That guy who everyone hates and doesn't hide it, or they try to, but not very well. List of (known)people who hate me: Sacmo & Nivek(Possibly his gf too) Neo Tokyo's Dev's and Playtesters. Mother. Sister. My Ex's, Ex's BF's. And for anyone I forgot to mention, sorry, just post a comment or send me a email and I'll add you to the list.

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Mkilbride Dec 17 2013, 6:57pm replied:

And what is the TS?

+1 vote   mod: Earth's Special Forces
Mkilbride Dec 17 2013, 4:38pm says:

I think it's about time you folks unban me.

-1 votes   mod: Earth's Special Forces
Mkilbride Dec 17 2013, 4:05pm replied:

No, the eye does not see in frames, it seems in light.

The human eye can detect differences in frames of up to 300FPS, as many studies have shown.

I myself can detect the difference between 59 and 60, and 60 and 90, and 90 and 120.

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
Mkilbride Dec 16 2013, 8:39am replied:

Posted by SysOp. on Oct 3rd, 2007

0 votes   article: Shameless update :3
Mkilbride Dec 16 2013, 12:17am buried:


Yeah, been following this since the start.

It has been in development far to long. This should've released two years ago.

-5 votes   article: Shameless update :3
Mkilbride Dec 14 2013, 1:15pm replied:

Yeah, but it's not the forums. I like forums.

-1 votes   article: Top 100!
Mkilbride Dec 14 2013, 9:31am replied:

TS? Teamspeak? I don't really like voice chat. And I really never understood the video incident, but there's not much to do at this point.

-1 votes   article: Top 100!
Mkilbride Dec 13 2013, 3:58pm replied:

I can help, if you unban me. :P

-1 votes   article: Top 100!
Mkilbride Dec 13 2013, 9:29am says:

Dang. That's some sexy new shaders.

+2 votes   article: Contagion - December 12th Significant Beta Update is out!
Mkilbride Dec 9 2013, 9:36am says:

God damned. Moddb is ruined by these people using scripts.

0 votes   game: Pokémon: Generations
Mkilbride Dec 6 2013, 9:13am says:

Damn. Moddb, its been so long.

+4 votes   article: Merry Christmas from Sunny Vietnam!
Mkilbride Dec 5 2013, 7:52am says:

A possible red herring confirming Underhell retail?

+5 votes   media: ModDB Design Concept Art
Mkilbride Dec 4 2013, 8:31am replied:

Agree, so hard.

The zombies spaz out in DayZ and it's one of the reasons I don't like it. They sometimes even noclip and fly through buildings at you.

+2 votes   mod: DayZ
Mkilbride Dec 4 2013, 7:55am says:

Good luck. Modding is really hard, some just aren't cut out for it.

+2 votes   article: Done With This
Mkilbride Dec 1 2013, 7:34am says:

Contagion has randomly generationed environments, also Source.

It's also a sucky *** feature. Survival.

+1 vote   article: Time to choose...
Mkilbride Nov 30 2013, 9:23pm says:

Underhell better win!

+10 votes   article: 2013 Mod of the Year KICKOFF!
Mkilbride Nov 21 2013, 5:56pm replied:

Right, kid. Anyways, I told them back before they released the mod, I would totally pay for the game if they went retail. Knowing they couldn't though, they gave the response that they wouldn't, even if they could, and made it a promise to players. I said it was a shame.

So the mod released free. Then this. Can't have much faith in what they say.

0 votes   game: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Nov 21 2013, 12:57am says:

""Black Mesa is a free modification; the developers will never charge you for playing mainly because they wouldn't want to make people pay to play" "

By the way, doesn't matter that there will be a free, stripped down version. Like a demo.

+2 votes   game: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Nov 21 2013, 12:44am says:

Feels like a slap the face.

+1 vote   game: Black Mesa
Mkilbride Nov 18 2013, 12:55pm replied:

Awesome, he totally needs all the help he can get!

+1 vote   media: Player Customization - Outfit Coloring (Teaser)
Mkilbride Nov 17 2013, 1:20am replied:

Hmm? I agree the developer of this mod is an ***, but what are you talking about?

+1 vote   mod: Inquietude
Mkilbride Nov 16 2013, 2:45pm says:

Any proper browser for playing with others?

+2 votes   game: Severance: Blade of Darkness
Mkilbride Nov 15 2013, 11:04pm replied:


There is this:

+1 vote   mod: Kingdoms Collide
Mkilbride Nov 15 2013, 10:57pm says:

Sawheet, I recall the mod...thought this was related!

+1 vote   game: Kingdoms Rise
Mkilbride Nov 15 2013, 1:15am replied:


-3 votes   media: New MP5 EOD by Alexander Voysey
Mkilbride Nov 14 2013, 10:59pm replied:

You don't remember HL1 that much, do you?:P

-1 votes   media: New MP5 EOD by Alexander Voysey
Mkilbride Nov 8 2013, 3:31am replied:


IT's really going to happen?

+2 votes   article: Bloodlines Resurgence - Progress Update #1
Mkilbride Nov 1 2013, 5:42pm says:


Main website.

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Mkilbride Oct 30 2013, 9:19pm replied:

Dear Esther says hello.

+1 vote   media: 1 Day
Mkilbride Oct 30 2013, 9:18pm says:

How can every one of these be taken?

The amount of views, on the actual news less than the amount of keys, by a good margin.

So...people must be giving out alot of their friends. Lame.

0 votes   article: Closed Beta Testing Keys - HELP FIND BUGS!
Mkilbride Sep 1 2013, 12:25pm says:

One of the best mod developers, ever.

+6 votes   member: Mxthe
Mkilbride Jun 23 2013, 12:01am says:


+1 vote   member: AlteredPlanets
Mkilbride Jan 18 2013, 2:54pm says:

I can't seem to join any servers. Version mismatch or not. I understand, that this means I have the newer version...but not one of the servers up, even with people in them, have updated, then?

+3 votes   article: NeoTokyo° Patch is out!
Mkilbride Apr 18 2012, 4:28pm says:

I was wondering why I never heard of another full fledged mod for Amnesia.

On look at "This is not horror" and rock music during the trailer...

Why use HPL2 for this? The Engine does not fit with your idea.

0 votes   mod: Painful Shadows
Mkilbride Feb 29 2012, 4:24pm replied:

The Launch App has special fixes in it to make the mod not crash and run better on certain levels.

Hence why, some people launch it directly from Steam, and it crashes, most developers tell them to run the launcher, as it contains special fixes.

0 votes   article: Cry of Fear - Patch 1.1
Mkilbride Feb 29 2012, 1:53pm replied:

No manual patches, ever, only makes it easier for the Non-Steam ijits to play.

Of course someone will probably post one eventually. Also, you can't get the launch App to work? That's very odd man...

-1 votes   article: Cry of Fear - Patch 1.1
Mkilbride Oct 27 2011, 2:45pm says:

You are always on mind ~

That commercial.

+3 votes   article: NMRiH Release Date & Trailer
Mkilbride Oct 19 2011, 5:01pm replied:

The gun-slinging, shoot em up, Nightmare House 2 reminded you of a game with no weapons?

+3 votes   article: White Night Released!
Mkilbride Mar 1 2011, 1:15am says:

2 or 4, the others are plain stupid.


-1 votes   media: Phase Gate concepts
Mkilbride Jan 24 2011, 5:15pm replied:

Headcrusher, you rule.

"Why not make Simon blind and reveal at the end that he was wearing his hoodie backwards all the time! "

+2 votes   media: Cry of Fear
Mkilbride Dec 23 2010, 2:44pm replied:

True Patch Gold stinks. Wesp's patch fixes more bugs, not to mention the True Patch gold actually steals code from Wesp's patches, denies it, then admits to it, but claims it was for a good cause.

Not to mention Wesp doesn't add anything to the game. He merely restores content, like the project for Knights of the Old Republic II, he has made nothing ,merely put what was already in the games files, in-game, and even that, is optional.

Also, Wesp is a really cool guy, he stays out of the patch wars, meanwhile Tessy goes on entire page long rants on why Wesp is a *******.

In the basic version? Changes? Bug-fixes ONLY in the Basic version. Been proven, I swear, those Tessy tards rip on him so badly and he doesn't say anything back...but yeah, I asked and he won't be involved either, Tess or him, because Tess is a drama wh0re, and most bugs will be fixed by going to the new engine.

0 votes   mod: Bloodlines Resurgence
Mkilbride Sep 24 2010, 5:12pm replied:

It's coming in December, I'm told.

+1 vote   game: Vindictus
Mkilbride Dec 19 2009, 5:04pm says:

You've made quite a grand announcement. The things you're saying you'll have are not easy on any Engine, especially Source. Good luck.

+1 vote   mod: Modern Dead
Mkilbride Jun 17 2009, 3:54pm says:

Man. It gets better and better. This is going to be a definitive mod for Source, I know it.

+1 vote   article: NEOTOKYO° - Humble Beginnings
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