That guy who everyone hates and doesn't hide it, or they try to, but not very well. List of (known)people who hate me: Sacmo & Nivek(Possibly his gf too) Neo Tokyo's Dev's and Playtesters. Mother. Sister. My Ex's, Ex's BF's. And for anyone I forgot to mention, sorry, just post a comment or send me a email and I'll add you to the list.

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Mkilbride Mar 8 2009, 5:40pm replied:

That was a unofficial Addon. I don't believe it'll be in this mod, though I don't know for sure.

0 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 8 2009, 3:06pm says:

Insane idea...

Imagine the Hordes of Vietcong you could have charging at you with this Engine. They'd just have like 30 running and gunning, be insane : P

+1 vote   news: Left 4 Dead - First Blood
Mkilbride Mar 8 2009, 2:46pm replied:

Actually, it's been put on an indefinite hold...sadly. I was so looking forward to it.

Also, it's just Aliens, no predator. :P

+1 vote   news: We tweaked the mod a bit ...
Mkilbride Mar 7 2009, 6:10pm replied:

Well sorry, but when the website for a Mod goes down for an entire day and gets replaced with some advertisements, asking me if I'd like to buy the domain name, I'd just start suspecting. :P

0 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Mkilbride Mar 7 2009, 3:06pm replied:

Yeah, but the fact is, it's not out yet and the video doesn't showcase any bugs. We're curious as to how he knows it has "Show stopping" bugs?

Not to mention, the Devs and Playtesters have worked insanely hard. Based on what I've heard and seen over at the forums, I expect no serious bugs, probably none normal players will even notice. Of course, like Capsule, I haven't played it yet, so I don't know.

Also, alot of Retail games come with day 1 game-stopping bugs, so it's kind of funny when a mod comes out with very minor bugs, and yet a professional team can't remove 10-15 game-breaking bugs. :P

Look at Fallout 3, Mass Effect, and basically any title in 2008 came out with show-stopping bugs, and they're Triple A titles.

0 votes   mod: NEOTOKYO°
Mkilbride Mar 7 2009, 3:03pm replied:


I love Zombie games, I play them like crack. Honestly though, I wish when a Zombie mod / game was announced, I could be like


But nah man, they make so many these days, and most are the same as the other's just getting boring. L4D was really the best Zombie game in years to me. It didn't try to be revolutionary with it's Gameplay, but it took what existed and perfected it. It's the pinnacle of what a Zombie game should go for. Hordes of zombies, desperate fights, and great atmosphere. SLow / Fast Zombies, all preference to you.

+1 vote   feature: Transmission 11897
Mkilbride Mar 7 2009, 12:38pm replied:

I'm getting rated down, despite having had a +10. :P I was defending the Engine, read the damn post! The post I was responding to is gone now.

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 7 2009, 2:14am replied:

Regardless, he stole maps and assets from them. You can get the Official story from them. He stole some maps and gave them to Zombie Panic Source. Tatsur0 can confirm. ZP:S is even giving the maps back. I have no respect for such a guy.

-2 votes   feature: Transmission 11897
Mkilbride Mar 6 2009, 9:06pm replied:

Didn't read my post, did you?

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 6 2009, 4:12pm says:

Fire effects remind me of Age of Chivalry. Other than that, nice.

0 votes   media: Fistful of Frags: "The Good, The Bad and The Bot"
Mkilbride Mar 6 2009, 4:05pm says:

NeoTokyo did indeed win! I agree, NT is the best. Don't you dare mention Dystopia & them being alike.

Not original? You've played it and you say that? The gameplay videos showcase some original combat. It's Counter-Strike-esque, but not CS exactly. It's not the same ****, it's new.

Oh wait, then all of a sudden you say you haven't PLAYED! Geeze. Yeah, they said they don't like PR. They do release high quality media, much more than most Mods.

Overall, great podcast. NT did win. DBD wasn't really a fair contestant. :P Not a mod, either. They're not relying on ****! Only hard work.

Also, the DBD team stole the NMRiH assets and won't talk with them. It's going to stay a map pack, it's never going to be a Mod!

Whoever that guy from Planet Half-Life is, he's smart! I didn't know of him before hand, but he's smart. I agree on Zombie Panic.

-2 votes   feature: Transmission 11897
Mkilbride Mar 5 2009, 9:33pm says:

You don't know ****. Go home.

+8 votes   member: grody311
Mkilbride Mar 5 2009, 9:31pm replied:

Grody. Saying the Engine, and game, that isn't a MMO, is dying, despite having more plays than any other FPS out pretty stupid. I stick with Source because amazing things are done on it...alot. Simply re-hashes? SO you think they work they're doing is easy? They have to make a 12 hour detail. They're doing SO WELL, that the Trailer for the mod received 500,000 views IN HALF A DAY, and has gained several hundred thousand since.

Yes, CLEARLY HL2 / Source Engine is dying. So much evidence!

I play a game for Gameplay, and work. Crysis may have alot of amazing things, but it's shows no artistic talent in it at all. Having great Graphics doesn't mean anything if you don't make anything graphically impressive. :P Source will live, for a long time. Crysis's Engine will die long before Source's does. Then HL3 will come out, and with what ever amazing Engine it has, will continue to take the lead spot.

You could take the entire Halo series, the entire Call of Duty series, the entire Battlefield series, the entire Unreal Series...put all of their playerbases at their PRIME, and not surpass HL1's playerbase, ALONE. Add in HL2 / Sources Playbase, and it's landslide.

I may be a fanboy, but a fanboy who has facts. Numbers don't lie. We're not Graphic whores, we like games with fun gameplay and good artistic design.

+9 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 5 2009, 9:24pm replied:

I'm curious as well. How do you know a game has glitches if you haven't played it yet? Glasseater would know(Lead Tester)...but the video doesn't really showcase any game breaking bugs.

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO°
Mkilbride Mar 5 2009, 4:11pm replied:

Well, they had a website until a day or two ago...and it just went down. So maybe defunct may be right?

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Mkilbride Mar 5 2009, 2:22pm says:

Getting issues on server files being different. I've updated to the latest, installed the latest version of this....bleh. I tried joining several servers, none work. It worked last night...not sure what's changed.

+2 votes   game: Aliens vs. Predator 2
Mkilbride Mar 5 2009, 12:04pm replied:

Especially like this GermanFrogger guy. Website didn't work for him? Took 5 minutes to load? I clicked it, took less than 3 seconds. I have a basic Comcast plan.

We're pissy because these people load the page, look at the latest media release date, and that's all. Then they post here, asking if it's dead and stuff. Really amazing how much it's happening. Taking a few seconds to read the page, or go to their official page would be much better.

I think people have some kind of misunderstanding, Moddb isn't any mods Official site. It's a secondary site used for publicity, therefore, a secondary concern. Main site updated frequently, especially their forums.

+5 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 5 2009, 11:57am replied:

Nope. Source Engine limitations, I'm afraid.

Mods like Eternal Silence only have it possible due to years of only working on such a code, not to mention it's in space, which is alot easier to program for than a normal aircraft.

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO°
Mkilbride Mar 4 2009, 9:08pm replied:

I agree man. Something really wrong is happening or something. I know people are idiots, but this is just above the norm...

-1 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 4 2009, 2:42pm says:

Glad to see people still making stuff for AVP2. It's a great game, I love it.

Alien Life-Cycle mode can be a pain, but there is NOTHING like being a FaceFucker and molesting someones face, then bursting out. :P

+1 vote   mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Mkilbride Mar 4 2009, 2:22pm replied:

What the hell?

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO°
Mkilbride Mar 4 2009, 11:37am replied:

They can't really sell it, lol. At least not without Valve's permission. Valve would basically have to buy it up, or they'd have to buy a Source Engine license(Good luck footing that bill:P)

+4 votes   download: Black Mesa Official Trailer
Mkilbride Mar 4 2009, 11:33am replied:

Got to say that's lame. I thought nothing was being changed from HL1, I even went over to the forums and people suggested ideas like this and it was shot down. I also didn't see anything in the trailer. I checked the Media section and don't see anything there either. What are you on about? Wait, now I see one in the "Complete Confidence" part.

Black Mesa team, what the hell? This changes the entire situation of HL1. It honestly removes a little of the cool factor. That part was taken up by two, cool scientists who you'd meet later on in HL2. Now that you have her there, some continuity is lost. I never noticed her before, cause I wasn't looking for her, because there wasn't any in Hl1. Only female Assassins.

0 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 4 2009, 11:31am replied:

The **** is wrong with the people posting here?

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 4 2009, 11:30am replied:

Looks like basic L4D gameplay, if you've played it before.

0 votes   mod: Dead Before Dawn
Mkilbride Mar 3 2009, 6:45pm replied:

Female Scientist? No such thing(In this game), unless you count that one side story that was never made official lol.

0 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Mar 3 2009, 3:49pm says:

I didn't post it in the first place because I didn't have it.

They weren't aware of this, to be honest. Also, InZane said that Darth Brush refuses all contact with the team on the matter. It appears he just up and bolted with some finished content...cutting all ties.

+2 votes   feature: 2008 Upcoming Mod of the Year Winners
Mkilbride Mar 3 2009, 3:29pm says:

Good article. I agree about the use of Logos. "Source", is fine. I even tolerate "Valve", because that part makes sense. But ones like X-Fi, and Nvida and whatnot, are just stupid to put.

0 votes   member: MrMattWebb
Mkilbride Mar 3 2009, 11:44am replied:

So basically, change the entire game?

While I agree with yer list, you have to remember, this is two people, a wife and a husband working on this. they do what they can. :P

+1 vote   game: Mount & Blade
Mkilbride Mar 3 2009, 11:30am replied:

There are several mods that do this on Source. it's not so surprising. This one just did it one up. :P

+1 vote   mod: Lambda Wars
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