That guy who everyone hates and doesn't hide it, or they try to, but not very well. List of (known)people who hate me: Sacmo & Nivek(Possibly his gf too) Neo Tokyo's Dev's and Playtesters. Mother. Sister. My Ex's, Ex's BF's. And for anyone I forgot to mention, sorry, just post a comment or send me a email and I'll add you to the list.

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Mkilbride Jan 17 2013, 5:15pm buried:


You don't know fire very well.

-7 votes     media: CM11 comparison
Mkilbride Jan 17 2013, 5:14pm replied:

Holy **** people, these are ALL OPTIONAL.

-4 votes     media: CM11 comparison
Mkilbride Jan 17 2013, 12:00pm says:

Thanks for keeping to this up man.

You're incredible. Don't ever let any of the whiners get to you again. You put life back into the game.

I even saw a tweet from Valve about the mod before, saying they found it "interesting".

I got a new Machine since I last played your mod; including GTX670 SLI and a 120HZ 2560 x 1440p monitor. I'm hoping to enjoy this new version, quite abit.

Course, my SSD Is rather small, going to have to make some space...

+6 votes     download: Cinematic Mod 12.21 TORRENT
Mkilbride Jan 17 2013, 11:55am says:

Love the Breen comment at the start.

I agree, the amount of people whom bitch at this mod "Oh, the custom models suck, this mod sucks, the new models ruin the art style!"

I tell them they are completely optional and they just kinda go indifferent after that.

It's really sad. I've played through HL2 and it's episodes half a dozen times, and a few of those with your mod...and it really makes the experience come alive again.

The new music is good, some of the new models are ok, some of the new Combine / Citizens, some of the Kleiner models, and there was one, Alyx model, in like CM10, that got removed, that was an Alyx HD Mesh hybrid or something, that looked just like the default Alyx, but super high resolution and detailed, like she was remade in Crysis or something. Sadly it was removed, but I always wanted to find it again.

Thanks for keeping this up man. Really, there are people out there who DO appreciate it.

+9 votes     media: CM11.35 Trailer
Mkilbride Jan 17 2013, 11:50am replied:

Do you now?

+1 vote     member: Lucífer
Mkilbride Jan 16 2013, 9:46pm replied:

What's that?

-3 votes     member: Mkilbride
Mkilbride Jan 16 2013, 9:43pm says:

Hey man, what's up with the add?

+4 votes     member: Lucífer
Mkilbride Jan 16 2013, 4:31pm says:

You can put out your official projections that it's 50 / 50 Aliens & Marines wins and losses, but that is not the reality I see in game. I join dozens of servers, and out of maybe 5 games, the Marines win one. Usually by either out-numbering the Aliens, or a Rush tactic.

And the UI, was actually, and I can't believe I'm saying this, better in the beta. This new one, looks neat, but it's functionality is CRAP. A basic one like the beta, while not having really any features, at least worked. Hell, most community made UI's, are far superior to the default, it's amazing you don't just contact one of these modders and make it Official. You did it in the past, with several community members during the beta.

I keep wanting to like this game - I have only 41 hours in the game, and I keep thinking "It will get better, it will get better."

Then another month passes and I see tons of updates, with long lists like this, that make me hopeful. Then I go into the actual game itself...and it's the same.

The stats, right now, Officially, are 60% Alien Wins, 40% Marine Wins. When it started, it was 47% Marines, 53% Aliens. Prior to the full release it was 68% Aliens, 38% Marines. Somehow, you managed to balance it near release, but you've been getting progressively worse at it.

This would be OK, if it was still in Beta, and it wasn't release, but these are major shifts.

+1 vote     article: Build 236 is now live on Steam!
Mkilbride Jan 16 2013, 4:28pm says:

So, do Aliens still win almost every time?

No, don't answer. I played the last build. Performance is still iffy, even after all these updates. It's a joke.

Then, to go into game, and for some reason, on a SSD - having to wait 3 minutes for it to Pre-cache. On a HDD, that would be poorly done. On a SSD, that's just downright pathetic.

To have 50 ping, and shoot at an Alien as he bolts at you, head on, not even bothering to dodge, watching the hit indicator, showing that you infact ARE hitting the little Skulk.

For him to then kill you in 1-2 bites, after he has a full SMG clip and half a Pistol clip in him.

Then, the Onos VS Exo debnate. Onos are alot easier to get. PEople can debate the res, but you can get then faster, and easier than you can get Exo's. They have more HP, they can regenerate, and even 2 Exo's VS 1 Onos can often leave both Exo's dead. ONE Exo should be equal to an Onos.

I've had an Onos charge at me; down a long hallway, I had Dual Miniguns and I kept firing, never over heating, and not missing, as the hallway was not large enough for me to, besides the lack of recoil or any such thing.

He gets in my face and I continue to fire and he destroys me and runs away. Heals up to full within 10-15 seconds and is back to rape the base.

An Onos has like 1600HP and 600 Armor, while an Exo has 570 HP. The caveat here, is that the Exo's have range. Yet, the Onos's armor halves the damage done.

You can go on and on about how Fades are weak...which they are not...or Skulks need to be buffed, which would make the game completely unplayable.(I've seen 1 Skulk take down Exo's multiple times, just because you can't aim at your feat / the fist doesn't reach for some reason. And they do it fast. It's not like a Skulk biting you for 45-60 seconds. It's 10 seconds, dead Exo, while Skulk is free, Exo is up there with Onos in cost. 1 Marine can't beat an Onos. Well, they can, but it's a damn sight rarer.

0 votes     article: Build 236 is now live on Steam!
Mkilbride Jan 13 2013, 9:15pm replied:

Not really a lie.

I've seen some PS3 games with textures that would fit with a PS1 game.

I've seen so many things like that while playing my PS3, you lose heart. When you buy a game made in 2011 and it looks like you could've played it in 2001.

+7 votes     article: 2013 Goku vs Frieza Trailer
Mkilbride Jan 13 2013, 5:08pm replied:


No way does this look like a PS3 game.

It has better graphics than the PS3 could handle.

+6 votes     article: 2013 Goku vs Frieza Trailer
Mkilbride Jan 13 2013, 5:07pm says:

Wow, something new for this?

I always wanted to complete it, but it became a huge chore...

+2 votes     download: OOH Expanded Maps
Mkilbride Jan 13 2013, 12:21am says:

So I got stuck in the Server room. I went in, got the X-Ray. Saw the face.

Then nothing. Could not leave it, tried for 5+ minuted, look at guides, the door never opened and the face never went away. I ended up No clipping out. Freaky model. I tried re-loading, as well as downloading your latest map patch thing for Keys.

Then I got the end. When people said it was "abrupt", I wasn't expecting just how abrupt it really was.

Like others have said, it doesn't feel so much as abruptly ending, as it feels like you just either lost interest, or wanted to gauge public reaction and see if your time was worth the effort.

I recommend you complete Black Snow someday. I don't mean a sequel. I mean re-invision the game, a spiritual successor, using what you learned.

-1 votes     mod: BLACK SNOW
Mkilbride Jan 12 2013, 9:00pm replied:

It's pretty awesome, I agree.

+1 vote     article: 2013 Goku vs Frieza Trailer
Mkilbride Jan 9 2013, 5:28pm says:

I got this game some months ago, gifted to me, and I launch it once a week to see if there are any players, and so far, for the past few months, there has not been, aside from one passworded game with 4 players.

So yeah...this game is pretty much dead, unless you organize something.

+2 votes     article: The Replay Bundle
Mkilbride Jan 6 2013, 3:39pm replied:

Music is the closet a person will ever come to something called "God".

+4 votes     media: Inquietude - Model for God
Mkilbride Jan 5 2013, 11:36pm replied:

I played NH2, but don't recall dolls.

But something about the Cheesy horror movies of the 80's and 90's are scarier than most today.

0 votes     mod: Inquietude
Mkilbride Jan 5 2013, 1:48pm says:

Was just looking at the Puppet Master last night, a classic series...and thought more games could use killer dolls.

I mean literally, dolls, the tiny ones, like the movies, make em fast and low damaging, but fast attacks. At some point also make it so that you can only see their shadow, or the outline of them in some doorway or some such...add to the creep factor. Don't show them outright, then have little tiny footstep noises, coming from all directions. Then flick on the lights and see the Doll / Dolls just standing there.

+1 vote     mod: Inquietude
Mkilbride Jan 5 2013, 2:15am says:

So what can we expect for pricing?

-1 votes     media: Onward and Upward
Mkilbride Jan 2 2013, 4:27pm says:

Garages aren't scary? Never been in mine, then!

This is looking great.

I wonder, did you ever play Out of Hell?(I wanted to, but combining incredibly bad performance, with a tendency to crash, on top of a very vague gameplay structure(you could wander for an hour and not have done what you were supposed to.)

Getting some vibes along those lines from this, totally different, in actual gameplay purposes, but a little bit of the atmosphere has carried.


0 votes     media: Garage
Mkilbride Jan 2 2013, 4:24pm says:

Hoping for a 9.99$ Price tag myself. Would be a great duel game, like JKA. I loved the beta, but can't see it being more than a 9.99$ game, being mainly focused on duels, that is. Anymore than that and I'm waiting til a -75% off sale. :P

Plus, at that price point, alot of people could buy it, more people playing is always a good thing.

0 votes     media: Show & Tell Dec 29, 2012
Mkilbride Dec 10 2012, 5:32pm replied:

Lol, thanks.

+1 vote     member: Mkilbride
Mkilbride Dec 7 2012, 10:05pm says:


This is so weird.

0 votes     media: hey
Mkilbride Dec 7 2012, 8:36pm says:

Just incredible.

+2 votes     article: Underhell Chapter 1 : Features Showcase Video
Mkilbride Nov 30 2012, 3:47pm says:

Voted man.

+1 vote     mod: Underhell
Mkilbride Nov 29 2012, 3:22am replied:

I don't mean use it as a weapon, though you could go Alan Wake style and do that, but some areas are INCREDIBLY dark and I can't even see where I am going and I have a calibrated monitor that is accurate within 0.17% of 2.2 Gama, with 97% Adobe RGB.

Some places I am wandering in darkness...

+1 vote     article: BLACK SNOW V 1.05
Mkilbride Nov 29 2012, 3:19am says:

Ah, well, the news announcement had them, but no here.


0 votes     download: BLACK SNOW V 1.05 PATCH
Mkilbride Nov 29 2012, 2:18am says:

I wish this had a Flashlight.

It would be so much better with one.

0 votes     article: BLACK SNOW V 1.05
Mkilbride Nov 29 2012, 2:15am buried:


This comment just gave me an orgasmic idea.

These maps, in TTT for Gmod.

Or just this mod, as a playable game type in GMOD.

-21 votes     article: BLACK SNOW V 1.05
Mkilbride Nov 29 2012, 2:14am says:

PAtch notes?

+1 vote     download: BLACK SNOW V 1.05 PATCH
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