Nothing to see here. Just me.

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I have finally resurrected, So yeah, From now on I'll be online in ModDB always. Oh yeah... I do got the Valve Complete Pack on Steam but I need a copy of Garry's Mod. Feel free to add me on Steam and play at times!

-le locations I can be seen-
Garena: MatryoshkaGumi

I hope I can talk to you guys once again!

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Okay, Its been a long time I have visited my ModDB profile.... Aaaand A lot of things changed. I'm now a good roleplayer and a League Of Legends player. A friend of mine sent Killing Floor on Steam and now I was thinking about my friends here on ModDB. Sooo.... Uhhhh... Hey guys? Hows your days going?

Anyways, Anyone missed me?

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We All Knew The Singers Of Matryoshka, Hatsune Miku And Gumi Megpoid.

After Some Months,There are A lot Of Versions Of The Song.

Here Are Some Versions Of Matryoshka I see =w=

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Its Raping Time! >:3

Report abuse ITS 2012!

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(looks like deathheater is happy with my gift I gaved to him =w=)



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Report abuse Media Blog: O2jam!

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Report abuse Dr.Edward Richtofen's Quotes in Kino Der Toten

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Report abuse Im Baccccckkk =w=

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Sorry For Being Offline For A time. Today,Im uploading videos in my youtube account