to the point, but I think it's a funny statement you made.

+1 vote   article: The Hunted: Paroxysm Infection Stages.
moci May 24 2010, 10:39am replied:

Yes people are lazy, that's why people use things like imageshack & others because it's easier.

I bet you rather use a command prompt (terminal) instead of a good UI and mouse.

+2 votes   article: Images and embed codes
moci May 24 2010, 8:49am replied:


+3 votes   article: Images and embed codes
moci Mar 24 2010, 1:38pm says:

Your concept art is really amazing.

+1 vote   article: Lukewarm Media and EKI One join forces!
moci Jan 24 2010, 4:19pm replied:

Just to support them.

I've bought it during the overgrowth+ns2 pack.
Usually I don't do this, but these guys (and wolfire team) have shown dedication and just good PR.

In comparison with this other game that just openly said 'hey we need your money just to finish this' with not much to show for it... well I'm not going to give them money.

It's a gamble, but not a big one.

oops! this was for the other guy;
tiny_man_54 5hours 34mins ago says:
why would people take pre-orders when there is no set release date as of yet?

+1 vote   article: Spark SDK (Build 133) Released
moci Dec 16 2009, 3:28pm replied:

Why check out Unity? If you made your mind about T3D and you're already using it why not stick with it now?

There is no point is swapping engines all the time, if you ever want to finish your project.

+1 vote   article: Where were we?
moci Dec 16 2009, 12:06pm replied:

Please do, as it only costs 100$ now.
But at a 3d forum I visit a lot people have advised me NOT to buy Torque3D .

I also read a few reviews that also said Torque3D to be an improvement but not worth the money as UDK and Unity (and other free engines) provide more bang for your buck. (Specially when not going commercial, UDK).

Also, I doubt that Torque3D is better in anything, besides being easier to jump in and learn it, compared to UDK.
Just look at what the unreal engine is capable of doing...

+2 votes   article: Where were we?
moci Dec 9 2009, 6:39am says:

Do we really need another IM?
Why can't they just have some IM standard/protocol and everyone creates their own clients but uses the same network.

+3 votes   poll: What do you think of google wave?
moci Aug 13 2009, 6:19am says:

"I'm trying to do it at fastes I can" god I hate it when people use this as an excuse.

0 votes   article: Trailer, exciting...
moci Jun 11 2009, 6:25am says:

This game looks really massive and polished. Congratulations to the ones creating it.

I think the graphics are very good.

Too bad it's not my kind of game.

+1 vote   article: The Battle for Wesnoth 1.6 Impressions
moci Jun 9 2009, 1:08pm replied:

Like I said, every comment that does not say "OMFG THIS MODEL IS THA ****" gets a rant from you.

Yes you may defend your model. But if someone says "some polygons are missing" they are not saying that the model sucks they are only saying that the model is missing some polygons.

No need to get all worked up about it.

And who cares about the modeler being a total beginner or not? If you want to impress with stuff you can't at the same time say "hey don't say anything bad because he's still learning". If you need those excuses you agree that the model could maybe be a bit better.

So now I hope you understand that we are not saying your models suck or your mod sucks. We are just saying that there might be room for improvement.

+2 votes   media: 1187 update screenshots june
moci Jun 9 2009, 11:24am says:

Agreed, awesome art(style) reminds me of TF2. Always love a mod that changes the looks, it really shows your effort.

+1 vote   article: Progress Update!
moci Jun 9 2009, 11:20am replied:

You should learn to either ignore or appreciate critique.
Every feedback that does not worship these cars gets a bad treatment from you.

They are right, the car does look flat. And the wheel is missing a few polygons (back face culling, polygon optimization but just a bad angle to take the picture).

But the models are not bad, maybe we have been spoiled by all the zbrush and crysis models?

+4 votes   media: 1187 update screenshots june
moci Apr 12 2009, 7:02am says:

Does g-max still exists :|. I was under the impression Autodesk deleted it from existence and someone had made some kind of spyware thing of it.

Good job btw.

+1 vote   media: Abrams Medium Tank Model Enhancements
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